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Signed, sealed & delivered
Casting the affirmative vote for Iran in approving the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948
August 12, 2005

Ambassadors vs. Ambassador
The Unites States and the United Nations
April 9, 2005

The piano and its stool
How to reform the United Nations
March 22, 2005

A film buff remembers
A book every movie fan should buy
September 3, 2004

Same planet, different millennium
Westerners and Muslims, though living on the same planet and entertaining many contacts, are not contemporaries
April 6, 2004

Only vegetables have roots
What is needed now is a Declaration of Human Unity
March 15, 2004

Media mirage
American journalists and Iranian elections
March 5, 2004

A mystery unravelled
What is it that keeps the IRI in place?
February 13, 2004

Mossadegh saved the Shah
The prime minister's inaction paved the way for the Shah's return to power in 1953
September 9, 2003

The morning after
Sadegh Hedayat at the dawn of the atomic age
August 7, 2003

Monarchy and theocracy
The Impact of Iranian mythology on the Islamic revolution
April 25, 2003

Escape from earth
Noah Syndrome

February 7, 2003

Poor Grand Ayatollah!
On Montazeri's release
February 3, 2003

Italian writer's hatred of Islam has roots in medieval Europe
January 23, 2003

Five o'clock tea
From my student's days in Beirut
August 7, 2002

100 years gone in a minute
From a forgotten twenty-year-old file
July 30, 2002

Open your eyes
High time for Muslims to reject once antiquated clerics and leaders
July 18, 2002

Too beautiful?
A free and prosperous Palestinian state?
July 3, 2002

Quest for peace
My secret mission to end the Vietnam War
March 12, 2002

Pursuit of happiness
Iran and the American Revolution
February 11, 2002

The dinosaur
... and the molla
May 3, 2001

Organized corruption
Why the Iranian economy is almost beyond repair
April 12, 2001

Shah or president?
We should reject hereditary systems of government
March 14, 2001

Read or watch?
That is the question in the age of computers
October 27, 2000

Curbing men
Equal sharing of sexual morality
October 27, 2000

Salt desert tree
Artist leaves mark in Utah desert
September 25, 2000

Free elections, 1979
My last audience with the Shah
August 18, 2000

Still an optimist
Despite a general lack of faith in the future
August 9, 2000

Mystery report
It could have prevented the invasion of Iran in World War II
April 6, 2000

Here to stay
Lamenting our lost roots is unproductive
December 21, 1999

Catching up
The Muslim world at the threshold of the third millennium
October 5, 1999

Changing mindsets
Opening closed societies to democracy
August 5, 1999

1999 not 1979
Protest movement has no recognized leader
July 20, 1999

Saving Jews
The Iranian "Schindler List"
July 9, 1999

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The author
Fereydoun Hoveyda ( is a Senior Fellow at the National Committee on American Foreign Policy. As a young Iranian diplomat , he was involved in the preparatory work for the San Francisco Conference that adopted the Charter of the U.N. (1945) In 1947 and 1948 he participated in the drafting and voting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. From 1952 to 1966 he became an international civil servant in UNESCO's Department of Mass Communications where he specialized in development of free flow of information in the developing countries. From 1966 to 1970 he represented Iran in the annual General Assembly sessions of the U.N , as Iranian deputy foreign minister in charge of international organizations . From 1971 to 1979 , he served as Iran's ambassador and chief delegate to the United Nations. He is the author of The Broken Crescent: The Threat of Militant Islamic Fundamentalism (2002), The Shah and the Ayatollah, Iranian Mythology and Islamic Revolution (2003).


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