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March 2006
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song & dance
Bita Milanian: Norooz celebrations at Glendale Community College (58 pix)

Farah Ravon: 7-Seens around the world (38 pix)

koo gooshe shenava?
Reuters: Powers say Iran must curb nuclear plans

nuclear options
Asia Times: Face-saving solution
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Mozaakereh baa Amrika!
-- Siavash Ardalan

Reuters: Iran earthquake kills 70
BBC: Dozens die in western Iran quakes

nabavi in america
Ebrahim Nabavi going on stage in U.S. tour (4 pix)

west coast iranians

Cute kid

iran's nuclear position
Video: Javad Zarif, Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations

khodaayaa rahm kon
Guardian: US encouraged by Tehran's enemy within

NY Times: Long-Awaited Medical Study Questions the Power of Prayer

BBC: Sanctions against Iran 'bad idea'

BBC: Iran given stark choice

Mastaneh Nazarian

round 1
BBC: UN urges Iran to halt enrichment
Washington Post: Security Council Pressures Iran

iranians of the day
* Laleh Seddigh: International Racing Driving License
* Leyla Milani: Maxim Girl of the Day
* Ava: Bakhtiari girl (5 pix)

Yaa Hossein-e...


* Always fond of working with animals

new speak
Radio Farda: New expressions used by Iranian youth

NY Times: Germans Say 6 Companies Sold Nuclear Parts to Iran Network

full text
Security Council Statement Iran's Nuclear Program

iranians of the day
Paris reunion: Former famous collegues at Iranian TV (2 pix)

BBC: Russian warning over Iran crisis

Blue Ball Machine

BBC: Key UN members agree Iran text
Reuters: Security Council powers reach agreement on Iran

Times: Bahais face yet more persecution in Iran

30 days
Video: CNN report on UN Security Council statement on Iran nuclear crisis

Shesh Seen

lucky iranian of the day
Shahla Ghannadian loses/gets back Louis Vuitton bag with contents worth $1 million

message of love
Video: Hafez Nazeri interview on CNN about Persian music tour in U.S.

short & sad
ISNA: Families of political prisoners gather outside Evin prison

BBC: UN considers Iran nuclear draft
Reuters: UN Council powers said close to deal on Iran
Reuters: West softens UN draft on Iran

Reuters: Big powers creep toward elusive deal on Iran at UN

CS Monitor: Can Turkey bridge the gap between Islam and the West?

Petition: Deeply concerned for 18-year-old facing execution in Iran

la elaha elalah
ISNA: Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian's message to religious conference

Washington Post: Iran Hard-Line Regime Cracks Down on Blogs

Webcast: Harvard panel on "Iran and the Future of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime"

v for very good
V for Vendetta


(give it to me)
No to $85 million U.S. aid
* English
* Persian
* Petition

Guardian: Straw rejects military action against Iran

if you say so :o)
Should iranian.com accept U.S. military ad?

* Video: Classic monkey business
* Video: liquid lady

Sound check...1, 2, 3, 4... Ya Hossein!

Persian Rap

Reuters: West optimistic about UN deal with Russia on Iran
AP: Tehran Wants to Set Up Nuke Fuel Facility

new year's resolution
Mothers for the freedom of political prisoners in Iran

Video: Ciccio & Franco
-- Bahram 9821

iranian imperialism :o)
197 million "Iranians" unite!

Black tea


* Zoorkhooneh for women

dome khooroos
Bush was firmly set on the path to war two months before the 2003 Iraq invasion
* NY Times

Thanks to Pullniro for his lovely Norooz logos for iranian.com (1) (2) (3)

pop in the name of god
Sharareh Farnezhad, guitarist in Aryan Band

Bringing contemporary Iranian literature to a wider readership worldwide

AFP: US confirms major powers to meet on Iran in Berlin

CS Monitor: Delays turn to stalemate over Iran's nuclear ambitions

BBC: Germany breaks Iran nuclear 'supply ring'

* Video: Topless car wash
* Boobs clean your monitor
* Team Goh: Racing
* Video: Ahmaghinejad
* The husband who woke up divorced
* Don't date him girl
* Animation: Famous people & Jewish mothers
* Video: Monthly Man: PMS for men

free speech
Al-Ahram: Islam and globanalisation
-- Hamid Dabashi

Washington Post: In Iran, a warning on radicalism

student movement
Guardian: Iranian hawk swoops on universities to crush dissent


* Nigga Feerouz
* President Bush's Middle East strategy
* L.A. Iranians in 1385
* Torch of Liberty
* Iraq pull out
* Ahmadinejad's head

