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Monday October 25, 1999 / Aban 3, 1378, No. 833

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Moving along
Youth ignore political upheavals

Photos by C.S.
October 25, 1999
The Iranian

I was in Iran for about three weeks. Initially, I just strolled around and took photos of whatever. Later, I started to concentrate on photographing people, especially kids, and ordinary everyday things. This was because I began to realize that Iranians living abroad forget that most of the people in Iran are quite young, and that daily life continues there despite the stream of news about the latest political upheaval which tends to eclipse everything and warp our perceptions. There actually was no sense of impending crises. In short: the people and the country are moving along, despite all the problems ... GO TO FEATURE


With Iran's Reforms at Stake, a Moderate Digs In

The New York Times
October 24, 1999

TEHERAN, Iran -- Eight months after winning more votes than any other candidate in Teheran's municipal elections, Abdullah Nouri, a key figure in Iran's Islamic reform movement, has been spending much of his time in recent days closeted with his lawyers.

Together, they have been working on strategies for a trial next week at which they will attempt to save the newspaper Nouri controls from court-ordered closure, and Nouri from what could be a lengthy prison term. Beyond that, they hope, by winning Nouri's acquittal, to protect the reform movement from a setback that could undermine its prospects of winning crucial parliamentary elections next February ... FULL TEXT


Poor man

Howard Stern's double life as stripper-loving shock jock and rock-solid family man has seemingly come to an end, with Stern and wife Alison announcing late Friday they are splitting up after 21 years of marriage .. FULL TEXT

More Letters

* We are American

Mohamad Vaezi writes In respose to the Maryam Hosseini's "American? Yeah right":

I immigrated to the US 22 years ago. I do love our culture and most of my friends are Iranian as well. But few years ago I realized that one reason we feel so isolated and disconnected from the American society was exactly what you prescribe in your article.

The emptiness you feel inside is not because you're so far away from your homeland as you say in your article. It is because you don't realize that this great country you live in is your homeland ... FULL TEXT

* Cutting edge

G.H. Massiha writes: I have to congradulate you guys for show casing the cutting edge Iranian arts [A. Reza Rowhani's "Reconstructing dreams"] in your web magazine. There are many great Iranian web sites but you are the best in my Explorer Favorites.

Mr. Rowhani's pictures can make a great postcards.

* Academic: Human rights panel in New York

Event: Human Rights in Iran; Times: Thursday,October 28,1999,6:00pm; Place: Theatre Lobby,T Building John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 899 Tenth Avenue Between 58th and 59th streets, New York City. ; Speakers: Ervand Abrahamian: "Tortured Confessions"; Ramin Ahmadi MD: "The Participation of Physicians in Human Rights abuses in Iran"; Mansour Farhang:"Human Rights in President Khatami's Eyes"; Haideh Moghissi: "Feminism and Islamic; George Andreopoulos, Assistant Professor of Government : Moderator . For more information contact: (212)237-8190 or email:


Books of the Week

* Moraba-ye shirin (1998)
By Houshang Moradi Kermani
92 pages.

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Beh yaad-e Iran

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More news

Court prepares landmark case against reformer

TEHRAN, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Leading reformist Abdollah Nouri goes on trial later this week before a panel of hardline clerics in a case that will help shape Iran's political and religious future ... FULL TEXT

Nouri takes message to hardline heartland

QOM, Iran, Oct 22 (Reuters) - Cleric and leading reformist Abdollah Nouri on Friday carried his radical doctrine of religious pluralism to this holy Shi'ite city, spiritual home to Iran's conservative establishment ... FULL TEXT

Court jails cleric over protest letter- paper

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (Reuters) - A hardline Iranian court has jailed an outspoken reformist cleric for one year for signing a petition against the house arrest of Iran's leading dissident clergyman, a newspaper reported on Monday ... FULL TEXT

Iran high court rejects ex-mayor's appeal - papers

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Iran's supreme court has undercut a bid to release Tehran's maverick moderate former mayor, jailed after a graft conviction, newspapers reported on Monday ... FULL TEXT

Khatami's Paris visit to build on new image

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will use his visit to France to build on his country's improving image and speed up rapprochement with Europe, a foreign ministry official was on Monday quoted as saying ... FULL TEXT

Britain praises Iran's Khatami, to exchange visits

KUWAIT, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Britain warmly praised Iran's ``reformist'' President Mohammad Khatami on Monday and said the foreign ministers of the two states would soon exchange visits for the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution ... FULL TEXT

Iranian refugee in coma - rights group

October 25, 1999 (International Federation of Iranian Refugees) -- Ali Bordbar (Case I. 16264), a 54 year old Iranian refugee claimant who has been in Pakistan since 1996, has been on hunger strike for the past 48 days in protest to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' (UNHCR) outright indifference to his fate ... FULL TEXT

Domestic wheat purchase down 2.4 mln tonnes

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Iran expects its wheat purchases from local farmers to drop by 2.4 million tonnes this year because of lower production after a severe drought, an official was quoted as saying on Monday ... FULL TEXT

Paris honors Majidi

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Majid Majidi's "Color of Paradise" won the best film award in a Paris environmental film festival ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Ancient find

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Tehran University archaeologists have unearthed "columned halls" in Dasht-e Qazvin dating back 3,800 years ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlal moves up

Tehran (Iran daily) - Esteqlal has pulled itself near the top of the Azadegan league table, making Persepolis a bit nervious ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Gilani women on top

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Gilan has won the team title in the women's traditional sports games. The event included rope pulling, sprint and targetting ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Mediaeval Iran

The clerics in mediaeval Europe did all they could to stop freedom of expression but it is the European democracies today who are carrying out the Islamic traditions of pluralism and democracy.

-- Abdollah Nuri, publisher of daily Khordad
October 22, 1999

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