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My mother is trying to learn the Internet

By Yasaman J
March 6, 2001
The Iranian

My mother has a degree from Tehran University. She worked for many years before following her two children to the U.S. She lives by herself, travels a lot with her friends, and has taken care of my son for the last eight years. She also drives the car faster than I do. But she cannot use a mouse >>> GO TO FEATURE


By Shokooh Mirzadegi
March 6, 2001
The Iranian


Political revolution
Interview with a student activist

By Fariba Amini
March 6, 2001
The Iranian

Gholam-Reza Mohajeri-Nejad was giving a talk at a Washington, D.C., gathering about Iran's student movement. He spoke about the period leading to the July 1999 uprising, when zealots stormed the dormitories at Tehran University. At least one student was killed and hundreds were injured. Mohajeri-Nejad, 29, was a witness to the uprising. Now he is in the United States to share his observations >>> GO TO FEATURE


Iran's polarisation may take toll on Khatami

By Guy Dinmore
Financial Times
March 6, 2001

With elections in Iran just three months away, Mohammad Khatami, the pro-reform president, faces a bleak choice: to go for a second term and risk four more years of setbacks, or quit politics and hand over the reins to his hardline opponents >>> FULL TEXT

Engage secular Iran

BY: Fariborz Ghadar and S. Rob Sobhani
The Christian Science Monitor
March 5, 2001

WASHINGTON As the "rent-a-crowds" of the clerical regime in Tehran wind down the celebrations of the 22nd anniversary of the Islamic Republic by chanting their customary "Death to America," US policymakers are grappling with a continuing problem: how to deal with Iran >>> FULL TEXT


Just what I wanted

I turned 39 on Saturday. And I got the perfect gift >>> HERE

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* Official Noruz recognition

Hamid Bahadori writes: The City Council of the City of Mission Viejo, California, will adopt a proclamation in their meeting of Monday 3/19/01 to recognize "March 20th" as the "Nowrooz - Iranian Year." I urge all the Iranians who hear this news to show up in the Mission Viejo City Council meeting on Monday 3/19/01 at 6:00pm to express their support and appreciation >>> FULL TEXT

* How? When? Where?

Setareh Sabety writes: It is so sweet that poor little Reza Pahlavi has a friend who loves him so! Meanwhile the rest of us have to worry about paying the bills. I resent anybody trying to tell me that Reza Pahlavi has sacrificed his youth for pursuing democracy in Iran. How? When? Where? Or do we count the worrying that we all do for Iran as sacrifice? >>> FULL TEXT

* Rezadoust

Aref Erfani writes: Once again the voice of emotional and "god-he-is-such-a-nice-guy only-if-you-get-to-meet-him" oversimplicity has come thru in the form of an article by Mr. or Ms. Mihandoust ["My friend"]. While Mr. Pahlavi may not wear Rolex watches or prefer the smallest room in the condo, Mihandoust completely misses the point. This is not a personal "thing" with Mr. Pahlavi. His tastes, personal choices and humility, if truly so, while quite admirable, are not why people have an issue with him as a political figure >>> FULL TEXT

* Vatanforoush

Korosh writes: I read the article ["Citizen Pahlavi"] and I tell if you are Iranian, you are nothing but vatanforosh. If you are an Iranian, mention three things the Shah did wrong. If you want to point out that he killed too many communists or fucking religious people, obviously he did not kill enough >>> FULL TEXT

* Not funny

Behrooz Jalayer writes: I read Karim Azari's not-so-funny piece about the chelokababi ["Shah Hassan..."]. What was his point? That the server didn't understand his comments because of his broken English? Or is he telling us about the lack of political energy late at night at a chelokababi? Or are you trying to redicule Reza Pahlavi? Or are you just trying not to be funny?

* Amr-e bozorg-e farhangi

Zari Jazayeri writes: Dorood bar Mehdi khaan-e gol-e taajikdoost -- javaan-e honarmand o ensaan-e vaagheie ["Paradise divided"]. aashnaa kardan iraani-haa, aanham Iraani-haaye khaarej az keshvar, baa taajikistan-e aziz yek amr-e bozorg-e farhangist. Omidvaaram dar tamaam-e kaarhaayeh farhangi-ensaani hamisheh pirooz baashi

* Fantastic collection

H. Hakimi writes: Thank you very much for giving us the fantastic collection of photos of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan by Mr. Mehdi Jami ["Paradise divided"]. It was very refreshing to see this collection.

Art: Contemporary Art of Iran, Washington DC


    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I want a trouble-maker for a lover,

    Blood spiller, blood drinker, a heart of flame,

    Who quarrels with the sky and fights with fate,

    Who burns like fire on the rushing sea.

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By Frankin D. Lewis

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