Terrorists Among Us

Mojahedin's Khalgh's foothold in U.S. Congress and the mass media


Terrorists Among Us
by nmilaninia

In recent months, there has been significant activity by a terrorist group lobbying Senators and Congressmen on Capitol Hill.

The Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), an Islamic socialist organization listed on the State Department list of terrorists, has launched a widespread lobbying campaign to persuade US politicians to unfreeze bank accounts associated with the MEK and to promote war with Iran. In pursuit of these objectives, the MEK and its affiliate, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), have created numerous front groups, with the express aim to lobby prominent California members of Congress. Their targets include Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi—all individuals who urge high-level diplomacy with Iran.

The MEK identify themselves as representatives of the Iranian American community in order to persuade Congress that the Iranian Americans support a foreign invasion. As a result, the MEK have falsely represented the perspectives of the Iranian-American community. Iranian Americans have no association with the MEK have largely condemned the group’s activities. The MEK was formed in the 1960s as an opposition group to the Shah and, since then, has been responsible for killing numerous Iranians and Americans throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Following the Islamic Revolution in 1979, members of the MEK assisted Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guards suppress the Kurdish and Shiite uprisings in Iraq, and are responsible for assassinating several political and military figures inside Iran.As a result of these actions, the MEK are widely condemned by all Iranians around the world as an extremist Islamist cult.

To the Iranian community, the MEK represent the same threatening extremism that al-Qaeda poses to the general American public. It is disturbing, to say the least, that such an organization is utilizing the name of Iranian Americans to justify its political ideology.

It is equally disturbing that a terrorist organization is being allowed a foothold in both Congress and the mass media.

In addition to lobbying Congress, the MEK have held themselves out as representatives of Iranian Americans on major news networks. For example, Alireza Jafarzadeh, a former spokesman for the MEK, currently works as a FOX News Channel Foreign Affairs Analyst.

Fox News has also invited MEK Secretary General, Mojgan Parsai, to discuss Iranian affairs as an expert. Nevertheless, Iranian-Americans throughout the United States, including California, do not subscribe to the political beliefs of the MEK.

In fact, according to a recent poll by the University of California at Berkeley on the political attitudes of Iranian Americans, over 66% of California Iranian-Americans believe that the US should establish diplomatic relations with Iran. In fact, only 13% maintain that the US should engage in strategic bombings of Iran’s nuclear targets; and only 8% favor the bombings of Iranian military and oil installations.

This stands in stark contrast with the perspectives of the MEK and its front organization. As part of its propaganda campaign, the MEK publish newspapers and websites like IranTerror.com and IranFocus.com. As an Iranian American, I am outraged that the MEK is attempting to hijack the perspectives of my community. The MEK do not represent Iranian-Americans in California – or anywhere else for that matter.

Our politicians and media officials should be wary that the MEK and its fringe organizations have their own political beliefs, and that these political beliefs do not reflect mainstream attitudes. The Iranian-American community wishes peace between Iran and the United States with an eye toward diplomacy, democracy, and human rights.


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Anonymous 500

by sadegh on

Go back to your terrorist masters the Mojahedin and btw and for your edification the IRI in my opinion are scum also - you're both fascinated by a cult of personality and both equally demented!!! The Mojahedin didn't only fight against the bastion of the regime but against Iranian patriots and befriended a man i.e. Saddam who detested Iran and all things Iranian you vatanforoush! - yes, the record will be presented shortly and the MEK will be exposed for the demented, psychotic, fanatical Islamist pieces of garbage they are, if they haven't already - please face the facts, your organization is detested within Iran and even more so than the despotic, corrupt and decrepit mullocracy, and that is surely a hard feat to accomplish, so congrats! Btw I have heard many secularists, nationalists, liberals, Mossadeghists and royalists argue the same thing, it's by no means only an argument put forward by Hezbollahis my friend. The MEK are detested universally.


Anonymous 500, what would

by Mehdi on

Anonymous 500, what would satisfy the MEK to stop its fight for a regime change and instead, become a non-violent "opposition" - you know, like the way they do it in US. What should happen in Iran for the MEK to change their policy and decide that a regime change is not necessary? What should happen in order to have a cease-fire, to have peaceful discussions instead of threats, etc.? Does the MEK has a list of specifics for this? Or is it not possible for the regime to satisfy your demands?


