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Thursday November 9, 2000 / Aban 19, 1379, No. 1104


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The fourth generation
... of Iranian intellectuals

By Ramin Jahanbegloo
November 9, 2000
The Iranian

The Iranian intelligentsia is torn between the aspiration to universal values and the particularist attitudes of the national situation; between attachment to democratic ideas and a taste for enlightened tyrants ... The Fourth Generation of Iranian intellectuals have turned a critical eye toward their intellectual heritage, provoking a wave of analytical and critical research on the lives and works of some of its most representative figures like Jalal Al-Ahmad, Ali Shariati, Ahmad Fardid or EhsanTabari. >>> GO TO FEATURE


Religion & freedom
Separation of church and state does not eliminate religion's impact

By Yahya Kamalipour
November 9, 2000
The Iranian

In general, the values and strength of a country's dominant religion often determine the type of government or legal structure a country has. Even in nations where there is a separation of church and state, the dominant religion of the society impacts on the system of governance. For example, the United States, which espouses the separation of church and state, based its Constitution and republican system of government on the organizational structure of the Presbyterian Church. There were more Presbyterians in the Continental Congress than men of any other religion >>> GO TO FEATURE


Ganji's defense in court

Court proceedings against reformist journalist Akbar Ganji including statements by him and the prosecutor. This report was published in Kayhan, a pro-conservative paper >>> FULL TEXT

Berlin conference trial continues

BBC Persian Service

Akbar Ganji, a leading Iranian journalist and Khalil Rostamkhani, an interpreter, have gone on trial in Teheran accused of taking part in a controversial conference in Berlin earlier this year on Iran's political future. They are among seventeen reformist figures who are charged with undermining Iranian national security. Akbar Ganji, disrupted the start of his trial by protesting that he'd been beaten up in jail by warders. Behrouz Parsa reports >>> LISTEN HERE

Iran's Secular Revolution

By Assad Homayoun
The Current
(Journal of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs) Volume 5
Year 2000

The political forces in Iran are now divided into three distinct groups. Two of these are established political camps within the framework of the Islamic government, and one is an emerging political force outside of the government but with enormous potential. All three have been facing off and competing fiercely in the political arena in the past few years >>> FULL TEXT

Banking on Imam Mahdi

Imam Mahdi is becoming commercialized just like Jesus has in the West >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Sourena Mohammadi

More Letters

* Trivial squabbling

Ramin Tabib writes: Regarding Banafsheh Pirasteh's "Happy without you", if I am ever the king the first people against the wall would be those who can NEVER stop themselves from using words such "you all" and "generally" without understanding the meaning behind those words...

Ms. Pirasteh has reduced the level of her discourse to that of trivial squabbling. By reducing women to either Madonnas or Whores and reducing Men to either Abusive Machos or Pious Geeks all that is achieved is a banal stereotyping, that's all >>> FULL TEXT

* Not my intention

Banafsheh Pirasteh writes: In reply to Ramin Tabib's letter, "Trivial squabbling ", I wanted to apologize if I have offended you in any way for that was not my intention for writing my piece ["Happy without you"]. I was simply voicing my opinion on Cyrus Raafat's "Real Iranian girls?" >>> FULL TEXT

* Will you marry me?

Asghar Jaragheh writes: Banafsheh joon ["Happy withoiut you"], don't put your hand on my stomach. I understand your pain. Will you marry me? I am looking for a soul mate. I do not need her to need me. And she does not have to cook. I can cook. I need to be challenged >>> FULL TEXT

* What about U.S. divorces?

A single Iranian-American woman writes: Regarding Banafsheh Pirasteh's "Happy without you", I am certain that you are intelligent, sophisticated, classy, independent, deep and open-minded.

My only concern is your need to bash Iranian men who choose to go to Iran to get married. Even if these marriages don't work, can't we classify them among all the other marriages in the US that end in divorce?

Film: Documentary filmmaker on Shamloo, Berkeley

Havaye Tazeh Persian Radio in collaboration with Iranian Students Cultural Organization of U.C. Berkeley Presents: Moslem Mansouri, a documentary film maker and the director of Ahmad Shamloo, Master Poet of Liberty, in person to speak about the challenges of making Documentary Films in Iran. This program includes first time screenings of two of Mansouri's documentaries. WHEN: Saturday November 11, at 6:30 p.m. WHERE: Valley Life Science Building, room 2040, UC Berkeley.




Conversations with Isaiah Berlin
By Ramin Jahanbegloo



Persepolis: Paaytakht-e hakhaamaneshi
Photo album by Afshin Alizadeh

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I would shake the dust from my coat, and rise

    If I realized my own perfection.

