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Tuesday October 24, 2000 / Aban 3, 1379, No. 1092

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Bi to mahtaab shabi...
In memory of Fereydoun Moshiri

October 24, 2000
The Iranian

News of Moshiri's death plus seven of his poems >>> GO TO FEATURE


A picture from the early days of New Wave Poetry

By Esmail Nooriala
October 24, 2000
The Iranian

Thank you for forwarding to me Mr. Kamal Noori's email. He has once again uncovered a footprint of mine in the pre-revolution cultural territory.

The picture belongs to 1344 or 1965. I was the editor of Negin (owned and published by Dr. Mahmoud Enayat) >>> GO TO FEATURE


    John Houshmand

    October 24, 2000
    The Iranian

    Music from John Houshmand and 10 Martian Boys' CD "Void of Course". If you ever catch a flight into deep space, you should take this CD with you. Or maybe not. It would make you terribly homesick >>> GO TO FEATURE


Fereydoun Moshiri dies

BBC Persian Service

One of Iran's most popular poets, Fereydoun Moshiri, has died at the age of 74. His simple, romantic style, based on the tightly balanced rhymes of classical Persian poetry won wide acclaim throughout Iran, where poetry commands a wide audience. Here is a look at his place in the contemporary Persian poetry >>> LISTEN HERE

U.S. bill gives terrorism victims money but 'no justice'

By Tom Carter
October 24, 2000

The pilot who survived a Cuban government attack on his U.S. civilian plane in 1996 said yesterday that a bill passed this month allowing U.S. victims of state-sponsored terrorism to collect monetary damages is good but does not go far enough.

"We are happy for the families who are getting the money, but money cannot bring back the men who died. There will be no justice for them until Fidel Castro is indicted for murder," said Jose Basulto, the Cuban-American president of the Miami-based Brothers to the Rescue humanitarian organization >>> FULL TEXT

I was searching for Fereydoun Moshiri's poetry on the net and I thought, let me try >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Remains in our hearts

Faramarz Kaviani writes:


* Tactless attention-seeking

Vahid Grami writes: About 20 minutes ago I saw your new feature 'Iranian of the Day' on your website for the first time. Since today October 23rd of the year 2000 (avalle Aban mAh), I am a man of 25 years, the following question came to my mind: "So where's my picture?!"

Most Iranians have mastered the "art" of tactless in-your-face attention seeking behavior. The following joke is my contribution to your website (and Persian culture) >>> FULL TEXT

* No guilty conscience

A.D. writes: When are people such as yourself going to stop pointing the finger and accept some responsibility ["Shah should be fully blamed"]. I bet you were amongst those 'ordinary citizens at Jaleh Square' and are now sitting thousands of miles away.

Your letter is sull of factual erros as the petro dollars really started to pour in the early 70's. Please don't insult Iran, past or present by comparing it to Saudi Arabia. I invite you to look back a few years ago, when they couldn't even defend themselves against Iraq!

Whatever the Shah's faults, and of course he had many, some of us don't have a guilty conscience to sometimes remember the good things that he did for the country.

Poetry: In memory of Shamloo, Portland

In the Memory of Ahmad Shomloo, Andisheh Center proudly invites you to a night of commemoration of The National Poet of Liberty , with guest lecturer: Mansour Khaksar, poet and member of Iranian Writers Guild, and a special music performance by Dr. Dariush Dowlatshahi and Jane Barthelemy. And finally The premier US presentation of "Shomloo the Master Poet of Liberty", a documentary about shomloo with his latest personal interviews produced by Bahman Maghsoudlou. Time: 6 pm Saturday October 28th, 2000 at the Georgia Pacific Room (Rm 190), School of Business Administration, 631 S.W. Harrison, Portland, Oregon.




Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Globe
Geotales from Around the World
By Fereydoun Kian


Aah baaraan
Poems by Fereydoun Moshiri

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Why is your love such a wise teacher,

    A foundation so soft, but unfailing?

    Why do I burn for love if it's not good?

    If love is good, why this noise, this wailing?

