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Friday, February 19, 1999/ Bahman 30, 1377, No. 670

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With or without you
I'm going to her again, taa bebinim chi misheh

By Siamak Namazi

    I have often been accused of being too devoted to impossible relationships. So, those of you who know me were not all that surprised when I announced my decision to go back yet again.

    It is hard to tell where this love -- that tends to drive me beyond all else -- comes from. Perhaps after all this time and careful study, I still have to confess that I barely understand her complexities and am often surprised by her. Or maybe it is something as material as not being able to get over the shape of her northern heights or the mystery of her valleys and forests. Perhaps her warm southern waters have the quality of the Nile -- which is legendary for making one return after having quaffed from it ... GO TO FEATURE


Civil discourse

The following text, Resuming Civil Discourse with Iran, was the keynote speech delivered by John Limbert, a senior foreign service officer, at the Middle East Institute's 11 February conference on "The Iranian Revolution 20 Years Later: Retrospect and Prospects." Georgetown University's Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding co-sponsored the conference.

Ambassador Suddarth, Ambassador Mack, Professor Esposito, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for that kind introduction. Today it is good to be among friends. It has been about eighteen years since a group of young people, who called themselves Moslem Student Followers of the Imam's Path, decided that they had had enough of me and my colleagues at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. They put us on a bus, took us to Tehran's Mehrabad Airport, and thus ended 444 days of somewhat unusual and unexpected Iranian hospitality. More important than that event, today of course marks twenty years since Iranians overthrew their monarchy and decided collectively that they should, at long last, be masters in their own house. What they have yet to decide, however, is exactly which Iranians should be masters and in what kind of house ... FULL TEXT


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* Politicized masses

Nargess Shahmanesh writes: The Iranian revolution had one positive outcome -- it politicized the masses [1979 survey]. And this will prove be an incredibly important factor in the future of Iran. It can be noticed a lot with Iranians in Iran, especially the children of the revolution. They are sharp and tough as hell. The revolution killed our naivety and this will prove to be a positive fact in the future. Although the revolution took a wrong turn, or was hijacked in the last minute (depending on how you look at it), it still was a "people's" uprising and that is very important. It shook a nation. It made many generations and social classes question the state.

* People deserve what they asked for

Soheil writes: Iranians in Iran deserve everything they asked for [1979 survey]. They were stupid enough to think that anything Islamic would be the solution or that a democracy would somehow form. Religion and politics don't mix, that's true, but this should have been realized 20 years ago!!!! What were Iranians thinking?! Not with their brains of course! ... FULL TEXT

* Conference: Media's Representation of Iranians, DC

Iranians for International Cooperation (IIC) presents:

Conference: "Mass Media's Representation of Iranians"

Washington DC, March 6

Featured speaker: Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour, professor of Mass and International Communications and director of graduate studies at the Department of Communication and Creative Arts, Purdue University Calumet ... MORE DETAILS

Book of the Week

House of Sand and Fog

By Andre Dubus

Dubus tells his tragic tale from the viewpoints of the two main adversaries, [Amir] Behrani [, a former colonel in the Iranian military under the Shah,] and Kathy [Nicolo, a self-destructive alcoholic.] To both of them, the house represents something more than just a place to live. For the colonel, it is a foot in the door of the American Dream; for Kathy, a reminder of a kinder, gentler past. In prose that is simple yet evocative The House of Sand and Fog builds to its inevitable denouement, one that is painfully dark but unfailingly honest. -- Alix Wilber,

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More news

Iranian Kurds protest outside Turkish embassy in Tehran

TEHRAN, Feb 19 (AFP) - Chanting "Death to Turkey, America and Israel," some 1,000 Iranian Kurds staged a rally outside the Turkish embassy and a UN office here Friday to protest the capture of Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan. "Free Ocalan" and "Ocalan, Ocalan, we support you" the demonstrators shouted in Kurdish outside the embassy in central Tehran before moving on to the office of the UN representative ... FULL TEXT

Premier oil dismisses U.S. threats

London, feb. 19, irna - uk independent premier oil has dismissed u.s. threats to investigate its joint deal with bow valley energy of canada to develop balal offshore field under its extra-territorial sanctions regime against iran ... FULL TEXT

Iranian teenage skiers take Asian title

Tehran (IRNA) - The Iranian under 16 (?) ski team has won the Asian title. The ski matches were held at the Dizin slobe east of Tehran. South Korea and China came in second and third ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Italian officials say Khatami's visit "vital"

Rome, feb. 19, irna -- in a meeting with iranian deputy foreign minister for euro-american affairs `morteza sarmadi' here thursday the italian minister of parliamentary relations `guido folloni' said that the upcoming visit of iran's president hojjatoleslam seyyed mohammad khatami to italy is of great significance ... FULL TEXT

Twenty-seven new publications get permits

Tehran, (Iran daily) - The press supervision board has issued permits for 27 new publications, including four newspaper and 13 monthly magazines ... FULL TEXT

'The Apple': Daughters of Darkness Who Dream of the Light

February 19, 1999 (The New York Times) - "The Apple" was shown as part of last year's New York Film Festival. Following are excerpts from Lawrence Van Gelder's review, which appeared in The New York Times on Sept. 30. The film opens Friday in Manhattan. Potent symbolism linked to a bizarre story rooted in fact, set in Iran and laden with political, social and generational overtones makes "The Apple" one of the more intriguingly resonant features of the 36th New York Film Festival ... FULL TEXT

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Maybe it is something as material as not being able to get over the shape of her northern heights or the mystery of her valleys and forests. Perhaps her warm southern waters have the quality of the Nile -- which is legendary for making one return after having quaffed from it.

Siamak Namazi
"With or without you"
The Iranian
February 19, 1999

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