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    Book of kings
    A tribute to Iranian students

By Laleh Khalili
July 15, 1999
The Iranian

we have shambled eternally
through the seven feats and defeats of Rotsam
throughout this interminable redundancy of virile destruction
and murderous patriotism

we - in idolatry of our innumerable heroes -
have slaughtered our sons on city streets
and in dark chambers of infamy,
we have gone unpunished but by memories of murder
damning our eternal existence,
and we will
be judged and decapitated through
the inevitability of fratricide ... GO TO FEATURE


Deja Vu
20 years after the revolution

By Arash Markazi
July 16, 1999
The Iranian

A young man holds an unconscious classmate close to his chest as he runs with several thousand other student protesters. Young women wrapped in linen from head to toe, attempt to run through the commotion. What was to be a peaceful demonstration had turned into mass hysteria and total chaos...

The current protesters, however, do not hold the same memory of what happened twenty years ago. That's because many of them are not a day older than twenty themselves. More than half of Iran's population was born after the revolution, and this youthful contingent was the main reason why Mohammed Khatami won the 1997 presidential election ... GO TO FEATURE


* What happened?

Mehdi Sharif of the BBC Persian Service has spoken with Iranian experts about the student protests in Iran. This feature looks at the issues from various perspectives. The interviewees include: Javad Tabatabaie (political thinker), Parviz Varjavand (National Front party), Mohammad Sadeq Javadi Hessar (journalist in Mashhad) and Fariborz Rais-Dana (political thinker) ... LISTEN HERE

* Town Hushed by Teheran After Riot and Crackdown
Sees No Reason to Join New Strife

By ELAINE SCIOLINO, The New York Times, July 16, 1999, ISLAMSHAHR, Iran -- For the young men on the streets of this dusty, crowded, unexceptional town south of Teheran, the nationwide unrest of the last week is little more than a remote spectacle on the nightly news ... FULL TEXT

* (Iran daily) -- Views from people in Tehran ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Royal S.O.S.

Dear Reza Pahlavi,

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Ali Reza
My email : ars1001@hotmail .com
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Serious (coorected email address)

Yesterday a note was published here asking for help regarding an Iranian woman in Maryland who is divorcing her abusive husband. The contact email was incorrect. If you can help, email Simin Habibian at:

More Letters

* Disaster for IRI

Yek Irani writes: It is obvious from the latest decree by President Khatami in Iran, that he will crush further protests.... This of course would mean disaster for the government officials, Khatami included, who have continuously failed to provide the Iranian people with a satisfactory economic, social, and political freedom that they deserve; and let us not forget, this is the freedom that they were promised in the 1979 revolution (by Khomeini and his clerical and intellectual supporters) and caused the uprooting of a 2500 year old monarchy in Iran.

However, from day one Khomeini and his clerical staff did their utmost to bring about more limitations instead of freedom, and to ensure their success created an environment of fear to rule the country, arresting those tied to the previous government and the intellectual faction of the revolutionary force, carrying out thousands of executions, and causing the self-imposed exile of millions of Iranians in the past 20 years ... FULL TEXT

* Heart of the matter

Hossein Farsi writes: I read your excellent article "Gridlock". Normally our political commentators and intellectuals are very good at expressing "how" but always short on "why".

This is true across the board with a few exceptions for myriads of reasons which is perhaps beyond the purpose of this email. One such exception is a book by Dr Sadeq Ziba-Kalam who is a university lecturer in Iran called How did we become us? or Reasons for Iran's backwardness. This was a commendable attempt by a relatively young lecturer who for the first time pointed the finger at ourselves and tried to explain why.

Your article gave me the same impression. It pointed toward the very heart of the matter without getting bogged down with details of different players. The late Mr Bazargan said regarding this issue that the position of Velayet Faghih was tailor made for Ayatollah Khomeyni. These days which are critical for our country we need to know and know and know. I look forward to reading your next article.

* On TV: Women in Iran

On Sunday July 18, at 8:05 p.m. (Eastern U.S. Time), the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER program on the TBS channel includes segments about the ``Red Baron'' of World War I, Manfred von Richtofen, and about women in Iran. Host: Boyd Matson.

Book of the Week

From this week we will offer books directly from Iran. They will include the best new and classic books available. You can also ask for special orders and we will try to find them for you. Tell us your order by email ( and we will send you payment information (check/creditcard). NOTE: Prices include shipping and handling.

* Siaah mashq-haa (1999)
Poems by H.A. Sayeh (Hoshang Ebtehaj),
363 pages.

* Raaport-haaye yomiyeh (1999)
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi
382 pages.

* Qesseh-haaye nasreddin (1999)
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi
180 pages

* Amineh (1998)
Historical novel by Masaoud Behnoud
382 pages.

See book covers here


Video of the Week

Salaam Cinema

An award-wining film by Mohsen Makhmalbaf who runs an ad in Tehran newspapers indicating that he needs a few actors for his new movie. Several days later few thousands young Iranian boys and girls show up for auditions. This film portrays a unique side of Iranian society and the dreams and desires of the young generation.