Terrorists among us

by Anonymous 500 (not verified) on

Mr. Sadegh only a mentally deranged Hezbollahi idiot would argue that six years of dirty war (1983-1989)that Khomeini and his band of criminals (including his Sepah and Basij) conducted against Iraq was an attmpt to defend Iran's national interests. It was not. Period.

You and your Hezbaollhi ilk in Iran, or in USA, don't have the guts of telling the rest of us how and in what manner continuing this barbaric war, after Iranian sodliers kicked Iraqis out of Iran in 1982 (after the rescue of Abadan and Khoramshahr), was justified? No sir, you can't and that is why you consistently bark against the the Mojahedin.

There are thousands of documents that the Mojahedin have published and distributed world-wide as to how they conducted their operations against the the Sepah-e Pasdaran and thier commanders, the likes of Sayyad Shirazi, a war criminal, after 1986 until 1989 a time that your Hezbollahi brothers in the Sepah were attacking Iraq shouting "Today Karbala, tomorrow Qods."

If the conquest of Karbala as a road to the conquest of Qods was a legitimate defense of Iran's national interests--at the expense of billions of dollars of damages and hundreds of thousands of Iranain young soliders for the sake of Khomeini's criminal wishes--then stopping that war by kicking the sorry ass of the Spah-e Pasdaran, the main power base of Khomeini was really bad, Mr. Sadegh. It fact tit was "treason" to your Imam Khomeini's wishes to spread this palgue that we call IRI, to the rest of the ME region. Mojahedin are proud of stopping your Imam and don't give a hoot to you and your ilk.

But the Mojahedin, a billion times more patriotic than a bunch of Hezbollahi scums and common criminals who spend a parasitic life in the West while at the service of the IRI, did not think that way and that is the reason they crushed your Sepah and Basij and other mass murderers who were involved in the spread of Khomeini-palgue to the rest of the ME region. It was these Spaahi criminals who were also raping and killing and mayming young soldiers in the trenches. Thousands of doucments are avaliable and will be presented to court in due time.

Just for a clue, remember Mr. Sadegh sending our young soliders on the mine fields? Rings a bell Mr. "Holeir than Thou" Agaha Sadegh?

In short, there will come a time that the people of Iran will put your mullahs on trial, including those Khiki-gav-goosalh, the likes of Mohsen Rezai, Rafiqdoost, Ahamadi Nejad on trial for their crimes against Iranian people.

I suggest at that time you show your "patritoic" face in the court and make your cahrges against the Mojahedin by repeating these delusional comments, if you have the galls. Got it? When we try your masters for their crimes against humanity, then come and charge the Mojhedin with your terrorist crapola mantra.

In the mean time your the IRI is sinking and sinking until its bottom comes up for the final kick that our people will deliver to it sending IRI to the dust bin of history. Barking at the Mojahedin won't stop this eventuality, but then, you guys are on these boards on a 24/7 for spreading anti-opposition propaganda, right?



by maral (not verified) on

Haven't you guys heard of the 3rd solution? the NCRI / Maryam Rajavi has stated we don't want a war, nor appeasement, just let the iranian people and organized resistance bring about change.
you guys seem very hapaloo membaladoo,
if you want to express views on such a issue, where the documents and info to approve.
if there's any terrorists around its the IRGC and Quds who have been put on the Specially Designated Terror Groups


Re: Jimmie Joon

by jimzbund on


sorry, I am not sure if by by Jimmie you are referring to me , but if so, please be at peace that I don't give a S..t about all these guys you have mentioned and honestly I have no clue who some of them are. Khaen is Khaen no matter what background he belongs. As for IRI guys they are tokhmeh Arabs and the biggest traitors to the Iranian nation. I had to Google to find what CASMII is and believe me anything to get rid off this IRI will be acceptable to me except attacking Iran militarily which will back fire and the nationalistic sentiments of Iranians will be used by the IRI to consolidate their power again. I don't assume who you are but in free society we discuss the subject not who said it.  