AP: U.N. to Inspect Iran Enrichment Program

* Shabhaye Tehran: Popular "koocheh bazaari" program
* Koorosh Yaghmaie: Folk songs

Washington Post: Lincoln Group paying Iraqi newspapers to publish "news" stories secretly written by U.S. troops

CS Monitor: Israeli media condemn, discuss report on US-Israel ties

caveh zahedi
New film, "I am a sex addict"
* Trailer
* Official site

hamid rahmanian
New film, "Day Break "
* Trailer
* Official site

Samad Ahmadinejad

AP: Russia proposes new Iran nuclear talks

zer zer
AP: Iran threatens to use oil in nuke standoff

NBC: Shohreh Aghdashloo guest star on "Will & Grace"

Video: How much proof do you need that men are dicks?

AFP: Rice to tour Europe next week for talks on Iran: sources
AFP: Iran dispute 'long way' from military solution: US army chief

Asia Times: Nuke treaty mess reaches critical mass
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Shokooh Mirzadegi & Esmail Nooriala


* Smells like an atomic bomb
* Ganji: Baayad beravi...
* Year of the dog


Guardian: Iran speeds up nuclear programme as crisis talks bog down

more L.A. norooz
New Year in Los Angeles (18 pix)

norooz in florida
NoRuz with 300 guests, Persian food and Abadani singer (7 pix)

CS Monitor: Little time to avoid big Arctic thaw, scientists warn

AFP: Diplomat rules out Security Council statement on Iran this week
Reuters: Rice, Straw seek Russian agreement on Iran at UN

israeli norooz :o)
Iranian Jews celebrate Norooz in Israel (5 pix)

L.A. norooz
Iranian New Year's party attended by Mayor of Los Angeles and Iranian-American dignitaries (40 pix)

save a life

* A very happy Charshanbeh Soori
* Video: Getting a haircut and...
* Video: Spanish arrest
* Sign of the times in L.A.
* Aiming at the fly
* Women: Hazardous material

ansari in space
Radio Farda: Anousheh Ansari hoping to be first Iranian woman in space
SPACE.com: Ansari's Space Tourist Plans Not Official, Firm Says

Reuters: Major powers try to break UN impasse on Iran
Reuters: China repeats it's in accord with Russia on Iran

AFP: Japan vows to keep developing giant Iran oil field

strike? in dubai?
BBC: A strike at the site of the Burj Dubai - expected to be the world's tallest building

akbar italiano
RAI: Tuscany gives honary Itanian citizenship to Akbar Ganji

AP: White House questions Iran's OK on talks

Reuters: Russia digs in against UN Council action on Iran

iranians of the day
* Omid Akbari: Asthma discovery
* Departure: The band
* Saeed Amidi: Rugs to riches
* Mohammad Iravani: Melli Shoes founder
* Mehdi Matt Rashidi: Misappropriating trade secrets

persian golden lioness award
Recognition: Rostam tales from the Shahnameh

security council
NY Times: Security Council is stalled over Iran's nuclear program
Reuters: Rice confident of agreement to pressure Iran

war crimes court
CS Monitor: A step forward for international justice

Enameh: How to improve the New York Persian parade

norooz in central asia
BBC: Photos

cheshme khomeini roshan
BBC: Iran leader backs talks on Iraq
AP: Iran Leader OKs Talks With U.S. on Iraq

Heritage stamp

bart, homer & lisa
Cartoon: Simpsons rooting for Iran in World Cup 2006

London Review of Books: The Israel Lobby

take a breath
AFP: Deadlocked Security Council puts off formal Iran meeting


* Welcome to Ghazvin
* Video: Iranian Brokeback Mountain
* Khadija Milk Powder to take on Danish infidels
* Audio: Rafsanjani's warning to his opponents
* Audio: Answering machine message in Iran

BBC: Security Council in Iran debate
AFP: US may propose tough UN resolution against Iran
Reuters: China, Russia united on Iran
AFP: Six powers fail to agree clear strategy on Iranian nuclear crisis

