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Monday, January 10, 2000 / Dey 20, 1378, No. 882

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Warm as morning milk

By Kambiz Naficy
January 10, 2000
The Iranian

The title for this feature is borrowed from one of Kambiz Naficy's poems, which are truly warm, smooth and creamy as morning milk. Enjoy... >>> GO TO FEATURE


Mexico Tops Iran With 2 Headers
34,289 partisans at Coliseum

BY: Dan Giesin
The San Francisco Chronicle
JANUARY 10, 2000,

Iran's first-ever soccer match in the United States was something of a bittersweet affair: The Iranian team's gracious and warm reception by the 34,289 ensconced at Network Associates Coliseum yesterday was tempered by a 2-1 loss to Mexico.

"This was a great experience for us," Iran coach Mansour Pourhaidari said through an interpreter. "We played against one of the best teams in the world, and we will take advantage of this opportunity to improve ourselves." >>> FULL TEXT



It was towards the end the Iran-Mexico soccer match. The ball was kicked out by Mexico and one of the Iranian players picked up the ball for a throw. But a Mexican player challenged him and wanted to take the ball away. The annoyed Iranian player's response was a classic "Gomsho jamesh kon!" facial gesture. (Game photos here)

More Letters

* No gray area

Banafsheh Zand writes in response to NS's letter:

No one said that Khomeini was LOVED or reveered ["Runner up: Iranian of the century"], although he did change history and therefore -- and unfortunately -- he is an important personality.

The meaning of democracy IS: tolerating, accepting, respecting what someone else is, eats, breathes, thinks, wears, reads, watches, does. The reason why Iran is in this pathetic state is because people don't understand how to be tolerant, accepting, respectful...

If someone IS different, Iranians either worship them or dump on them. There's no happy medium, no grey area. Iranians will ALWAYS be damned because of their hot heads and unwillingness to stop JUDGING. I hope this is clarified a few things.

* Frightening remarks

Salmar writes: I was astonished to read the comments given about Khomeini being the most influential Iranian ["Runner up: Iranian of the century"]. Some people went as far as saying that the late Ayatollah gave Iran freedom, dignity, and independance. The absurdness of this statement is indicative of what a legacy Khomeini has actually left behind for the Iranian people. It is the apathetic complacency of these remarks that are so frightening.

The reality is that Ruhollah Khomeini was a maniacal patriarch who politicized women and religion. As an emigre Iranian woman who left Iran more than twenty years ago, I can honestly say that these remarks saddened me beyond belief. The only thing that Khomeini did to and for the Iranian people, was to break them mentally, spiritually, physically, and economically.

I distinctly remember the day that he died. My mother and father threw a huge dinner party that evening; we had a party in his honor. I was only about eleven years old than, just young and naive enough to believe that once he died, so would his policies with him. But the legacy continues >>> FULL TEXT

* Brought down communism

A.B. writes: I cannot find anyone else who changed the course of the 20th century as effectively as Ayatollah Khomeni. The West got such a SHOCK by his rise that it took years for it to recover. Khomeini made Zbigniew Brzezinski to conclude that a green "Islamic" belt around the then Soviet Union would contain communism.

Khomeini had this exact picture in mind. This is clear in the letter he wrote to Gorbachev. Only a shot time later, the 20th century, which began its journey with the October Revolution and continued through the Cold War, experienced the shocking collapse of the Soviet Union. This was Khomeini's contribution to the past century.

* Shahnz Tehrani & Noushafarin

In reference to Nostalgia photos:

Simin Habibian writes: Shahnaz Tehrani, is living in Los Angeles and used to be very active. Lately I have not heard or read anything about her, but she always takes part in the Tanin TV show for Noruz. She has lost a lot of weight and looks a little better than she used to.

Also, the singer Noushafarin lives in Los Angeles and was married to the actor, Saeed Raad, who lately has written a play in which he himself & Kambiz Ghorbani (Googoosh's son) play the main characters. When Noushafarin left Iran years ago she lived in India for some time and can speak Indian. She then lived in Canada for a few years before moving to the U.S.