Bund, Jimz Bund


jimmi joon

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

jooshe ziadi nazan. Vaghti Saddam ba poole nafte Iraqi's miraft jaye ghaza va daroo aslahe mikharid, hamin Dr. Farhadi joonet, vazir behdasht, ba poole nafte Iraniha daroo mikharid miferestad vase Saddam. Hamin Khaled Masha'al joonet 100 ta payame tabrik tooye jang vase Saddam ferestade. Agar siding by Saddam bade, pesare Rafsanjani ke ba pesarhaye Saddam sharik boodo, Ali Larijani ke migoft Iran bayad kenare Saddam ba US bejangeo, Khaled Masha'al ke davtalab miferestad Aragh vase jange ba Iran koonehsoon gohi tare.
Shoma tooye CASMII fekr mikonin ba dasteye koora tarafin? Harchi bekhayn migino kesi ham yadesh nist?


Terrorists Among Us

by Anonymous 500 (not verified) on

I was under the impression that Mr. N Milaninian is a college student who regularly writes on Iraninan.com whatever that comes to his mind.

Lo and behold! This gentleman is an accomplished writer, researcher, educaotr with many degrees including one JD from no less a prestiguous university than UC-San Diago.

With these impressive credentials, and being a lawyer, one would expect a more rigerous analysis of the Iranian opposition forces supported by some basic data that would have some affinity with rudimentary truth about Iran especailly considering the fact that he wants to warn us about "Terrorists among us" (aka the MEK).

What we get instead is a kind of cheap polemic that reads like a pleagarized version of a term paper that a political science major in some third-rate Community College has re-produced as a wannabe Iran-expert that prop up these days like poisenous mushrooms everywhere.

According to this gentleman, MEK is a terrorist organization that is going going in and out of the US Congress on a dily basis, coverting with top US Senators to persuade the White House to invade Iran!!?

Lo and behold! There is no one among as many as sixty US anti-terrorism federal law enforcement agaencies and secret services to stop these "terroists" that are smart enough to have one Ali agha working for the Fox News too.

The tragedy is these these "terrorists" also calim that they represent Iranian-americans who live by the hundreds of thousnads in the USA including Mr. Milaninan. As it happens, we Iranian-american are very lucky to have this gentleman who tells us that all iranians including you and me in diaspra all hate the MEK and it has no base whatsoever in Iran because of the past crimes of the MEK that includes killing two american advisers under the Shah regime.

These idiotic statements are not coming from let us say, the Ayatollah Chogondar-Zadeh, but from one highly educated Iranian-American who is worried about "terrorists" among us.

Lo and behold! That our World class Iran Expert that Mr. Milaninian is, not even informed of the first rules of "op-ed" that says don't start with your heavy bombardments up front, but first go for some perparatory fire before you marshall your big guns against your opponetns, in this case the much maligned MEK. There is an Iranian saying: unkeh beh maa narideh bood, kalaghe koon daridhe bood.

As a JD, Mr. Milaninian shoudl have some preliminary ideas about the notion of probable cause, reasonable doubt, preponderence of evidence, alibi defense, and a host of other such concepts in criminal prosecution that are inserted in the Justice Amednments of the Bill of Rights Section to the US Constitution.

It is almost beyond belief that a trained lawyer repeats the epithet of terrorist that the administration of President Clinton put on the MEK in 1997 as a good-will gesture to the mullahs celeberating the "election" of Mohammad Khatami to presidency in Iran.

This was despite the fact that the regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran has been branded as the World's Most Active Sponsor of International Terrorism by the same administration, coninued through that of President Bush.

If this epiteht was the outcome of the so-called Grand Bargin of the known IRI lobbyists, the likes of NIAC and a hord of other such shady characters, with the fall of the regime of Saddam Husein and the invasion of Iraq by the USA, this epithet is way too idiotic to apply to MEK for the simple reason that USA has done a thorough investigation of the MEK and has come to this conclusion that it is not a terrorist organization. this is done by the holders of JDs that are more competent in criminal investigation, criminal prosecution and the application of proecutorial principles in relation to exculpation, concepts that any JD learns in any Shit-Town Community college, let alone for some one who has got his law degree from UC-San Daigo.

