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Tuesday, July 11, 2000 / Tir 21, 1379, No. 1020

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Ahl-e Abyaneh
What of this cocoon in 20, 30 years?

By Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh
July 11, 2000
The Iranian

Naneh Noghli and her friends put on their best costumes every day and sit at the doorsteps of their mud houses from sunrise to sundown. They gossip about the old man down the alley, about their children in Tehran, about the busloads of tourists from distant lands with their Cannons and their bewildered looks.

Naneh Noghli is 80-years old , with emerald eyes, and a frame that barely measures one meter, and weighs, perhaps, less than three red stones in the desert below her mountain. From behind, with her short red dress, her long white scarf with flowers and her black tights, I thought she was 10-years old. >>> GO TO FEATURE


Students stunned by verdict clearing police in dorm attack case

TEHRAN, July 11 (AFP) - Stunned Students at Tehran University said Tuesday that they will not accept a court verdict that exonerated the policemen who violently attacked their university dormitories last July >>> FULL TEXT

Police cleared in dormitory case

BBC Persian Service

BBC Persian Service -- A few days after the first anniversary of the attack on student dormitories by the police and vigilantes the court acquitted General Farhad Nazeri, the former Head of the Tehran police, of all charges >>> LISTEN HERE

Germany raises Iran's export credits

By Haig Simonian in Berlin
Financial Times
July 11, 2000

The German government announced a fivefold increase in export credit guarantees in an attempt to boost trade with Iran

New Parliament Readies Changes in Iran

By Howard Schneider
Washington Post
July 8, 2000

TEHRAN ­­ Clerical turbans have become scarcer beneath the gold-tiled dome of the Iranian parliament. And discussion is freely critical of recent moves by the country's Islamic conservatives >>> FULL TEXT

    Boxing ring

    Rah-e Kargar: Khatami & Western fovernments -- ana analysis of his trip to Germany >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

    Jomhouri Eslami: Students were not involved in Saturday's violent protests. Arrests and punishment will solve the mystery >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Here we go again

Once again I will be standing as an independent candidate for the next Iranian Presidential Election I would appreciate it if you could visit my site, read the programme and possibly send me your comments >>> GO HERE

More Letters

* Two roads

Arya Abedin writes: I found this literary piece a stark reminder of individuals in Iran, who, I can say, "just don't get it" or just do not want to get it ["Generational gap"].

Judging by my experiences in Tehran, on vacation, I can say the "new generation" of Iran is falling into the culturally indoctrinated spiral of the pre-revolutionary generation. That is to say, in this glorious period of reform in the Islamic Republic, there are over-eager youngsters who are missing the point completely.

I am have never been to judge from clothes or musical preference, but disrespect to a religious intermediary of any faith (regardless of the fact that one may have a reason to or not) is unpermissable. More specifically, I fear that Iran may go into two directions at this ideological junction we are at >>> FULL TEXT

* I love the simplicity

Babak Motamedi writes: Looking through The Iranian Arts section I saw your wonderful art work which I found unbelievably refreshing and unique ["Solitude"]. I love the simplicity of your drawings and the nature of your designs. They are contemporary and very pleasing to look at.

I myself am an amateur artist who works in more or less the same style, and have been looking to decorate my home with the same kinds of designs.

Perception of an art piece is always different depending who looks at it, and it should always be what looks good to it's creator >>> FULL TEXT

* Need web site on Iranian film

Dariush Kadivar writes: I would like to draw your attention on what I believe is absolutely important for the cultural preservation of Iranian film and television programs especially those belonging to the pre-revolutionary era. films like "Atash bedooneh dood" or "Deliraneh tangestaan", "Sultaneh Saheb Garaan" or the "Cow", "Daiejan Napoleon" and many others.

I think it is important to be able to create web pages on the filmography of those years which could include film stills, interviews as well as the stories that took place behind the scenes >>> FULL TEXT

Community: AIC job openings

AMERICAN-IRANIAN COUNCIL, July 7, 2000 -- Positions: American-Iranian Council, Inc., a Princeton-based non-profit research and educational think tank, is seeking two dynamic individuals to fill the full-time positions of Executive Director and Administrative Assistant >>> DETAILS HERE




I Am Wind Your Are Fire: The Life and Work of Rumi
by Annemarie Schimmel


Naameh-haaye Sadegh Hedayat
The letters of Sadegh Hedayat

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

If you feel no desire for me, then say so.

If you live without love, alone, I want to know.

If your heart holds no place for me, then say so.

