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June 8, 2004

* I preferr US influence

Very interesting letter you wrote on! [Watch out for Iranicons] Indeed, you remind me of the leftists in the 80`s in West-Germany, who said: Down with Capitalism!! But who refused to go to live in EAST-GERMANY, a pure Communist Country!

How can you live in the US, breathing a more (not a total!) liberal breeze of air, getting better paid than Iranians in Iran, and more important: being allowed writing these things you wrote on, putting your signature under without going to jail!

If the way of life Iranicons want to achieve is so bad, WHY DONT YOU GO BACK TO IRAN? If the LA based T.V. stations succeed in bringing a part of the people in Iran going to streets, why dont you ask yourself, why this can happen?

Hello? Maybe the living conditions for the youth is not that good as it could be? We are a country with great potentials, we have "brains" over there and vast natural oil and gas resources, we could have been the Japan of the Near East for more than 15 years, but what and where are we today?

If you could tell iranian people via satellite: Stay at home! Dont do Anything! Let them stay in power! Things will change (Beside this: I doubt that you want things change in Iran!) 

How would they react?? If 50% of the e-mails you then receive would say you are right, than I would be convinced.

You write:

Like their hardliner Cuban-American counterparts in Miami, these Iranians subscribe to the TV dinner theory of democratization; democracy is something that can be speeded up or cooked faster in a microwave.

Tell me, why we should not try it? Should 'nt we have one time in our history the possibiltiy to choose between everything in free elections? between Islamism, Democracy, Communism, Anarchie, Monarchy, Democracy??

Are you afraid of Iranians choosing Democracy? Or a Constitutional Monarchy?? Let THEM decide to see how people really think! What could THEY loose by trying democracy in Iran? THEY only would loose the Islamic Republic.

You write: "coup d'etat of 1953 or SAVAK-CIA torture"

I am very glad, indeed,  that you seem to be against torture, so am I. That you are against SAVAK. Accepted. But are you, this is far more important to me, also against SAVAMA? (For information to interested reader: SAVAMA is the Islamic's Republic SAVAK.)

You write:

Rather than suggesting the candidate to vote for and inventing that candidate's moral high ground, it would benefit not just the Iranicons but all Iranian-Americans to form civic advocacy groups, register to vote, and start writing letters not only to their representatives, but to the current candidates to push US officials to start formulating policies that reflect Iranian interests, rather than the narrow interests of Exxon, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, and the Coca Cola Corp

Ok, you dont want Exxon, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, and the Coca Cola Corp, all US companies. And who do you think is running our country now??? I will tell you: SHELL, TOTAL, FIN, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Heckler und Koch, Thyssen Stahl AG, ALCATEL...

These are European Companies, who, I can assure you, reflect for sure the interests of the iranian.. ah.. people.. or shoud i better say...British backed Mullahs.. SAVAMA..Torture...

It is not your anti-Shah, anti Pahlavi opinion (I am sorry for hurting your Intelligence, but this in reality is a psychological complex, an iranian "oghdeh" in my view rather than a politically motivated and arguable view) ,  which disturbes me. But what really disturbes me is your double standard. That you say the Shah time was bad because of SAVAK (OK accepted, may be you spent a time in prison, then you really would have a reason in my view to hate that time), but you dont mention with a word, how bad the situation is nowadays.

By the way, the way you write: "the US-backed SHAH" creates the impression that the Shah was a puppet. Well, in some way that is true.
In 1953 he was backed by the US, so he was allowed to stay. In 1978 he was not backed any longer, because he became too independant, so "they" let him fall. In that year he was not a puppet any more. The puppet was the Iranian People. And the British backed Mullahs.

Let me tell you about the real situation. Iran will have foreign backed leaders for the the next 100 years. THIS IS A FACT.  Even if all Iranians will dance naked on theire heads (an expression they use here in Germany), until we have gas and oil, this will never change.

The only choice we have: do we want a US-backed leader or a British-backed leader? When I compare the 25 years of US-influence from 1953 to 1978 and the 25 years of British-influence from 1979 until 2004, then I preferr the US - Influence.

By the way, why dont you write an article about 1953, when British War Ships warned every ship in the Gulf to get to an iranian port with immediat military action during the time when our oil was going into our hands?

Another example: Of course the US made some very huge mistakes in Iraq. But the greatest mistake was to underestimate British Influence in Islamic countries. The US and Great Britain are fighting an economical war against each other in Iraq, the British army works together with the Islamic milicias, coming from Iran, to worsen the US policy, to get the US troops out of Iraq, to separate it in three parts with the oilrich region around Basra and the Gulf under British occupation. An Islamic Republic of Iraq. Is that what you want?

Jack Straw thanked Iran a few weeks ago for the very constructive role there. Why dont you write about that?

When you write "the US backed Shah" everybody could think, that now the Mullahs and Iran at least are independant. So independant, that they always have to call the British to help them, when their dictatorship (excuse me that I write dictatorship, it is a mistake, only the Shah time was a dictatorship of course), so when the very fast changing and progressing Reforming Islamic Democracy is in danger. E.G. The Nuclear Bomb discussion: The european Big Three Germany, France and .. Guess.. Ups.. Great Britain again.. Surprise!...Try to highjack the US pushed move to sanction Iran internationally as planned next week on June 14 and delay a desicion until November...when maybe George Bush is no president longer. Then with JFKerry, who is a Democrat like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton will engage Iran again for 25 years in a dialogue, talking about human rights..bla bla.. independence, Islam and so on. And as a present, Iranian Mullahs will sell the barrel oil to Britain, Germany and France for .. ah.. 10 $?, or maybe 5$, or just a few cent??

Yes, but ALLHAMDULELLAH, it is not the US who get's our petrol! HURRAY! We are the best!!! And the european big three will keep laughing at people like you, who think they are intellectual....

But dont worry, you will never see the reality, the British politicians will smile to you and say, how brilliant your anti US-View is....SMILE!!!!

Tell me what is the difference between the US-backed Coup of 1953 and the permanent engagement of Englestan with the Mullahs??

My friend, the sad truth is that since 16. January of 1979, every day that passed, was a 1953 coup détat, this time British backed in favor of the Islamic Republic. Supported by part of the US-Carter led Administration. And we know that Democrats always had good relations with the british motherland.

Beside this, I am very glad, that the only critic you make about the Shah time is the torture. Why dont you write about the war we had with .. ah .. at that time.. or the very bad economic situation we had at that time when oil prices climbed from 1 $ to 35 $...

I could write still so much, but I have to study. So hope to talk to you soon, 

By the way:I respect your view because I am a democrat. This article is not written to convince you, but to prevent others being pulled on a false trace. Please next time you write an article be more objective and write about all the facts. 

Also, the leftist from the 80's in Germany who fought against capitalism have disappeared politically after German unification in 1990.



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