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Thursday June 17, 1999 / Khordad 27, 1378, No. 750

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    Fish mates
    A short story

    By Ebrahim Golestan
    June 17, 1999
    The Iranian

    Ebrahim Golestan is not just a great film maker. His novels, short stories and articles are also among the very best examples of modern Iranian literature. Rowzan Publishers in New Jersy (Tel: 201-325-9093) has published a number of his works, including a collection of short stories titled Jooy va Divar va Teshneh ("The Brook, The Wall, and The Thirsty One"). Maahi va joftash ("The Fish and His Mate") is from this collection ... GO TO PAGE ONE


Youths sell kidneys for cash on streets of Tehran

By Geneive Abdo in Tehran
The Guardian (London)

In any other large capital, a queue of unemployed young men appearing each morning outside a government office might simply be there to draw dole. In Tehran the men are kidney donors.

For 10 million rials ( pounds 725) they sign on for surgery, followed by a 10-day stay in hospital and a month's recuperation.

In some cases donors have sold their organs on the black market in exchange for Iranian-made Peykan cars ... FULL TEXT



Ghazanfaro mibaran mosaabegheh-ye hoosh azmaayi. Behesh migan yek parandeh naam bebar. Ghazanfar migeh KHAR.

Mellat mizanan beh khandeh. Migan jenaab goftim parandeh, Ghazanfar dobaareh migeh KHAR.

Behesh ye eshaareh mikonan migan baabaa, goftim parandeh, khar keh parandeh nist.

Ghazanfar bar migardeh migeh vaalaa khareh digeh, yeh dafe didi parid.


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* Chill out!

Banafsheh Zand writes: I'd like to once again remind my fellow compatriots to chill out and stop taking themselves so darned seriously.

Farhad's uptight letter regarding the brilliantly funny and poignant article "L.A. wedding" is truly proof of our on-going and exhausting humorlessness vis a vis ourselves.

CHILL OUT! No one's trying to put you down!

* Moved

Fereidoon Delfanian writes: Bita Binazeer' "I'm no infidel" moved me. I know exactly what she went through. Although , I'm not a Bahai, I'm also a member of an Iranian minority group which suffers from discrimination.

My father had several good friends who were Bahais. There is still a Bahai family near my home in northern Iran and I visit them whenever I go to Iran. Bahais are most honest and gentle, and they mind their onw business.

* Conference: The Iranian Woman at the Threshold of the Year 2000

The Tenth International Conference of the Iranian Women's Studies Foundation presents: The Iranian Woman at the Threshold of the Year 2000 - July 2-5, 1999 Montreal, Canada Concordia University... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

The Subject Tonight Is Love
60 Wild & Sweet Poems of Hafiz

Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

    For centuries Hafiz has been called, "The Tongue of the Invisible." Through his sublime works he continues to sing beautiful and wild love songs ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Director of Iranian paper arrested

TEHRAN, June 16 (AFP) - The director of a weekly publication close to reformist circles in Iran was arrested Wednesday on the orders of the conservative revolutionary tribunal in Tehran, the magazine said. Hossein Kashani, director of Hoveyat-e-Khish, was taken in for questioning for having published information contrary to "public order and the public interest," officials said ... FULL TEXT

Iran launches helicopter search for kidnapped Italians: report

TEHRAN, June 17 (AFP) - Iran has sent out helicopters to join the search for three Italians kidnapped four days ago after receiving information about the kidnappers' hideout, the press reported Thursday. "We have received some clues regarding the whereabouts of the kidnappers," said Mohammad Ali Tohidi, governor of the southern city of Bam where the three Italians were seized on Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Iranian Jews critical of outside support for spying suspects

TEHRAN, June 13 (AFP) - Statements of international support for 13 Iranian Jews accused of spying are "propaganda," according to a communique published Sunday by the official IRNA news agency and attributed to the country's Jewish community. Sympathetic remarks from abroad are "simply hostile propaganda irrelevant to the true interests and concerns of the Jewish Iranians," the communique said ... FULL TEXT

Teen among 13 Jews facing execution for spying in Iran

PARIS, June 17 (AFP) - A 16-year-old adolescent is among 13 Iranian Jews facing trial and possible execution in Iran on charges of spying for Israel, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) said Thursday. The teen is Navid Balazade, according to a CRIF statement ... FULL TEXT

Virtual petition to Iran attracts 10,000 people

JERUSALEM, June 17 (PRNewswire) -- Virtual Jerusalem has committed itself to fighting the arrest of 13 innocent Jews in Iran accused of "world arrogance" and of spying for the "Zionist regime" with the creation of an online petition and comprehensive news site ... FULL TEXT

Iran insists on its sovereignty over Persian Gulf islands

TEHRAN, June 17 (AFP) - Iran has again insisted on its sovereignty over three strategic Gulf islands also claimed by the United Arab Emirates, saying their legal status was clear ... FULL TEXT

U.S. group sees Turkmen pipeline ready by 2002

ASHGABAT, June 17 (Reuters) - An ambitious trans-Caspian pipeline linking the gas fields of Turkmenistan in Central Asia with markets in Turkey could be up and running by 2002, the company in charge of the project said late on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Private showing of a controversial film

Tehran, (Neshat) - "Don Zan" (Two Women) made by Tahmineh Milani has not yet received permission for public viewing. But Neshat newspaper organized a private viewing of the film which impressed the invited guests, including some officilas ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Monajati hired, German coach fired

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - After humiliating defeats in the hands of Lebanon and Bahrain, the under-23 national soccer team has said goodbye to its German coach and welcomed Mehdi Monajati ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Monajati says he'll do his best; Hashemi-Taba explains why German coach was fired

Tehran, (Neshat) - Mehdi Monajati says there'a slim chance that Iran would qualify to the 2000 Olympics but he will do his best to make sure the under-23 national soccer team wins its next two games. Meanwhile the head of the soccer federation explains why the German coach was sent packing ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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