Say if it's so, or say no, but tell me the truth.
-- Rumi
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More news

Reformist MPs decry acquittal of police for attack on university

TEHRAN, July 12 (AFP) - MPs and other politicians close to reformist President Mohammad Khatami Wednesday decried a court verdict in which the former police chief of Tehran and 17 other police were acquitted for a bloody assault on Tehran University last year. On Tuesday, a military court acquitted the former Tehran police chief, Farhad Nazari, and his men of all charges against them arising from the attack he led on university dormitories last July, which sparked several days of riots that led to deaths and injuries >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami ending Germany trip

WEIMAR, Germany (AP) - At the end of a visit to Germany dominated by talk of human rights, Iranian President Mohammed Khatami denied Wednesday that religion was behind the convictions of 10 Iranian Jews found guilty of spying for Israel. Asked at a forum with German President Johannes Rau about whether the trial was a sign of prejudice against Iran's Jewish minority, Khatami said his government had no control over the judiciary in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami's German visit exposed his unpopularity, opposition insists

BERLIN, July 12 (AFP) - The visit to Germany by Iranian President Mohammad Khatami showed he is not popular, a spokesman for the opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran insisted Wednesday. Behzad Naziri said that despite the efforts of the German authorities to prevent Iranians living in Germany and elsewhere from attending protests, 20,000 had demonstrated against him in Berlin Monday >>> FULL TEXT

Iran rejects U.S. terror verdict

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran on Wednesday rejected a U.S. court verdict that held it responsible for a terrorist bombing in Israel that killed two Americans. ``This court, from an international legal point of view, is not qualified to study this kind of case and the verdict is completely political. The charges against Iran are sheer lies,'' the official Islamic Republic News Agency quoted Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi as saying >>> FULL TEXT

Plan for private television at advanced stage: paper

TEHRAN, July 12 (AFP) - Plans to establish a private television station or an independent state channel in Iran are at an advanced stage, a reformist paper reported Wednesday. The plan, drawn up by reformist MPs, aims to "break the monopoly of state television," currently headed by Ali Larijani, regarded as a "bete noire" by the reformers, the daily Bahar said >>> FULL TEXT

Chevron urges U.S. to end Iran sanctions

LONDON, July 12 (Reuters) - A senior U.S. oil executive urged Washington on Wednesday to remove sanctions against Iran to allow U.S. companies to join their competitors in tapping into the Gulf state's huge oil and gas potential. ``Unilateral sanctions are generally ineffective in accomplishing their stated goals,'' Richard Matzke, vice-chairman and director of Chevron (NYSE:CHV - news), told a conference in London on Iran's oil, gas and petrochemical sectors >>> FULL TEXT

Comedies sell more

Tehran (Bahar) -- Ticket sales show that among plays currently on stafe, comedies are more popular, including one directed by Farhad Aeesh, which has earned twp million tomans from 33 shows >>> FULL TEXT

Actor plays ex-security chief

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- The role of ex-SAVAK chief Pakravan will be played by Akbar Qadami in a TV series called "Shab-e Cheraaq" >>> FULL TEXT

Fazlollahi: No good roles for older women actors

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- In an interview with Jam-e Jam. veteran actor Shamsi Fazlollahi talks about her latest roles on TV and on stage. She says she has not been acting in films lately because there are "no interesting roles for people of my age." >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian U17 defeat Syrian U20

(Iran Sports Press -- TEHRAN, July 12: The Iranian U-17 National Team defeated the Syrian U-20 National team 4-2 in Shahid Shiroudi Stadium on Wednesday in a friendly match >>> FULL TEXT

AFC delegation to assess facilities in Esfahan

(Iran Sports Press -- TEHRAN, July 12: The Asian Football Confederation told the Iranian Football Federation (IFF) that a delegation will arrive in Iran to inspect the facilities in Esfahan to determine if it can host the 2004 Asian Cup >>> FULL TEXT

Esteghlal prepares for new season

(Iran Sports Press -- With video: Esteghlal Football Team, the runners up in the 1999-2000 Azadegan League Season, have begun preparations for the start of the new League season on August 3. Mansour Pourhaydari, the head coach of Esteghlal, said on Wednesday during the team's training in the outskirts of Tehran, that Esteghlal will travel to Yugoslavia for a 10 day training camp >>> FULL TEXT


Police acquitted

A few days after the first anniversary of the attack on student dormitories by the police and vigilantes the court acquitted General Farhad Nazeri, the former Head of the Tehran police, of all charges >>> LISTEN HERE

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BBC Persian Service

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This is unbelievable, unimaginable. Those who attacked us have been acquitted, while my friend, who brandished the bloodstained shirt of a student, is in prison.

-- Ali-Reza, 22-year old English student
July 11, 2000

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