    I would rush to the sky, empty and light;

    My head would be high as the ninth heaven.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

Copyright © Abadan Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. May not be duplicated or distributed in any form

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More news

Akbar Ganji says he was tortured in prison

TEHRAN, Nov 9 (AFP) - Prominent pro-reform Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji told reporters Thursday he had been tortured in prison when he arrived at Tehran's revolutionary court for trial in connection with an "anti-Islamic" political conference in Berlin earlier this year. The outspoken journalist and ally of reformist President Mohammad Khatami was hauled into court by prison guards, where he told reporters that he had been "beaten and tortured by four people" while in prison >>> FULL TEXT

Prosecutor demands death penalty in Berlin seminar trial

TEHRAN, Nov 9 (AFP) - The prosecution in Tehran's revolutionary court asked Thursday for a death sentence against a former communist, Khalil Rostam-Khani, 47, who is alleged to have organised an "anti-Islamic" conference in Berlin in April. Prosecutor Abdollah Sharifi said Rostam-Khani should be sentenced under article 186 of Iran's penal code which prescribes the death penalty for "waging war on God." >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami to attend Doha summit: official

TEHRAN, Nov 9 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will take part in the upcoming Islamic summit in Doha following Qatar's decision to break ties with Israel, his office said Thursday. "Qatar has announced that it is severing its relations with Israel and closing the Zionist regime's office in Doha. Iran is pleased that Qatar has taken into account the wish of Muslim countries and Muslims all over the world, and therefore President Khatami, chairman of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, will go to the summit," an official statement said >>> FULL TEXT

Police in Persian Gulf island to set up coastal unit against refugees

TEHRAN, Nov 9 (AFP) - Police in Iran's free-trade zone Persian Gulf island of Kish are planning to deploy coastal forces to stop Afghan refugees landing on the island, the official IRIB broadcasting agency said in a web-report Thursday. According to an official from Kish island's police, cited by the agency, some 2,470 Afghan refugees had already been expelled from the island, and the fate of another 300 is expected to be decided on within the next month >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian companies happily testing Iraqi waters

BAGHDAD, Nov 9 (AFP) - As further proof that former foes Iran and Iraq are improving relations, around 50 Iranian companies are taking part in the Baghdad International Trade Fair with a view to getting a hold in the Iraqi market. "We are in Baghdad to test out the Iraq market," said Ali Hatami, export manager for Govah, which supplies spare parts for Mercedes >>> FULL TEXT

American films on Iranian TV

Tehran (Cinema) -- For the first time since the revolution, Iranian state television will broadcast recent American films on a regular basis. Films currently being dubbed include Stanley Kubrik's "Full Metal Jacket" and Rob Reiner's "Misery" >>> FULL TEXT

"Blackboard" box office record

Tehran (Cinema) -- Samira Makhmalbaf's "Blackbroad" has sold more tickets in a few days in Paris than any other Iranian film. The previous record for most tickets sold by an Iranian film was Kiarostami's "Taste of Cherry" >>> FULL TEXT

Baizaie's latest nearly ready

Tehran (Cinema) -- Bahram Baizaie's "Sag koshi" (Dog killing) is in post production >>> FULL TEXT

Mahdavikia's Hamburg miss second round

Hamburg - November 8 (Iran Sports Press) -- Mehdi Mahdavikia's HSV missed the second round of the Champions League, because Panathinaikos Athens beat Juventus 3:1 at home, but the hanseatic team plays in the UEFA-Cup and starts in it´s 3rd round. The only chance for Hamburg was, that neither Athens nor Torino win the match >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian hearing-impaired win Asian title

Taiwan - November 8 (Iran Sports Press) -- The Iranian National Hearing Impaired Football Team defeated Saudi Arabia in a penalty shoot out to win the football component 6th Asian Hearing Impaired Games. Iran managed to defeat Saudi Arabia in a penalty shoot out.


Rahmanov's visit to Iran described successful

Presidents of Iran and Tajikistan expressed satisfaction with the results of their meeting in Teheran. They signed a series of economic agreements whereby Iran will give a credit of twenty five million dollars to Tajikistan for specific projects. Both Presidents also called for an end to the continuing war in Afghanistan. Sohrab Zia reports from Dushanbe >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Fourth generation

The point is that the new Iranian intellectual is no longer entitled to play the role of a prophet or a hero. He/she is in the Iranian public space to demystify ideological fanaticisms and not to preach them. In short what all this means is that the new Iranian intellectual has finally returned to earth, to here and now, after decades of ideological temptations looking for salvation in eschatological constructions.

-- Ramin Jahanbegloo
"The fourth generation"
The Iranian
November 9, 2000

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