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* Monty Python: Got any cheese? (Audio)
* Albright in Tehran -- April Fools, 1999
* Majlis election campagin tactics, February 2000 -- Kayhan
* Post-modern belief in the rule of law -- Ebrahim Nabavi
* Hafez dragged to the press court -- Gol Aqa
* Khorsandi's predictions for 1378
* Iran is a great country -- U.S. senators say they made secret visit to Iran
* What's that smell? -- By Shahriar Zahedi
* Speechless: Gol Aqa's ideas on the rights of the press
* The skull & the club -- Gol Aqa
* Life & times of the culture minister -- Gol Aqa
* "Up to date" women -- Gol Aqa
* Give me a name -- Aref Erfani
* Die laughing (RealAudio): Funniest comment on Iran-Australia match (Dec 97)
* Looking for a good man? We have him right here-- No feature, a personal ad.
* Tanz-e teez-e Khorsandi -- Interview & jokes (in Persian)
* Hollywood in Chinese -- Wall Street Journal
* Jokes: Beh yeh hamshahri meegan baa... jomleh besaaz
* Googooshgate -- 60 Minutes interview
* Iranian of the Year -- Telling photo
* It's the oil, stupid -- Iraq and the oil companies
* No joke: Kaleh-pacheh recipe
* Joke: The poor, poor civil servant (In Persian)
* Bitter sweet -- The witty anecdotes of 'Obeyd-e Zakani. By Hasan Javadi
* How many Paykans to change a lightbulb? -- Poking fun at the lovable national car.
* Spy: Agent Sharp -- Diaries of a top secret spy in Iran. Kheyli seri!
* Assemoon rissmoon (Persian)-- A couple of Iraj Pezeshkzad's earliest writings
* Smiling through airport security -- What to do when you're treated as a terrorist at the airport. By Mazloom Qoli
* Beema'refat (and proud of it) -- Will not play host to any more inconsiderate family members. By Ramin Tabib
* Simply OUT THERE -- Iranian concerts are a feast for the eye... By Ramin Tabib
* Tehrangeles music scene -- Jamileh shakes everything... By Jac Zinder
* Clinton: "Let's put the past behind us" -- U.S. President's surprise announcement after receiving "signals" from Iran
* Those (pesky) Persian women -- Watch out if they get too nosy! By Gelareh Abedi
* Satirical writings (Persian)-- Selections from Gol Aqa Editor Kiumars Saberi
* "Towfiq" editorial in 1947 against arms purchases from the U.S. (Persian)
* Payam al-Arabi (Persian): Preelection satire with a clerical accent in "Towfiq", 1947
* Taghziyeh Raygan: Mimas or Danish? -- Making deal at an early age. By Bruce "Behrouz" Bahmani
* Areh joone ammat -- Remembering James Bond in Iran. By Bruce "Behrouz" Bahmani
* Iran's new secret weapon -- AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
* Just... forget it! -- Nike wants to sell shoes in Iran. So it comes up with the perfect ad campagin.
* Dole means what in Persian? -- Trouble... if Bob Dole had been elected president.



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