Reuters: Bush says talks with Iran to show US concerns on Iraq
AP: U.S. Says More Time Needed on Iran Talks

I'm confused

getting worse
Bahai World News: UN Religious Freedom Official expresses fears for Bahais in Iran

warned SEVENTY times
Washhington Post: FBI was warned about Moussaoui


* Ganji & Gandhi
* Ganji's first act after release from prison
* Ganji & wife Massoumeh Shafiei
* Ganji (back iun prison soon)
* Ganji & Rafsanjani
* Ganji & Khamenei
* Rafsanjani: Khobregaan
* Rafsanjani: "Barareh" TV show (1)
* Rafsanjani: "Barareh" TV show (2)

historic talks
Washington Post: Iranians see talks with U.S. as historic

hamino kam daashteem
BBC: Rabbi calls for 'UN of religions'

CS Monitor: Realism pushes US and Iran a bit closer

TruthDig: Fishing for a pretext to squeeze Iran
-- Juan Cole


* Happy Norouz
* The only democracy in Middle East
* Talk to me
* Largest air operation in Iraq

no war
Iranian contingent at anti-war rally in San Francisco: (8 pix)
-- Enayat

very cute
Ramin Rahimi animation: Seven seen

very very cute
Video: Patches, the adorable pet horse

Photos: Six years ago
-- Nader Davoodi

nice clean shave
* Kosoof.com: Akbar Ganji gets rid of the long hair and beard
* Compare: Day before
-- Parham

time bomb
The Age : Bush's Iran plan a time bomb with explosive results

no place to hide
BBC: Google ordered to hand over data

ganji is free, many are not
Radio Farda: No freedom for bus union leader and other political prisoners in Iranian jails

dorood bar amrika
BBC: Iranian press backs Iran-US talks bid

thank you
AFP: Iran reformists urge nuclear freeze

good job, george
BBC: Iraq in civil war, says former P

BBC Persian: Iran will no longer impose daylight savings time

freedom concert
Boston Globe: Harvard rallies for students in Iran

Washington Post: Bush administration blocks Ex-hostages' bid for damages from Iran

Archive: News on Akbar Ganji since last summer

sweet freedom
Photos: Akbar Ganji back at home
* Kosoof.com
* Photogheraf.ir

Akbar Ganji released from prison
* Radio Farda
* BBC Persian
* Parastood.com

Momeni Foundation: Apply for 2006 Academic Scholarships

nowruz music
Music: Badizadeh: "Moseme Gol" and Mahalo: "Maahi Maahi"

Contemporary Haft-Seen

getting closer
Washington Post: U.S., Iran Closer to Talks on Iraq

border tensions
Guardian: Iran links Britain to shooting of 21 officials
AFP: Iran accuses US and Britain of provoking deadly tensions

dastemoon roo shod
AP: Bush Adviser Says Iran Bluffing on Iraq
Reuters: U.S. skeptical of Iran offer on Iraq talks

Washington Post: Iran, U.S. at Odds About Iraq Talks

iranian character
Enameh: Az een ham badtar

big deal
BBC: US prepares for talks with Iran
AP: U.S. envoy discusses plans for Iran talks

love is in the air
NY Times: U.S. and Iranians Agree to Discuss Violence in Iraq
Reuters: US upbeat on Iran talks
L.A. Times: Iran Ready to Discuss Iraq With U.S.

* Video: Loveable cats
* Video: Male belly dancer
* Video: Getting ketchup out of the bottle
* Video: Making love to... a chair

another googoosh is born
Video: Young girl singing in Iran


* Nuclear pollution
* Damavand donkey meat
* Nazi Holocaust

* Jewish Holocaust
* Star of David

leee lee lee...
BBC: US and Iran agree to Iraq talks

nothing is sacred
Thanks to Ali Pournourbakhsh for the beautiful Norooz logo. Khosham miyaad keh it says "hichi moqaddas neest" and then there's a huge copy of the Qoran on top :o)

Alive and well in L.A.

