Impossible not be very concerned

Destroying Iranian -- and world -- heritage


by Kamangir

Some could claim that the building of Sivand dam in the Iranian province of Fars is necessary and has nothing to do with destroying Iran's history and pre-Islamic monuments.

Many others, however, including 47 organizations in Iran itself, the UNESCO and many scholars and Iranians citizens claim otherwise. The building of this dam in the Pasargad plains can cause irreversible damage to the most valuable treasures and historical monuments in Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked on the final stages of a dam construction in the south of Iran. This will ultimately flood and ruin archaeological sites of Pasargad and Persepolis, the ancient capitals of the Achaemenian Empire. A rich complex site, it has been considered by all writers on antiquity as one of the wonders of the ancient world and thus a part of the cultural heritage of the human race.

The magnificent archaeological remains at pasargad and Persepolis are testament to the industriousness and grandeur of the ancient Persians. However, their loss is not only confined to Iran and her people. It is not only Iranians that would be deprived of the most important part of their cultural identity but it is the world history itself that is in peril.

Among the sites that will be wiped off the face of the earth in the long run lies the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the Achaemenian king and father of the first Declaration of Human Rights. Since the rumours came out, an international comittee has been formed to by all means try to save the archaeological sites of the plains of Pasargad.

Their official website is

This committee has managed to gather more than 60.000 signatures from around the world, including many scholars and historians and archaeologists in order to make their voice heard by the cultural wing of the UNESCO and United Nations as well as all citizens of the world. You can add your signature.

In Iran itself many concerned and aware citizens gathered both in Tehran and both in Pasargad in order to stop the building of this sinister dam. You can browse some of their pictures.

As an Iranian it would be almost impossible not be very concerned with this outrageous act only comparable with what the Taliban did with the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan, although I personally believe that the damage caused by this dam goes much further as it's carefully designed to undermine and destroy our idetity as Iranians and Persians.

So far the Islamic regime of Iran has ignored all the petitions to stop the building of the dam, claiming that 'Sazemane Mirase Farhangi' (Cultural Heritage Organization) sees no reason to stop its building. It goes without saying that the members of the so called ' Sazemane Mirase Farhangi' consider the pre-Islamic rich history of Iran as something corrupt that needs to be ignored, to say the least.

I strongly recommend that all Iranian watch this debate where several Iranian experts both inside and outside Iran gathered to discuss this issue in detail. It's very informative and interesting. 

The enemies of Iran, long ago, realized that the only way of destroying our culture and identity is from whithin. They activated their plan 30 years ago. We should be united and should come up with effective ways to invalidate their actions. Please help.

Zende bad Iran zamin

Ba sepas.


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by XerXes (not verified) on

No respect for our past means no respect for ourselves. Enough said.


Enemy from within

by KavehV (not verified) on

This vicious cycle of HATE and anti-Iranianism, instigated and perpetrated by the Islamo-barbaric regime, now at its deathbed, WILL ONLY bring de-Islamization that is more PROLONGED and more EXTREME than any time in this barbaric cult's history. Either by Iranians (hopefully), or by foreign armies!


Hoshang how is the old dad???!!!

by Keyanosh (not verified) on

Are you still walking with an aid!!!!


by anonymousnine

by Anonymousnin (not verified) on

"Lets watch how old dinasours fight.I am sure all of you remember old black and white pictures with two monsters fighting!!!!
Lets sit back and enjoy it!!!
Mullah's ego is so big that they can not stand eachother!!"

politics, insults!!!


Anonymousnin ,I am a Bahai,and proud of it.

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I have not said a word that is not true.Our holly places in Shiraz and Tehran has been ruined.Our Golestaneh Javid(Our cemetery before the revolution) has been destroyed.And in many small town the same thing is happening to our graveyards.

You can not silence me with this tactics,Hooshang,or must I say Ali!!
Truthfullness is the foundation of all human virtues.



by Anonymousnin (not verified) on

Tahirih, only speak for yourself!
You are not a Bahaii


I am not surprized!!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Using buldusor,to destroy what ever treathens them is the specialty of clergy in Iran they have done the same thing to our (Bahai ) holly places,and now they are doing the same thing to our cemeteries.

Thank you Kamangir for informing us of this tragedy.
As our good friend (Mr Jahanshah Rashidian) says, these historical places belong to all, Iranians and the whole world.

These ignorant clergy think that they can take away the greatness of something by physically removing it!!!Alas they are physically in Iran but out of Masses hearts!!!!!!


Jahanshah Rashidian

Human legacy

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Our culture along with our national identity are now forced to take a further Arabo-Islamic allure, a project called “The Cultural Revolution”, planned since 1980 by the Mullahs’ regime.

The long-term objective of The Cultural Revolution is to root out any aspect of non-Islamic identity from the society by introducing a greater portion of Arabo-islamisation in our culture and identity. The process aims a negation of Iranians national identity in any domain--the case which once destroyed our great civilisation , when the first Islamo-Arab occupiers concurred our country 1400 years ago.

Passargad does not belong to an specific group of nationalist, monarchist, or ex-Muslms, but to all Iranians and even to all humanity. It is a legacy of human civilisation which must be safeguarded by all.



Very sad, but not surprising

by Zion on

It is a shame that the world in 21 century can`t prevent such criminal attempts against a world legacy. Thanks Kamangir for writing about this tragedy. It is however not surprising, as it is the islamist clear intention to wipe out the past in order to control the future. The same kind of tragedy is taking place in Jerusalem on Temple mount, where the Waqf islamic trust organization in charge of al-haram al-sharif (as they call it) has been systematically destroying the remaining artifacts of the first and second Temples by using bulldozers. They are able to do as they please to this day despite the cries of Israeli and world archeologists. Some examples:

It is a shame and it is done on purpose. The absolutist fundamentalist islamist ideology can`t tolerate historical reality. I hope the world wakes up and prevents this atrocity to destroy all the historical legacy that lies beneath the earth, in Iran or in Jerusalem. You are not alone in this tragedy. We both share the pangs of the same enemy.


Has survived 2500 years of turmoil...

by Anonymous for iran (not verified) on

only to be destroyed by the most anti-iranian regime of all time, the islamic republic or everything but iran.

This is unrecoverable for eternity and future generations will curse ALL of us for destroying their heritage. Nothing in return (water, electricity, agriculture, ...) would compensate for a tiny fraction of what will be lost here. The history, culture, stories of people who lived there, documents, and relics of the past will all be gone in a short span of time.

I am so angry and tearful for our heritage that have been passed on to us for safe-keeping, only to be destroyed by inheritors of a fraudulent revolution that our fathers brought on us.

This heritage has survived brutality of Alexander, Omar, Changeez, Tataar, and Saddam; only to be destroyed by IRI.

Brutality and anti-iranianism of islamo-fascists and their endless and transparent animosity with iranian culture and iranian identity is best displayed in this criminal project.