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Wednesday, March 29, 2000 / Farvardin 10, 1379, No. 948

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Getting down to business
The future of Iranian assets and claims in the U.S.

By Guive Mirfendereski
March 29, 2000
The Iranian

In her speech on Friday, March 17, the U.S. Secretary of State, Mrs. Albright, made reference to the Iranian assets that the United States froze in the aftermath of the hostage crisis in 1979. It always had been that any normalization of relations between these two countries had to consider the unfreezing of the Iranian assets. What was never clear was the size and nature of the assets. In her speech, Mrs. Albright indicated that much of the frozen assets were turned over to Iran after 1981. Yet, she also intimated that there is more that was not turned over >>> GO TO FEATURE


Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Forty-Six >>> GO TO FEATURE


Bringing music to Iranian people
For thousands of immigrants in the southland, Persian-language station KIRN-AM is an entertaining beacon to their homeland

By Dana Calvo
Los Angeles Times
March 29, 2000

On the ominous date of Friday, Aug. 13, a radio station premiered with a staff of one (general manager John Paley), music (a two-hour loop of Persian pop songs) and three commercials (recorded in one take by a Farsi-speaking nutritionist who Paley had just met).

Several miles away from the new station, Farzad Fadai, 45, was searching for an afternoon ballgame when his dial scratched over a familiar sound.

"Somehow I heard Persian music. I said, 'Wow!' and then the woman's voice said, 'If you want to place advertising, call.' "

Within hours, hundreds of Persians and other Iranians in the area had called in to the new station, KIRN-AM (670), "Radio Iran." >>> FULL TEXT


What's happened to Kish?

John Ullathorne writes to The Iranian:

In 1977 I worked on Kish Island as part of the Public Safety Department and left in November 1978 when the first rumblings of the revolution were resounding across the country.

I have also come across a web site which advertises Kish Island as a "conference and recreation centre". Obviously after 23 years I am very interested in knowing what actually happened to the facilities on Kish Island i.e is the casino still there, is the Island still supplied with de salinised water from the plant that the Israelis built. Did the Airport ever get completed? >>> FULL TEXT

More Letters

* Hakim vs. doctor

Behzad Djazaeri, , F.R.C.S writes: Wonderful story ["The Herbalist"]. Enjoyed it very much indeed. Is this part of a book or just a short story? Where on earth did you find out so much detail about a hakim's practices, i.e.

"Then there were scorpion oil, snake's oil, sesame seeds, balsam oil, grey oil, essence of turpentine, Glycerine, dried herbage, white powder and blue liquid, humbled on the lower shelves. And on the bottom shelf were stocky cloth bags, a cast iron scale with brass plates, stone weights and pestles impatiently resting in rock mortars. An oil portrait of Imam Ali adorned the adjacent wall, his daring eyes piercing the air."

I like the touch about his eyes.

My late father who was a French trained doctor used to recount these two stories about Hakims in Iran. Apparently hakims did not like being referred to as "doctor" by patients and used to reproach such a patient by saying "I am not a doctor! A doctor is a man who urinates standing up and facing the qebleh." >>> FULL TEXT

* Exquisite

Glayol Banaie writes: I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read your writings in ["The Herbalist"]. You truly possess great talent and your style is so exquisite. Keep up the great work.

Conference: 2nd Iranian-American conference, Washington DC

The Iranian American Cultural Association (IACA) of the Washington, D.C. area will sponsor its second conference entitled "Iranian-Americans: Passages to the Public Persona" at Georgetown University, Intercultural Center, Room 115, on Saturday, 8 April 2000, 2:00-6:00 p.m. Please collect your tickets at 1:00 p.m. Confirmed speakers include: * Jahanshah Javid, founder of The Iranian. * Babak Yektafar, producer on C-Span. * Gelareh Asayesh, author "Saffron Sky". * Farnoosh Moshiri, author of "At the Wall of the Almighty". * Persis Karim, editor of "A world Between: Poems Stories and Essays by Iranian-Americans". * Zohreh Rastegar, radio and television broadcaster. >>> DETAILS HERE