snowy soori
Charshanbeh soori in Toronto
-- Nader Davoodi

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Khariyyate charshanbesoori
-- Siavash Ardalan

shirin ebadi
AFP: Iran Nobel laureate faces death threats

exploiting grief
BBC: Kurdish clash at Halabja memorial

tried & tested formula
CS Monitor: UN-Iran discussion mirrors Iraq debate

Reuters: US pushes diplomacy on Iran
AP: Britain, France urge quick action on Iran
Reuters: Russia, China urge diplomatic solution to Iran crisis

bunch of baloney
AP: Bush sees Iran as possibly greatest threat
Reuters: Bolton compares Iran threat to Sept 11 attacks

iran-great satan talks
Washington Post: Iran is seeking direct talks with the United States about Iraq

nuclear brainstorm
Scholars and experts meet Thursday at Harvard and UC Berkeley to discuss Iran nuclear crisis

not so secret
CS Monitor: Internet search outs CIA agents

AP: U.S. House of Representatives panel backs tighter Iran sanctions

4 shanbesoori
* Near L.A. (39 pix)
-- Sheila Ramezani
* In San Jose (12 pix)
-- Nader Jahanfard

unhappy norooz
Human Rights Watch: Iran: political prisoner at risk of execution

for no good reason
AFP: Iran jails dissidents, student activists

tehran 4 shanbe soori
ISNA photos: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Harvard, Sat. March 18

media control
BBC: How Iran's leaders influence opinion at home and abroad

Cheer leader


4 shanbe soori
Cultural Heritage News
* Most popular fire festival
* In Sasanian times, Iranians didn't jump over fire

stop war
March 18th: World-wide protests against Iraq invasion and potential attack on Iran

norooz in vancouver
Photos: Iranians at annual street festival (14 pix)
-- Behshad Hastibakhsh

* AP: Khamenei: Nuclear path 'irreversible'
* Reuters: UN Council members still divided over Iran crisis

BBC: Israeli forces capture top Palestinian militant after storming West Bank jail

boundaries of humor
New Yorker: A laughing matter

50 rialy
Music: Cool rap song by Hich Kas


go google
BBC: Google to fight US government demands to hand over data

cold war?
CS Monitor: US, Britain to encourage regime change by Iranian people

working with iranians
Enameh: Kaar kardan baa irani-haa

american 4 shanbeh soori
Radio Farda: Iranians jump over fire at Maryland University near Washington DC

bad bill
NIAC demands apology for Bill O'Reilly's call for Iran to be wiped off the face of the earth

talking again
AFP: Iran resumes nuclear talks with Russia but still defiant
BBC: Iran vows to resist pressure
AFP: Rice confident of support to pressure Iran

Washington Post: No Support From China Or Russia on Iran Measure

bush democracy
Washington Post: Activists in Iran weigh U.S. role

come on down
Charshanbeh Soori in Berkeley

don't even think about it
Chicago Tribune: Terrorism victim sues to get ancient Persian artifacts as compensation

from a therapist
How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb? Well... it depends on whether the light bulb wants to be changed.

iranian of the day
Simin Behbahani: After being attacked at Women's Day rally

* World Cup: Outrageous discrimination against Iranian women
* Audio: Charshabeh Soori is for idiots: Ayatollah Motahhari
* Video: Flying sucks
* Animation: Hillary Clinton can't wait till 2008
* Bangladeshis too sexy for Malaysians

Thanks to Shima Ziaie for the great 4 shanbeh soori logo... from last year :o)

Majles-e Hazrate- Roghiyeh

AP: U.N. Security Council deadlocked on Iran

no kidding
Washington Post: U.S. Campaign Is Aimed At Top Leaders in Iran

AlborzNews: Michael Jackson in Iran

russians are pissed
BBC: Russia scathing on Iran's nuclear diplomacy

BBC: Straw's direct appeal to Iranians
BBC: What next in Iran nuclear stand-off?

