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Monday June 28, 1999 / Tir 7, 1378, No. 757

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Khiyaar chambar
"Persian" words in the English language

By Mansoureh Haqshenas & Koorosh Bayat
June 28, 1999
The Iranian

- What are you scribbling?
- Nothing...
- Nothing? It's the third time you've written down something on that notepad in the past 20 minutes. What's so interesting about Star Trek?
- Nothing, really.
- ...
- (Starts taking down notes again.)
- May I see that notepad for a second? I'm really curious. |
- I'm just writing down words with Persian roots commonly used in English. This guy at work challenged me to find 100 words.
- Fascinating... So how many 2have you got so far?
- About fifty.
- Like what?
- Algebra...
- Aziz I think that's Arabic ... GO TO FEATURE


Talking about a revolution, in pictures:
Nigel Andrews finds Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami a fearless and eloquent spokesman for a medium that has yet to realise its potential

Financial Times, London
Monday June 28, 1999

Just as poetry is "What oft was thought but ne'er so well expressed", wisdom can be a statement so interestingly unexpected that you realise, deep down, that you have always expected it.

"Cinema is the most atavistic and backward of all the arts," Abbas Kiarostami suddenly startles me by saying. Sitting in a west end London hotel behind a pair of elegantly implacable dark glasses - now part of celebrity drag from Tinseltown to Tehran - Iran's leading filmmaker, who won a Cannes Golden Palm two years back for The Taste Of Cherries, is attacking film. Or at least what the rest of the world has made of this newborn 20th century form ... FULL TEXT


They said Iran has no Internet

To whom it may concern:

I have a question about internet service in Iran. My relative lives in Iran. Of course they are Korean. I wana send an email to them, but they said that Iran has not Internet service company.

Iran government doesn't allow internet. Is it true? If it is not true, let me know any internet service company in Iran. I'll call them and let them know on it.

Regards from Korea

Song Byung-Joo

More Letters

* Iranian Golden Throat

Saeid Saba writes: The Sunday dinner (khoreshe-e Bodemjoon) tasted doubly nice with the divine voice of the Iranian GOLDEN THROAT, the one and only, DELKASH. Thank you for a lovely reportage.

What has amazed me over the years is that Delkash was the FIRST singer to perform a piece in KHARABATI amongst all the singers male or female - she sang the famous "Sagash raa" [sag as in DOG!]. But, nobody has ever dared to either mention it or reproduce it. "Sagash raa" is definitely a milestone in the entirety of Iranian music - for those who understand of course!...

I give any thing to hear a piece of KHARABATI by Delkash, Iraj, or the chap who used to play Sarcar Ostovar in SAMAD sitcoms. Are you up to this challenge? ... FULL TEXT

* No Monica

Mehran writes: I enjoyed your site very much, which is why I urge you to remove Monika Lewinski's picture ["Monica & Bill"]. A site like yours should not be spoiled by the picture of a famous American slut. Her picture is hanging in the Oval Office. That is enough.

* Conference: The Iranian Woman at the Threshold of the Year 2000

The Tenth International Conference of the Iranian Women's Studies Foundation presents: The Iranian Woman at the Threshold of the Year 2000 - July 2-5, 1999 Montreal, Canada Concordia University... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

The Legend of the Persian Carpet

By Tomie De Paola

    Children who've been told of the diamond's legendary hardness may question the ease with which this one is shattered. A king, accustomed to dwelling in a light-filled room where a large diamond creates a million rainbows, is bereft when it's stolen and smashed, and thereafter takes his only pleasure in staring at the fragments, away from the subjects who need him. An apprentice weaver comes up with the idea of making a magnificent carpet that will lure the king back to his duties. It works. But, unfortunately, neither the words nor the art here convincingly suggests the lure of the diamond's prismatic play or the carpet's intricate patterns. Readers will have to take these on faith. Still, Ewart's illustrations are prettily evocative of old Persia, and perhaps the tale will pique interest in this ancient art form ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Khatami demands justice for the press

TEHRAN, June 27 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, keen to protect press freedoms he has fostered as part of his two-year reform drive, on Sunday demanded cases involving the media be removed from hardline Revolutionary Courts and heard before special press juries. Khatami used a national gathering of judiciary officials, led by arch-conservative Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, to remind them that the constitution calls for jury trials for press violations and political crimes. He also said defendants had a right to legal respresentation at all times ... FULL TEXT

Kharrazi says arrested Jews passed on military secrets

TEHRAN, June 28 (Reuters) - Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said the 13 Jews arrested in Iran on charges of spying for Israel had passed on secret military information to foreigners, Iran's state media reported on Monday ... FULL TEXT

U.N. Report Urges Urgent Iran Action On Y2K-Agency

TEHRAN (Reuters) - A United Nations report has urged Iran to act urgently to deal with the millennium computer bug (Y2K), the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported Monday ... FULL TEXT

Court keeps MKO on State Department's terrorist list

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two dissident groups hostile to the governments of Iran and Sri Lanka have lost a legal bid to be removed from the State Department's list of terrorist organizations ... FULL TEXT

Iran building its own fighters - Jane's

LONDON (Reuters) - Iran has begun series production of a locally developed fighter called the Azarakhsh (Lightning), according to Jane's Defense Weekly ... FULL TEXT

Russia may build 3 nuclear plants in Iran -agency

MOSCOW, June 28 (Reuters) - Russian Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin gave the go-ahead on Monday for discussions with Iran on building three nuclear power plants in that country, Interfax news agency said ... FULL TEXT

Iran welcomes British investment in oil industry

TEHRAN (June 28) XINHUA - Iran welcomes British companies to invest in the country's oil sector, said an Oil Ministry official Monday. ... FULL TEXT

Iran, Saudi to compete for top OPEC job

DUBAI, June 27 (Reuters) - Iran said on Sunday it will put up a candidate for the post of OPEC secretary-general, unleashing a battle with powerhouse Saudi Arabia for the key post at the helm of the influential oil cartel. ``Iran has a candidate for the position of OPEC secretary-general,'' an Iranian oil ministry source told Reuters ... FULL TEXT

lliance with Daimler Chrysler licensee in Iran

CALGARY, June 28 /CNW-PRN/ - Alternative Fuel Systems Inc. (AFS) is pleased to announce the signing of a detailed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the largest diesel engine manufacturer in Iran. Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing Company (IDEM) manufactures Mercedes Diesel Engines under license from Daimler Chrysler. Daimler Chrysler has a 30% ownership interest in IDEM ... FULL TEXT

Iranians win Russian hearts

Tehran, (Neshat) - Two Iranians have won top prizes in Russia; one for a short documentary film and the other for his love & knowledge of Pushkin ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Navvab Safa's life story

Tehran, (Neshat) - Esmail Navvab Safa, one of the top authoprities of Persian music, has written an autobiography rich with memories of a long gone era ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Qermez o Aabi-yeteh

Tehran, (Neshat) - Persepolis and Esteqlal move on to the next round of the elimination cup ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Malekiyan proves himself

Tehran, (Neshat) - Esteqlal's Fred (Fard?) Malekiyan scored two beautiful goals against Nassaji, proving that the new Russian coach was right about his talent ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Backward art

Cinema is the most atavistic and backward of all the arts.

Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami
"Talking about a revolution, in pictures"
Financial Times
June 28, 1999

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