Books & Music from Iran

Check our fourteen new books from Iran including an authoritative history of the Achamenid empire, writings by leading reformists, Forough Farrokhzad's complete works, exquisite books of classical poetry with miniatures, Manichaean psalms and more! >>> GO HERE

New music albums

* Taherzadeh, Manochehr: Aakharin barg * Eyvazi, Mohammad Reza. : Rangin kamaan * Banan.: Shaakh-e gol (2) * Ta'rif, Sadiq: Maah baanoo * Lachini, Fariborz: Paaeez-e talaaee ... >>> GO HERE

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NEW: Champions: Iranian national soccer team

Three hours of interviews, trainings, matches, Biographies, and fans of Iranian National Soccer Team, covering Iran's soccer history from 1978-2000. Premium quality. Produced by: Alireza AmirGhasemi & Behrouz Deravi.

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More news

Khatami calls on Revolutionary Guards to maintain security

TEHRAN, March 29 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami on Wednesday called on Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, or Pasdaran, to fight against threats to the country's security, the official IRNA agency reported. His latest comments came just days after he made a similar appeal to the country's intelligence ministry, and as other reformist leaders continued to allege a conservative conspiracy against them >>> FULL TEXT

Clinton courting old foes

WASHINGTON (AP) - From North Korea to Iran to Libya, President Clinton is courting former adversaries, some of them still on the State Department's terrorism list, as he nears the end of his term and ponders his legacy. He is attempting to rehabilitate ties with some of the same governments and leaders long vilified by the United States. Some examples >>> FULL TEXT

Zangeneh: Iranwon't surrender oil market share

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh, defending his country's decision to opt out of an OPEC production pact, said on Wednesday Iran would not surrender its share of OPEC's oil export market. ``We will not give up our share under any circumstances,'' he said. ``We will soon decide how much (extra) to produce. This will be seen in action,'' he told Iranian state television from Vienna >>> FULL TEXT

Crude oil prices fall

March 29, AP) -- Crude oil and other energy futures prices fell sharply Wednesday on the New York Mercantile Exchange as the market continued to react to OPEC's decision to increase production and Iran's decision to go along with the other members of the cartel. Mexico, one of the leading oil producers not in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, also plans to increase output. The expectation is that Norway on Thursday will also announce a production increase >>> FULL TEXT

Seyhoun attacked in her home

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Gallery-owner Masoumeh Seyhoun is beaten up by two unknow assailnats in her home in Tehran. Political motives possible? >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Kish in Kish

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - The controversial "Kish" trilogy will be screened for the first time in Iran. Where? In Kish Island >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Soccer film in production

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Ali Akbar Saghafi is directing a film about a boy who dreams of becoming a soccer star. Many of the actors are real-life soccer pros >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iranian team arrives in Syria

Iran Sports Press - The Iranian national football team arrived in Damascus, Syria, at 3:00pm local time. The team arrived in Damascus with the following players (club side and number of caps): >>> FULL TEXT

Stats: Iran's opponents

Iran Sports Press - Iran is going to face Syria, Bahrain, and Maldives for the Asia-2000 qualification starting March 31. Iran has played in front of Maldives twice, once in Syria (17-0) and the return match in Tehran ended 9-0 for Iran. Iran has played on many occasions against Syria and only twice against Bahrain. The following is a statistical look at the meetings between Iran and its upcoming opponents >>> FULL TEXT

Wrestling: Sydny Olympics qualifiers

Iran Sports Press - Which countries in which categories have qualified for free-style wrestling matches in the Sydny Olympics >>> FULL TEXT


Hajjarian assassination attempt

Mehdi Sharif speaks with journalist Seed Laylaz, Ahmad Salamatian, MP and former political analyst and Taghir Rahmani, journalist and political activist, about the motives of Hajjarian's attackers. Did their personal ideologies motivate them or were they participants of a large mafia organised movement? >>> LISTEN HERE

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