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Wedneesday, February 16, 2000 / Bahman 27, 1378, No. 918

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Clean sweep
Iran's youth poised to give reformists parliamentary victory

Photos by Siamak Namazi
February 16, 2000
The Iranian

Reformist election rally at the Shiroudi basketball arena in Tehran, February 15, 2000. >>> GO TO FEATURE


No freedom fighters
"Yeah, in Lebanon. Ninety to Ninety-two. I've paid my dues, helped the brothers."

February 16, 2000
The Iranian

Excerpt from chapter 1 of The Poet Game by Salar Abdoh (Picador, 2000).

Abdoh was born and raised in Iran. During the revolution his father had to leave the country quickly, as he was on the original list of fifty or so people who were to have been executed. He was the owner of the Persepolis soccer team. He died a few months after moving the family to the U.S. in 1979 >>> GO TO FEATURE


Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Nine >>> GO TO FEATURE


Youngest woman candidate turns out to be a surprise package

RASHT, Iran, Feb 16 (AFP) - Thirty-year-old Roshanak Siassi, who has burst into the limelight in the northern Iranian city of Rasht, might have been predestined for the career she is now embarking on -- her surname means "political" and she is taking the electors by storm.

Rasht, usually seen as a good indicator of the political mood throughout the Islamic republic, has 97 candidates for the three seats on offer in Friday's parliamentary elections. No fewer than 20 of the hopefuls are women, a record for the Islamic republic >>> FULL TEXT


Kelardasht for sale

E-Commerce has moved to Iran in a big way. Here's a site that allows you to buy a piece of land in Kelardasht (Mazandaran) area for $5,000. You can even use your Visa or MasterCard and pay on-line via a secure server! >>> GO HERE

Thanks to Pedram Missaghi

More Letters

* Saw it in Cinema Asia

Soroush Motahari writes: Yes. Of course! "Mashine-Mashti Mamdal" was made in 1974 directed by Agha Reza Fazeli With: Reza Fazeli, Mansour Sepehrnia, Noush Afarin, and Mastaneh Jazayeri.

I saw this film in Cinema Asia in Tehran. We were laughing because it had been made to be the Iranian-Version of A Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, World (The classic American comedy, made in the early 60's)! Of course, honar nazd Iranian ast o bas !

Reza Fazeli had a very adventurous life, moved abroad many times, played in co-productions in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Pakistan ("Mamor e 008 dar Karachi !) made a lot of bad film and played in a very good film directed by Kimiaie alonge with Saeed Rad, called "Safar Sang". Married few times, among them with Nancy Kovac, American beauty of early60's. Later he immigrated to the UK, was seen in a video with Manouchehr Vosough and Sarkoub.Who can tell me about his whereabout today ? Will pay Yugouslavian Dinars in cash!

Noush Afarin Khanoum is very active in California. Sepehrnia is seen in supermarkets in Westwood ! Any more information?

* Big, big, big award

Hamid Rahmanian writes: I just want to tell you that you need a big big big award for the work that you are doing [on The Iranian]. I am proud of you. Future will show what an amazing job you are doing. I am very impressed.

* Encouraged in ghorbat

Alireza Tavakoli writes: I am very happy because I have seen your excellent network of Iranians living abroad. When I read The Iranian magazine or see an Iranian site I feel encouraged in "ghorbat". I hope you work better and better and Iran & Iranaians will have a dialogue with the people of the world.

Lecture: Women's Movement and the Constraints of Reformism

KAVOSH WOMEN'S CENTER presents International Woman's Day Celebration: "Women's Movement and the Constraints of Reformism". Lecture by Dr. Haamed Shaheedian, Sociologist, a Researcher in Women's Studies & a Professor in Illinois University, Springfield. PLACE: San Jose State University, DATE: March 11, 2000, TIME: Gathering at 7 PM >>> DETAILS HERE


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Latest from music artists in Iran: Mohammad Nouri * Arshia. * Mohammad Reza Shajarian * Shahram Nazeri * Hessamedin Seraj * Nasser Cheshmazar * Moniroo Ravanipoor ... >>> GO HERE

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NEW: Champions: Iranian national soccer team

Three hours of interviews, trainings, matches, Biographies, and fans of Iranian National Soccer Team, covering Iran's soccer history from 1978-2000. Premium quality. Produced by: Alireza AmirGhasemi & Behrouz Deravi.