Mr. Milaninian, a trained lawyer (as much as his alleged credentials imply), should also have some preliminary knoweldge about these facts. But he repeats the same nonesense knowing full well that the usage of this epithet gives the Ayatollahs quai-legal pretexts to move against the MEK in Iraq in the name of fighting terrorism.

Is this your purpose Mr. Milanian for repeating these unfounded allegations against a segment of Iranian oppostion that despite all of its shortcomings is fighting against the present regime in Iran that is killing, through proxy, our brave soldiers in Iraq on a daily basis?

These brave GIs are providing for all of us including Iranian-Americans, the range of freedoms that we all cherish. As a trained lawyer, are you aware that inadvertently or by design you are promoting violence against a group of non-combatants in Iraq that are under the legal protection of the American Armed Froces in that country?

To make you aware of your childish yet dangerous activities, let me remind you that if the present regime in Iran were to be foolish enought to act on the alleged "terrorism" argument that the likes of you propote and were to attack the MEK in Iraq, it would give the Bush administration the perfect pretext to invade Iran. Is this your purpose for writing these nonsensical yet outright nefarious allegations against Iranian opposition?

You sound very patriotic which I hope you are, but this hysterical "MEK is Terrorist" mantra is dangerous for the integrity of our beloved Iran.

I hope you would get the gist of my argument: the MEK, or Jebhe, or xyz of the opposition can't harm our country more than what has already been done by this regime that on a daily basis dares the US and her allies to test its resolves.

By demonizing Iranian opposition, you help this regime and I am sure those among your readers who are a bit wiser than you and your ilk, realise that we don't want war, nor invasion, nor bombing of our country under any pretexts.

I hope you would heed my welmeaning advise and stop this nonsense against opposition. Agains as we say in Iran: maa raa beh kheyre to ommitd nist, SHAAR, maresan.

I apologize for my typs as I am typing this w/out regular access to spell chek


Your biased view

by salar (not verified) on

The integrity of this article is highly doubtful, all the points are one sided, biased and incomprehensive of the entire issue. Not to mention the credibility of its author based on his previous posts on this site, and his biased view and motives. As for MEK, an opposition group to IRI that has put so much pressure on Islamic government that IRI admittedly and repeatedly calls them their number one enemy and concern, aside from their ideology which they have been revising repeatedly but yet highly unpromising, their actions ever since after 1980 opposing IRI have been highly effective and have had the most impact against the akhoond regime.

As for military action against “IRI” (note I say IRI, not the misleading phrase widely and inaccurately used “military action against Iran”, there is a huge distinct difference between these two) is not the best solution but may be the only viable solution to give Iranians a chance to gain momentum against the mullah regime. A brief limited military action against Islamic government, first demonstrates to the mullahs how serious the international community is on dealing with them and immensely undermines and degrades their regime and their hollow claims they can withstand and retaliate effectively against such actions. Second it establishes the lost confidence of Iranian people in foreign powers (in particular west) that the west is done dealing and bribing the Islamic regime and is ready to take serious actions and consider the alternatives to the regime and its so called deceptive reformist movement. This would highly motive Iranians to be more hopeful in their actions opposing the regime and give more breathing room for serious opposition in Iran. prolonged economic sanctions, the route taken right now, would hurt Iranians and Iran a lot more than the regime. The regime knows it and welcomes it with open arms, it buys them time and creates opportunities for more corruption, injustice and poverty for Iranians which again the regime welcomes without flinching.
Ok, let’s see if this one makes it pass the censorship that has plagued this site. I have a lot to say about that but I'll leave for another time.


