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Monday October 18, 1999 / Mehr 26, 1378, No. 828

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Reconstructing dreams
Designs by A. Reza Rowhani

October 18, 1999
The Iranian

A. Reza Rowhani's art is electrifying. He cuts and alters images of what would ordinarily be considered desirable, sexy, tastey or just plain good. But the result is not sad or cynical as such. There's an immense amount of vitality and confidence in his work. Hopes and dreams are alive, only their meanings have changed ... GO TO FEATURE


Iranian Candidates Ready For Key Parliament Race

By Afshin Molavi
The Washington Post
October 17, 1999

TEHRAN - Mahmoud Hossein Vaezi, an Iranian parliament member, cornered a couple of journalists and rattled off a list of his legislative accomplishments over the past four years...

Vaezi, a white-turbaned cleric educated in an Islamic seminary, is getting a crash course in pre-election anxiety. He is not alone. Iran's 270 parliament members must put their records on the line in February in what is shaping up to be the most critical parliamentary election since the 1979 revolution. ... FULL TEXT


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More Letters

* Muslim first

Kazem Mansouri writes: In response to Maziar Shirazi's "Shah let people hold hands," the foremost thing that is completely wrong is the notion that Arabs gave "their God" to Iranians... ISLAM WAS NEVER AN ARAB RELIGION. IT IS A UNIVERSAL ONE ...

There is an abudance of evidence that Islam DID NOT flatten cities and force conversions, yet the people who claim that it did happen present absolutely NO evidence that it did. Islam ENRICHES Iran. Despite the political and idiologial differences in Iran today, look at our education. The CIA has named Iran as being in the top 40 educational systems in the world in 2 categories: math and science. No other modern Muslim country has done this.

And why shouldn't I be a Muslim first and a Persian second? All of us will face and I. I will tell Allah I am Muslim. Why? Because when death befalls me my nationality, money, weapons, and friends will not help me when I stand before Allah. Only my deeds matter. Iran can't help me them ... FULL TEXT

* Beechaareh Pakistanis

Ramin Tabib writes: In response to Shar Zori's "We're not lazy", first of all, beechaareh Pakistanis and Indians. And I hope your words don't reach their ears because they are notorious for getting back!

Secondly, here are some of the English equivalents of Persian words you thought did not exist:

mohabat: kindness, compassion, sympathy
vafaa: faithfulness, loyalty, devotion
doosti: friendship, camaraderie
erfaan: transcendentalism
mardaanegi: altruism, selflessness

* Nothing wrong

Hossein, writes: In response to Saghie Zarinkalk "Khodeti", even though you are totally entitled to your opinions, you can not say that Iranian men who go back to get married in Iran are doing anything wrong. They have the right to choose who they want to get married to just like you do.

I have seen many Iranian women who marry White, Black, etc. and even though I wouldn't personally do that, it is none of my business. I will never judge them because of who they decided to marry. You cannot say every Iranian man getting married in Iran will end up paying for it, just like I don't say every Iranian woman marrying an African American male will end up the same.

* Literature: Literary voices of Iran - New York

Some of Iran's most distinguished literary figures gather for the first time in the U.S. Authors include Simin Behbehani, Mahmoud Dolatabadi, Mohammad Ali Sepanlou, Javad Mojabi, and Shahriar Mandani will read and discuss their work at New York's Asia Society on November 1 at 6:30 p.m.

Cosponsored by PEN American Center, Columbia University's Department of Middle Eastern and Asian languages and Cultures and Center for Iranian Modern Arts. $7 members and PEN members; $10 nonmembers; limited number of free tickets to students with valid I.D Asia Society, 725 Park Avenue (at 70th Street) , New York, NY 10021 Call: 212 517-ASIA for tickets go to Asia Soceity online


Books of the Week

* Parishaadokht-e she'r (1998)
A tribute to Forough Farrokhzad
By M. Azad

* Jaa-ye khaali-ye solouch (1998)
A novel
By Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

* Aashofteh-haalaan-e bidaar bakht (1998)
A novel
By Gholamhossein Saedi

* Mossadegh: Saal-haaye mobaarezeh va moqaavemat, Vol 1 & 2 (1997)
A detailed account of Mossadegh's political struggles
By Gholamreza Nejati

* Daastaan-haaye masnavi (1995)
Stories from Rumi's Masnawi
By Yazdanbakhsh Qahraman

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Video of the Week

Beh yaad-e Iran

These 2 VHS tapes are the most recent tapes about Iran. They are 2 hours in length and each tape contains rare video clips from inside Iranian cities. Over the years we have offered several videos about Iran, but these two tapes are by far the best we have ever had. We are certain you and your family and friends will enjoy these two tapes in its entirety.