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More news

President calls on Iranians to vote to help him

TEHRAN, Feb 16 (AFP) - Pro-reform President Mohammad Khatami called on all Iranians to vote in parliamentary elections Friday to help him and his government carry out their goals. In a broadcast message Wednesday, Khatami urged "men, women and above all, young people," to vote, saying Friday is a "day of destiny." >>> FULL TEXT

Final campaign day in Iran

Feb 16, (BBC) -- Campaigning has entered its last day in Iran ahead of Friday's crucial legislative elections. Thousands of young people gathered on Tuesday in central Tehran for a rally by the centrist Executives of Construction party that was part pop concert, part political meeting >>> FULL TEXT

Iran Holy City Doubles as Hotbed of Reform Politics

QUM, Iran, Feb. 15 (NY Times) -- In this most devout of Iranian cities, a battle to emancipate the nation's rigidly controlled political life is being waged by a stern black-turbaned cleric with impeccable Islamic credentials. Operating from a dingy converted photography studio in the center of town, Ayatollah Sayed Mohsen Musavi Tabrizi heads a list of reform candidates for Parliament. Many of his competitors are his fellow Qum clerics, who are campaigning for the Feb. 18 elections on a platform of calling for purging the country of "deviant thoughts" and Western influence >>> FULL TEXT

Albright says Iranian reformers gaining popularity

WASHINGTON, Feb 16 (AFP) - US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Wednesday she believed moderate Iranian reformers were enjoying an upsurge in popularity ahead of the Islamic republic's parliamentary elections this week >>> FULL TEXT

Jewish parliamentary candidate expresses hopes for 13 Iranian Jews

TEHRAN, Feb 16 (AFP) - Hilda Rabi-Zadeh, a Jewish candidate in Iran's upcoming legislative elections and a teacher from Shiraz, told AFP Wednesday she hoped to see the early release of 13 Jews, shortly to go on trial in the southern city for spying. "We have complete confidence in the Iranian courts, because we are sure that justice is the same for all," she said on a short visit to Tehran. "The courts are not interested in knowing from which minority the accused come. We are full of hope," she said >>> FULL TEXT

Reporters Without Borders calls for Iran to stop jamming broadcasts

NICOSIA, Feb 16 (AFP) - The press freedom group Reporters Without Borders protested Wednesday against Iran's jamming of Western radio stations' Persian-language programs ahead of Iranian legislative elections >>> FULL TEXT

Iran to boost cooperation with France in natural gas sector

TEHRAN, Feb 16 (AFP) - Iran wants more French aid to develop its domestic gas sector and export its gas, in particular to India and Pakistan, French Deputy Industry Minister Christian Pierret said in Tehran Wednesday. France, whose oil companies Elf amnd Total are operating in Iran, is to train young Iranians at its prestigious Ecole des Mines, Pierret said during a press conference before his departure for Isfahan and then Paris >>> FULL TEXT

Iran doing "nothing" for the lads in Haqqi Alley

TEHRAN, Feb 16 (AFP) - He has ambition, he has intelligence, and at 24 years old he even has a girlfriend he's in love with. But the one thing Jaman Valilou has never had is a job. "Around here" is Khazaneh in south Tehran, a tumble-down neighbourhood of grafitti-littered alleys and dusty shops without customers that you could just about call working-class -- that is, if anybody had a job >>> FULL TEXT


Tehran (Iran daily) - Roya Nonahali's few but memorable scenes in Bahman Farmanara's "The Smell of Camphor, The Fragrance of Jasmine" landed her an award at the Fajr festival >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Talked about

Tehran (Ettelaat) - Reviews of the most talked about films at the Fajr festival >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Hamshahri) - Twelve historic documents will be on display at the Sheikh Safieddin Ardebili museum >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

FIFA ranking

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - The Iranian national soccer team is ranked 2nd in Asia and 48th in the world >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - The battle between Persepolis and Esteqlal on Sunday will also be a contest between goalies Abedzadeh and Tabatabaie >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Esteqlal's coaches are trying to get rid of the team's weaknesses prior to the Persepolis match >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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The government talks and talks. They keep on babbling but they don't understand the unemployment is killing us ... Ninety percent of the guys don't have a job around here.

-- Jaman Valilou, 24-year-old resident of Khazaneh in south Tehran
February 16, 2000

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