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

Copyright © Abadan Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. May not be duplicated or distributed in any form

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More news

Parliament gives defendants right to lawyer in court

TEHRAN, Oct 24 (AFP) - Iran's pro-reform parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed legislation giving defendants the automatic right to have their lawyers present in court for the first time since the Islamic revolution >>> FULL TEXT

Judiciary closes three more pro-reform newspapers

TEHRAN, Oct 24 (AFP) - Iran's conservative-led judiciary has ordered the closure of three weekly newspapers close to the reform movement, state radio reported on Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Ex-Republican officials accuse Gore

WASHINGTON (AP) - Four former secretaries of state in Republican administrations and seven other ex-high level officials accused Vice President Al Gore of agreeing to Russia's sale of ``highly threatening'' military equipment to Iran in 1995 without fully informing Congress of the deal >>> FULL TEXT

Iran MPs blast "illegal" US move over government payout

TEHRAN, Oct 24 (AFP) - Iran's reform-majority parliament on Tuesday slammed the "illegal" action of US lawmakers after Congress agreed to front money to eight families who have won court judgments against Iran. >>> FULL TEXT

Seven wounded Palestinians arrive in Tehran for medical treatment

TEHRAN, Oct 24 (AFP) - Seven Palestinians arrived in Tehran early Tuesday for medical treatment in line with Iran's project to take in up to 100 Palestinians badly injured in the recent violence, the official IRNA news agency reported >>> FULL TEXT

Schoolchildren start day with slogans against US, Israel

TEHRAN, Oct 24 (AFP) - Iranian schoolchildren nationwide began their school day Tuesday chanting slogans against Israel and the United States and in support of the Palestinians after an appeal from the education ministry >>> FULL TEXT

Soldiers killed in Iran explosion

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - At least eight soldiers were killed and about a dozen injured by a huge explosion in an ammunition dump in northeastern Iran on Tuesday, an exile Iranian opposition group said >>> FULL TEXT

OPEC may increase oil production

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - The president of OPEC (news - web sites) said Tuesday the group could increase production as early as Monday if oil prices stay above the ceiling of a self-imposed band mechanism >>> FULL TEXT

Soroush's Rumi lectures in U.S.

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Abdolkarim Soroush is planning on giving lectures on Rumi at Harvard University. He will also give lectures at Georgetown University >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

More books being published

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- More than 9,500 book titles have been published in the first six months of this Iranian year, a 23 percent increase compared to the same period last year >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Eliminating some Persian lit books from konkoor

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- There are worrying signs that the national student evaluation organization (konkoor organizers) is eliminating certain Persian literature books from the tests and replacing it with other sources unfamiliar to students >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iranian girl becomes world chess champion

Madrid, Oct 24, IRNA -- Atousa Pour-Kashian, a young Iranian chess player, won the gold medal in the under-12 World Chess Competitions held in Spain. The competition included various categories for men and women >>> FULL TEXT

The final straw for Jalal Talebi

Iranb Sports Press -- In the tenth minute of the first extra time period Lee Dong-Gook's goal left millions of Iranian football fans numb, as if time had frozen and what had just taken place was a figment of the imagination. Unfortunately Korea's golden goal was for real, and to the shock and dismay of Iranians worldwide Iran was eliminated in the quarter finals of the Asian Cup. Iran, a country with passion for football like no other Asian country, was out of the Asian Cup >>> FULL TEXT

Asian cup shocker

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Iran's elimination in the Asian Cup championship has shocked everyone. Here's a play by play report from Hamshahri newspaper's sports editor >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Prison conditions in Iran

A parliamentary delegation has visited a number of Iranian prisons. Among their findings were at least four unlisted jails in Tehran. Here is a report by Behrouz Parsa which includes comments by Mrs Vahideh Taleghani (MP), wife of a jailed prisoner, Mrs Zaidabadi and a leading Iranian lawyer, Nasser Zarafshan >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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-- Fereydoun Moshiri
"Doost bedaarid"
The Iranian
October 24, 2000

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