* Community: Iranian scholarship winners
In northern California

Dear Iranian Student Lovers,

I am pleased to announce the following winners of this years Socity of Iranian Professionals' Scholarship Award in northern California. Congratulates to this great students, we all proud of you. And many thanks for SIPs scholarship committee, board of directors, officers, volunteers and all SIP supporters, who made this scholarship possible >>> DETAILS HERE


Books of the Week

* Saaniyeh-yeh aakhar (1999)
Y2K issues in Iran
By Dr. Ali Parandeh

* Barandeh-haa ham baazandeh-and (1999)
A memoir by a former mayor of Tehran, with photos
By Ahmad Nafisi

* Jazireh sargardaani (2nd edition, 1998)
By Simin Daneshvar

* Mumia va assal (1996)
By Shahriar Mandanipour

* Mehr-e giaah (1998)
ByAmir Hassan Cheheltan

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Video of the Week

Through the olive trees

This is Abbas Kiarostami's most romantic film (English subtitles). It is the third part of a trilogy set in northern Iran. For other Kiarostami videos, click here.

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More news

Many Khatami allies barred from Iran polls

TEHRAN, Jan 10 (Reuters) - A conservative panel has barred prominent reform candidates close to Iran's president, including dissident cleric Abdollah Nouri, from next month's parliamentary polls, press reports and individual candidates said on Monday. An official at the Islamic Iran Participation Front, President Mohammad Khatami's political faction, told Reuters the supervisory board had recommended the hardline Council eliminate 90 of 290 prospective contenders on its own national list >>> FULL TEXT ALSO Adr-e Azadegan report IN PERSIAN

Kharrazi meets UK's Blair, Cook

LONDON, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi met British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Monday on a landmark visit aimed at strengthening a cautious rapprochement between London and Iran's reformist President Mohammad Khatami >>> FULL TEXT

Rafsanjani says duped by secret service

TEHRAN, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Iran's former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was quoted on Monday as saying he had been kept in the dark about certain operations of the secret service during his tenure, including a case of arms smuggling >>> FULL TEXT

MKO claims "dozens" of Tehran troops killed or wounded

PARIS, Jan 9 (AFP) - Iran's outlawed armed opposition claimed Sunday that its fighters had killed or wounded "dozens" of Tehran's elite Revolutionary Guards in attacks on three areas of the southwestern province of Ilam. "Dozens of Revolutionary Guards and Intelligence Ministry officers and agents, including several commanders, were killed or wounded in these attacks, which also inflicted heavy damages to the command centers' buildings and facilities," in fighting Saturday, the Iraq-based People's Mujahedeen said in a statement received here >>> FULL TEXT

German MPs visit Iran ahead of businessman's new trial

TEHRAN, Jan 10 (AFP) - A senior German MP called for the strengthening of Berlin's ties with Tehran as he began an official visit Monday ahead of a new trial of a German businessman jailed here for most of the past two years. The chairman of the German parliament's foreign affairs committee, Hans Ulrich Klose, called for the "development of the historic ties" between the two countries after a meeting with Iran's deputy speaker Hassan Ruhani, state radio said >>> FULL TEXT


Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Why Forough Farrokhzad is so popular among students? Fereshteh Farzad, a PhD student in London's School of Oriental and African Studies explains (PDF format) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Progressive films will have a strong presence in the upcoming Fajr film festival in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Hamshahri) - A good example of how the state radio station does not tolerate controversy -- especially those generated by the moderates >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

State TV

Tehran (Mosharekat) - Iranian state TV has a problem with showing ads for films that have popular appeal. A commentary >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Mexico came to Oakland with six of their fixed starters and Iran again showed that it could do well against a world class team >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Pour-Heydari says he did not agree with the changes made to the Iranian team in the second half. Isn't he in charge? >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Looking at the Iran-Mexico for a different angle: Khodadad Azizi was pulled out of the game too soon >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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The real reason for disqualifying all these people was because the Guardians knew they would gain votes. All of these people believe in serious political reforms and democracy, although they were of different political backgrounds. That is why they were rejected.

-- Banned majlis candidate
January 10, 2000

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