Ellie can dance

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Ellie can dance
by bahram9821

Elaheh (Ellie) dances to a song by Faramarz Assef.


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Ellie can dance...

by Zartosht (not verified) on

Not so far from pedophilia.. specially with that vulgar sun glasses!!Really bad taste and sensless!Poor little inocent girl!Why you show it in your site?!!


Boring. Only a parent would

by Huh? (not verified) on

Boring. Only a parent would be amused by this stuff.


Canadian or Haji or whatever, learn English first

by afshinme on

My Comment on the video: She is absolutely adorable and ever so delightful. She reminds of my own four year old. We need more happy children in this world.

To Haji or Canadian:

First of all, when you are not working as a security guard, pick up a book (One written in English of course) and read it. Learn at least the basics of writing a paragraph before you decide to shame yourself with your backward and fanatic mentality. Second, do you think for one second that bad tings don’t happen to young girls in Islamic countries? Girls as young as 10 years old are engaged in prostitution in today's Iran ; young girls are forced into such bad arranged marriages that they end up committing suicide, you idiot. In your stupid mind however, dancing is a sin and not fun.. 



by Diane (not verified) on

You're so lucky to have this on tape. I wish I had my five-year-old daughter's and niece's rendition of "We Are Family." We all laughed so hard we cried.


My goodness;so sweet!Lord

by Iran (not verified) on

My goodness;so sweet!Lord saves her.God puts an end to Persian Diaspora


haji sounds the same anywhere!

by Laleh (not verified) on

Majid. I loved what you wrote to haji. You are so funny!


She is talented

by StarSearch (not verified) on

A real talented little lady, wonderful. I think every family needs a little angel like her. When she points her fingers in style of rap singers it is so cute.

It would have been so much nicer if the background was different, something very colorful and non-Iranian and with bright colors, perhaps all of her dolls in the background, with closer shots. The current background is a bit depressing, showing the cornerof the bed, that open door to nowhere and the white wall, it looks a bit Russian. I suggest to reshoot the whole thing and post again. She is very talented.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

What on earth does a little girl dancing have to do with your encounters? Whether it is Haji or not, you are one sick miserable bastard.


Little Miss Sunshine!

by IranAbroad on

Reminds me of "Little Miss Sunshine"!



by Majid on

At least, when you choose a fake name! choose something that we "idiots" can not relate to,let go the language.

For example you can choose one of these names:

(not canadian, not hajiagha , not desperate, not iranian artist , I hate sex,......or something like these....), so we don't mistake you with someone"ELSE"!!!!

Abbas Zeineddin

Hajiagha is that you here posing as "canadian"?

by Abbas Zeineddin on

It sure sounds like you!  Why an alias? 


is not fun at all

by canadian (not verified) on

when in night times I working as security grad and saw girls young as 13 are sleeping each corner of street and or sale sex and call this fun started from a place like this ......bad system in west teach the children bad way of life teach your children some things to grow up good and healty