AFP: Azari weekly shut down for 'ethnocentrism'

funny business
AFP: Embattled UK minister abstaining from Iran debate

jaa ghahtee bood?
ISNA: Students protest burial of 3 "unknown martyrs" in and around Sharif University

BBC: Iran says Russia deal 'off Iran's agenda'


cartoon contest
Art Spiegleman
* Depicting Jewish profit
* Palestinian blood
* Looking Jewish

New Yorker
* Nobody visits my web site
* Cartoon that offends no one
* Let the healing begin
* Did you ever have that baby?
* Dawn of civilization
* Brokeback moment
* Marrying other people
* I said I'm sorry
* More dungeons
* God's wrath level
* Author & aunt
* I'm an optimist
* Appreciation for death
* It's not what it is
* Home Starbucks
* Marriage counseling
* And life goes on...
* Male-pattern blindness
* No hunting dog
* When musicians complain
* Religion without hell
* Drugs & legal drugs
* Direct marketing
* La Table
* 2500 years of tradition: Women
* Dealing with Arabs: Dubai port fiasco
* Bushology
* Women's Day rally
* Ahmadinejad's wife: Hejab
* Norooz in better days

khaayasho nadaareen
AP: Iran threatens to use oil in nuke standoff

AP: Russia proposes new Iran nuclear talks

elahi zalil sheen
Amnesty: Violence against women demonstrators in Iran

surging china
CS Monitor: Giant US trade gap

kharej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Ommate hamisheh takbirgoo
-- Siavash Ardalan

ronald mcdonald
Benefit: Ferrari/Medallion Rug Gallery Palo Alto (8 pix)

nahid rachlin
California book tour


Economist: Dr Strangedeal

any iranians?
Forbes: The world's billionaires

richest iranian of the day
Pierre Omidyar: #43 World's richest

* Audio: Yek toop daaram ghel gheliyeh...
* Audio: Hungry Qoran reciter
* Music: Madar Shohar!
* Audio: 50,000 tomans?

norooz logo
Thanks to Mohammad Hossainzadeh for the bright & breezy logo

Norooz in Toronto

BBC: UN ambassadors set for Iran talks

nukes & russia
Asia Times: Mr Lavrov goes to Washington
-- Kaveh L Afrasiabi

take the clown to court
BBC: Italian prosecutors ask a judge to indict PM Silvio Berlusconi

ab khonak
BBC: Dutch jail 'terror group' Muslims

bull shit
Guardian: Iran is only months from bomb technology, says Britain


Enter the Dragon

itching for war
Reuters: Iran rejects Western "bullying" in nuclear dispute

challenge shmallenge
BBC: US warns of challenge from Iran

rooze kotake zanaan
Video: Beating up Iranian women’s day!

BBC: Some 250 medical experts condemn force-feeding hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay

BBC: US military to leave Abu Ghraib

Human Rights: Iran Police Attack Women’s Day Celebration

hezbe manghal

BBC: Iran's women intensify their demands for equal rights

* Ahmadinejad: New species
* Norooz & Khamenei

BBC: Iran defies UN nuclear pressure
Guardian: US demands drastic action as Iran nuclear row escalates

here & there
Women's Day: Iranians in Atlanta (4 pix)

i wonder why
Washington Post: Majority of Americans say Muslims disproportionately prone to violence

BBC: US: There is a sense of urgency about Iran's defiance

Guardian: Iran threatens US with 'harm and pain'

Goshnam shod

Northeastern Illinois University: Democracy in Iran, Middle East and Central Asia

Song: Performed at Women's Day gathering in Tehran

simin behbahani
Radio Farda: Interview

Police break up women's gathering in Tehran
* BBC Persian
* Radio Farda
* Photos

rising heat
BBC: UN Security Council meeting will ratchet up Iran confrontation

falling apart
BBC: Iraq edging towards precipice

yes ter day
Women's Day Music: "Yesterday: The Azari Way"

* Could not make it to the Women's Day march
* Audio: Qara'ati: Religious jokes
* Romantic day at the beach

iran energy
Pacific Northwest Center for Global Security: Alternative Energy Economics for Iran

CS Monitor: IAEA chief says deal on Iran's nuclear program close
Guardian: White House increases pressure on Iran
BBC: Iran refuses to stop nuclear work

near probability
NIAC: Military option shouldn’t be excluded from possibilities to stop a nuclear Iran -- Israeli general

straight shooter
Washington Post: Cheney Says Iran Will Face Consequences

for women's day
No to Hijab (1) (2) (3) (4)
-- Azita

The Narrator

wrong move
Human Rights Watch: Threat to Return Gay and Lesbian Iranians

BBC: US, Russia reject Iran compromise


mahze rezaye khoda
BBC: Iran seeks nuclear compensation

march 8
Radio: Iranian Women's Day statement on Berkeley station

BBC: China calls on Iran to co-operate
Reuters: Russian offer to Iran ruffles West

iranians of the day
* Shirine Nourdeh: Heart big as ocean
* King Kamali: Future governor of California?
* Darren Majian Shahlavi: Stuntsman and bodyguard
* Ghafarian Rabei: Lovely dad and brother