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More news

Abbas Amir-Entezam, has been released from prison

TEHRAN, Oct 18 (AFP) - A liberal Iranian opposition figure, Abbas Amir-Entezam, has been released from prison after spending most of the past two decades years in jail, the government-run Iran newspaper reported Monday ... FULL TEXT

Court sentences student to two and a half years over July unrest

TEHRAN, Oct 17 (AFP) - Tehran's revolutionary tribunal has sentenced a student to two and half years in jail in connection with six days of bloody riots which rocked the capital in July, a reformist daily reported Sunday ... FULL TEXT

Nuri says Iran hardliners fighting Islam, history

TEHRAN, Oct 18 (Reuters) - Reformist cleric Abdollah Nouri on Monday dismissed any attempt to halt Iran's move toward greater pluralism as a vain effort to stem the tide of Islam and world history ... FULL TEXT

Court orders liberal editor jailed

TEHRAN, Oct 16 (Reuters) - An Iranian court on Saturday ordered the arrest of a leading pro-reform editor whose newspaper was recently banned for questioning Islamic principles, his colleagues said ... FULL TEXT

Iran rejects overture from 'bully' U.S.

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei railed against the United States Sunday, accusing it of being an international bully, as Tehran rejected the latest offer of direct talks with Washington ... FULL TEXT

Cohen: Iran still a threat

MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) - Despite President Mohammad Khatami's efforts to modernize Iran, the country continues to sponsor terrorism and remains a threat to its neighbors, U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen said here Monday ... FULL TEXT

Khatami to visit Germany after clear-up of Hofer case

BERLIN, Oct 17 (AFP) - Iran's President Mohammed Khatami will visit Germany when the case of detained German businessman Helmut Hofer has been resolved, the head of the chancellor's office indicated in an interview published Sunday ... FULL TEXT

U.S., Russia review nuclear treaty

WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. officials hope the lure of American assistance with radar technology will get Russia to agree to amend a landmark anti-nuclear treaty so that both nations can develop limited systems to defend against potential threats from Iran and North Korea ... FULL TEXT

INTERVIEW -Iran eyes move to market economy

TEHRAN, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Iran is taking major steps towards becoming a market economy, to help the country tackle its formidable social and economic challenges, a senior economic official said on Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Iran seeks industrial cooperation with EU

TEHRAN, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said on Thursday Iran wanted to expand industrial cooperation with EU countries and would in turn provide investment opportunities to European firms ... FULL TEXT

Culture minister wants more schools instead of mosques

TEHRAN, Oct 18 (Reuters) - Iran's liberal culture minister said on Monday it would be more useful to build schools and technical institutes in the Islamic country instead of yet more mosques, state television reported ... FULL TEXT

Learning more about Hassan Sabbah

Tehran (Iran daily) - Hassan Sabbah's fort (Qaleh Alamut) , where the legendary "assassin" commanded his guerrilla operation for 35 years, will be studied by archaeologists ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

7th in computer olympiad

Tehran (Iran daily) - Iranian university students have taken 7th place in the international computer olympiad ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Why Baqeri didn't play

Tehran (Iran daily) - Karim Baqeri was invited to joing the national soccer team in the game against Denmark. But he declined because of injuries. He's upset about the reaction in the Iranian press ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Stronger lineup

Tehran (Iran daily) - Mehrdad Minavand, Siroos Din-Mohammadi and Alireza Mansourian will probably be called on to joined the national team to play in three umcoming friendly games in the U.S ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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A must see for all his fans and enemies! What a character... I just love him.

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Free flow

No one, no matter how powerful, can stop the free flow of ideas. Islam gives complete freedom for the free flow of ideas, whether others like it or not.

-- Abdollah Nuri, publisher of Khordad
October 18, 1999

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