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More news

Senior Iran cleric urges factions to cool disputes

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's rival mainstream factions, united by their support for the Islamic system, must agree on the limits of political debate to avoid a repeat of this week's civil unrest, a senior cleric said Friday. Ayatollah Hasan Taheri-Khorramabadi told a prayer gathering in Tehran ``I am asking all the prominent figures of the political factions to draw a 'red line' so that if differences of opinions occur, the sanctities of the system and the revolution will not be violated.'' ... FULL TEXT

Iranians want freedom, peacefully

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Nearly a week of student protests in Iran has exposed the democratic aspirations of many Iranians. But the swiftness with which they have subsided indicates that while Iranians want freedom from religious rule, they don't want more violence. Many of those in the chanting crowds over the last week would like to see the clergy replaced by a more democratic government, one that would relax Islamic restrictions over nearly all aspects of life ... FULL TEXT

Tehran under tight security

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Iranian police kept Tehran under a tight leash Thursday, manning checkpoints across the Iranian capital and demanding identity papers as they searched for the students who ignited a week of pro-democracy protests. Several student protesters were missing, one student told an Iranian newspaper. A news agency reported that some people were being interrogated by the police -- and another newspaper described scenes of hysteria when one busload of detainees was driven off to prison ... FULL TEXT

CPJ protests campaign against media

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a non-governmental organization of journalists devoted to upholding press freedom worldwide, is writing to express its deep concern about the ongoing campaign to stifle the independent Iranian press. Since January 1998, twelve newspapers have been closed for printing material that members of the ruling elite deemed unacceptable, and many journalists have been arrested and prosecuted for their reporting on a variety of sensitive political topics. ... FULL TEXT

Amir-Entezam & Tabarzadi's joint statement

From behind prison bars, we have regretfully and painfully learned about the savage attack on students at the dormitories by Ansare-Hezbollah and the agents of dictatorship who are clothed in security uniforms ... FULL TEXT

Call for Solidarity With the Student Movement in Iran

We, exiled and immigrant Iranians, are witnessing your battle for establishing freedom in our dear homeland. We sense how your day of sacrifice on July 8th, 1999, [referring to the beginning of the recent demonstrations in Iran] has now bridged your struggle with that of your parents' on that landmark day of December 7, 1953 [referring to the student movement under the Shah's regime]. Although the two struggles are separated by decades, are they united on the same path [for freedom] ... FULL TEXT

Iran preparing bigger missile launch - U.S. expert

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran is preparing to test launch later this summer a medium-range multi-stage missile that could have a range of up to 2,650 miles (4,250 km), an independent U.S. specialist said Thursday. The missile, code-named Kosar, would carry a version of Russia's RD-216 liquid-fuel rocket booster, the same engine which powered the Soviet Union's SS-5 missile, said Kenneth Timmerman, director of the Middle East Data Project ... FULL TEXT

France acts fast to meet Iran wheat needs

PARIS, July 15 (Reuters) - French exporters acted fast to meet Iran's expected bigger appetite this year for grain, taking advantage of timing, low wheat prices and a rally in oil to sell Iran 300,000 tonnes of wheat, trade sources said on Thursday. Traders reported that drought-stricken Iran had agreed to buy 300,000 tonnes of wheat, although Paris-based banking sources said finalisation of contracts depended on the ability to obtain credit lines for Iran ... FULL TEXT

Araynpour on language & culture

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - If you are looking for an English-Persian or Persian-English dictionary, nine out of ten you will end up with one compiled by Manouchehr Aryanpour Kashani. Aryanpour, who is also an authority on translation, speaks to Hamshahri about language & culture ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Rival film festival?

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - The Third Great Iranian Film Festival is currently screening Iranian films produced in the past year. Various prizes will be handed out by the jury soon. Is there a rivalry with the Fajr Film Festival or ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Publish at home / new books

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Slow business forced some publishers to set up shot at home, illegally. Now the publishers guild has made it official: a pubisher can be based at home. Also news about new and notable books ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

More on the 17 million toman man

Tehran, (Iran daily) - More details on Ahamd Momen-Zadeh's transfer from Sepahan to Persepolis: Amir Abedini, Persepolis general manager, says some of the rumors about the financial agreement are not true. But one of the conditions is that Sepahan will get half of any trasfer fee if Momen-Zadeh signs with a foreign team ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Permanent salary for olympic champs?

Tehran, (Iran daily) - The Iranian National Olympic Committee is considering a proposal to pay a permanent salary to those athletes who become "champions" at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Does that include only gold medalists, or also silver and bronze medalists? ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Los Angeles demonstration

"More than 30,000 Iranians living in Los Angeles held a demonstration... in support of the students in Iran."

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"Dismantles Hollywood rules and sees beyond Hollywood roles."

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We are good at drama.

-- Laleh Khalili
Book of Kings
The Iranian
July 16, 1999

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