* Video: Kheshtak paareh: Torn pants gag
* Video: Advice from the fruitcake lady

Charlotte Observer: Iranian UNC rampage suspect: 'Allah is my lawyer'


* Hamas, hummus and barbari
* Highest leader: Khamenei

oil money
Washington Post: Oil-rich Middle East investment in U.S. gains steam

CS Monitor: Not buying any non-essentials for a year

gherti bazi
NaderDavoodi.com: Tehran dancing class

bad credit
BBC: US government near to debt limit

nut case
Latest video: Iranian student wanted to "punish U.S." by driving SUV into popular campus spot

Animation: Indian tech support

south duh kota
BBC: US state tightens abortion laws

Blank Javid

different world is possible
Call for gathering: Women's Day March 8, Daneshjoo Park

ganji's lawyer freed
BBC Persian: Abdolfattah Soltani released from prison

party on
New Yorker: Cocktail party in New York to celebrate Islamic Revolution
-- Hooman Majd

deal still possible
Reuters: Iran deal still feasible: ElBaradei
BBC: IAEA holds crucial Iran talks

13 bedar1965
Radio: Iraj, Shahin and Parto on Radio Iran

first (chadori) lady
Baztab: Ahmadinejad's wife on foreign trip

BBC: 'Top Bangladeshi militant' held

i wanted to change the world...
Art: Amir Fallah's latest works


* Jeep: Weapon of choice
* SUV for the cause of Islam
* Cartoonists & free speech
* Strongman Khamenei (1)
* Strongman Khamenei (2)
* Heated argument
* Khalas Liberation Movement
* Iran's Palestinian problem
* Bird Flu: Western conspiracy
* Kheshtak Paaregaan

truth bites
Al-Jazeera: Wafa Sultan on clashes between Islamists and the West

slowly but surely
BBC: Diplomats to raise pressure in stages in Iranian nuclear dispute

human rights
BBC: Amnesty says Iraq abuses continue

two eyes
aref-adib.com: Do ta cheshm e siah!

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Tom and Jerry and Hasan Bolkhari
-- Siavash Ardalan

NY Times: Iran's Best Friend

BBC: Iran threatens full-scale uranium enrichment
Reuters: US warns Iran of consequences of nuclear ambitions
Reuters: Iran sticks by atomic research on eve of UN meeting

Contra Costa Times: Iranian people frustrated with government
-- Omid Memarian

nut case?
News & Observer: Iranian UNC attacker sought revenge
BBC: Iranian in US campus 'car attack'

By Ren A. Hakim available in hard cover and paperback

khaak too sare mardaa
BBC: Obstacles facing women living and working in Iran

man boobs
NaderDavoodi.com: Iranian men & depression

Guardian: Why mothers should be offered caesareans

BBC: Dozens killed in Pakistan clashes

yo yo yo islam
Guardian: Iran's own Eminem raps for Islam

yee haw
BBC: Bush u-turn on Iranian gas pipeline to India

Still standing

move fast
CS Monitor: Debate begins over tighter U.S. immigration

new york, new york
Noruz parade
* NYpp.org
* PersianParade.org

body painting
Seven sins of Noruz

achaemenid history
World of Ancient Persia: Cal State Fullerton seminar, March 18

AP: Iran, EU Inch toward possible compromise

bad bakht
CNN: Iranian-American student faces attempted murder charge
AP: SUV runs into group, injuring six at University of North Carolina

Interesting name

46 members
iranian.com fan club on Orkut

come see
Tiburon Film Festival: A tribute to Shirin Neshat

girls rock

* Video: Professional regurgitator
* Video: Khomeini dances the revolution away
* PowerPoint: Bush fashion calendar


* Speed dating at political rally
* Spiders Football Club: Captain Ahmadinejad
* Niki Karimi & Ahmadinejad
* Lies this big: Ahmadinejad
* I want Tehrani!
* Shahvali Khamenei: Religious monarch
* Big mouth: Ahmadinejad
* Statue of Rezaalat!
* Hang all of them: Executions
* Death penalty list
* The Winner
* Hey! I'm here!
* Cabinet meeting with The Boss
* Tokhme do zardeh: Ahmadinjead & co.
* Unemployed and nothing better to do

iranians of the day
* Women football fans: "We don't want to be 'off-side'"
* Nellie Afshar: Katrina volunteer
* Rodeyn: Born on 9/11

no deal
BBC: Iran 11th-hour nuclear talks fail

Asia Times: The march across Iran's 'red line'
-- Kaveh L Afrasiabi


* Ahmadinjead: Graveyard Stadium
* Ahmadinejad: Nuclear football
Ramin Tork
* Ahmadinejad: Fourth horseman of Apocalypse

political rap
Music video: "Ghessehye Taazeh" (M. Khoshbou)

royal concert
Music: Homeyra sings for Shah and Shahbanoo (1960s)

BBC: Iran requests last-ditch EU talks
Reuters: Iran president says IAEA politically motivated

david krakauer
Homage to Iran: Piano pieces

BBC: Pakistan bomb kills US diplomat

CS Monitor: U.S. high school drop-out rates

home run
CS Monitor: Baseball fields a World Cup

13 bedar, 1965
Comedy: Shabaji Kahnom
Music: Shahin sings "Sabze o Sahra" on Radio Iran

Los Angeles Times: Shah's Son Urges Aid to Resistance

CNN: U.S. State Department creating office to promote Iranian democratic transition

iran next
BBC: US and India seal nuclear accord

* Video: Powerful gun
* Ess-Star Box (Starbucks)
* Qom's version of Playboy calendar
* Boy sticks gum on $1.5m painting
* Video: Football: China vs USA

Reuters: EU agrees to Iran talks before IAEA meet
AP: Iran-Russia Talks Reported Resuming

BBC: Iranians hang two Ahvaz bombers
PeykeIran: Photos

LA Times: Muslim students and supporters assail a UCI forum displaying Muhammad cartoons

I know this place

channel 4 on iran
Jon Snow and team given unprecedented access to
broadcast news from Iran

pants on fire
BBC: Video shows Bush briefed on eve of Katrina disaster
AP: Bush warned before Katrina

no deal... yet
Reuters: Russia, Iran fail to break nuclear impasse
CS Monitor: Iran steps up nukes

iran 3 - costa rica 2
* PersianFootball.com: Morale booster for Iran
* ISNA photos: (1) (2)
* SkySports: Ali Daei will quit after Germany World Cup

eslam anthony shams
Audio: You are Persian if...

Video: I can't dance

good mullah
BBC: Ex-Iran head enters Holocaust rowAhmadinejad over Holocaust
AFP: Former President Khatami attacks Ahmadinejad over Holocaust

Tajrish, Tehran's skyline, and... (40 pix)
-- Arash Mozaffari

robert fisk
CounterPunch: Don't Be Fooled This Isn't an Issue of Islam versus Secularism

couldn't agree more
BBC: Renowned world writers warn of Islamic "totalitarianism" following the Muhammad cartoons row

virtual heaven
LISDIRAN: Virtual Persian libraries and e-Books
-- Hirad Dinavari

Zam Zam

thank you
AFP: US destroyer rescues stranded Iranians in Persian Gulf

middle east
IranDokht.com: "Middle East" was invented by American lecturer Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914)
-- Kaveh Farrokh

* Ahmadinejad & football
* What's Khatami been up to lately?
* Russia-Iran uranium enrichment route
* Rafsanjani: Kooseh Jr.

Reuters: Russia, Iran make new bid to break nuclear impasse
AP: Putin optimistic as Iran to resume talks

hermes records
* TehranAvenue.com: Interview with music publisher Ramin Sadighi
-- Saeed Ganji
* HermesRecords.com

BBC: Jihad leader killed in Gaza blast
BBC: Saudi most wanted killed in raid

divided iraq
Washington Post: Explusion of Shiites from Sunni-dominated towns is on the rise

go india
CS Monitor: India asserts itself in nuke talks with US

Full metal pot

kick this
Ahmadinejad joins national football team practice
* BBC Persian
* IPNA photos

march 8
AzadiZan.com: Iranians to mark International Women's Day

oh my...
Washington Post: Growing Threat Seen In Afghan Insurgency

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