Mr. Milaninia

by Nima G. (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Milaninia,

While I agree with the basic premise of your recent post, I disagree with your approach to the MEK issue. I believe in order to move on and come to a consensus on the future of Iran, we need to look past the events that brought on the current state in Iran. This means forgiving the crimes of the past. I believe that most Iranians today agree that the future of Iran government of Iran is a secular democratic one. But this can only be achieved if all Iranian factions come together and remain committed to democratic principles. Otherwise, the events that followed the 1979 revolution, when all but the most extreme Islamic elements of the Revolution were set aside or violently eliminated, will reoccur.
Therefore, I would suggest that we not use a tactic from the Bush administration's playbook, labeling any group we oppose as 'terrorist', and thereby discrediting them. It is amazing to me that 30 years after the revolution, the discourse still remains the same as it was then. No one has a superior claim to governance of Iran over the other. We are ALL Iranians who should have equal says over governance of Iran. This includes monarchists, the MEK, liberals, Islamists, freedom lovers, and democrats.


MEKs are idiots

by jimzbund on

These traitors who sided with Saddam during the war and have betrayed Iran have no chance in Iran. Their ideology is worse than IRI as they want to bring a real democratic islam !!! give me a break IRI and Taliban  are the closest you can get to real Islam. they need to get a job and a life and get out of the concentration camps .

be omideh Iran faregh az harchi deen




Bund, Jimz Bund


Keep up the good work!

by AtAwe (not verified) on

It is amazing how a bunch of IRI footsoldiers and agents have all ganged up here at Iranian.com to prove that an organization they emphasize is "nothing," "unpopular," "terrorist," etc...is also single-handedly responsible for bringing Khomaini to Iran, Killing thousnads of Kurds, cooperating with Saddam, killing thousnads of Shias in Iraq, spying for the U.S., spying for Israel, etc.

One remains at awe at the sheer depth of ignorance and idiocity of this crowd. MilaniNia and the rest of the IRI footsoldiers are doing a great job! Keep up the good work guys.


Who cares if MEK is here

by samsam1111 on

who gives a damn.how about tons of newly gone rich akhond and bazar kids who have come here and buy villas and newspaper & promote hate by their agenda. the occupational akhond/arab extremist regime in Iran is a thousand time more a threat to Iranian identity than MEK.sir you are diluting the waters.regimeh eshghalgar in iran is the problem not anybody else.iranians are smart to know that MEK is a cult and a good for nothing group of loud mouth but our main concerne is to topple the anti iranian regime in tehran & it,s SUPPORTERS around the globe who turn into 100 colors to try to fool every one as to their real agenda = KEEPING THE occupational force regime in tehran in power. I think you got that dear mehdi.long love Iran and it,s 23 original tribes


in be oon dar

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Hala ke CASMII khodesho representative Iranian-American population ja mizane, bezar MEK ham bezane, dige az CASMII ke badkar tar va bad sabeghe tar nistan.


Mehdi, no one likes to see

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Mehdi, no one likes to see Iran or any other country bombed, most human beings like to live in peace and harmony. All we’re saying is because of the actions of the illegal and fascist IRI regime in Tehran, our country is always at the threat of war. The constant provocation, the constant preach of hate, the constant export of terrorism, the mean sapiritness, it just makes enemies on daily basis. You my friend are blaming the wrong person! You’re blaming others for defending their security, interests and democratic way of life. You’re basically saying the world should shut the hell up and take whatever the regime gives it to them! No, the world will shut the regime up and in the process, innocent Iranian lives will be lost. If you want to prevent that, focus all your energy and effort to effectively fight this regime. Fight the regime so someone else doesn’t do it for you. I disagree with lot of things U.S, France, Russia, England and others have done in the past. Their own people do. But I also disagree with lot of things Persian,s Arabs, and others’ve done. At this point though, my business is not to blame others for stupid arguments such as Hiroshima bombing, my business is to 1- free my country from oppression and a fundamentalist, war mongering, fascist regime 2- Make peace with the world, and show the world what civilized people we are! My friend, no matter how many Iranians sign petitions against movie 300 because it shows us as savages, as long as we have a regime, that on our behalf, exports hate and clash of civilization, the majority of world will look at us as savages! The more arguments like that you make, the more the world will stop listening to us and the world will stop depending on us to take matters into our own hands. Please WAKE UP!


Dear Mehdi

by IRANdokht on

I hope that none of our intellectual activists would follow the lead of MEK on this matter.

An attack on Iran will be devestating to all of us, inside and outside of the country and will only bring death, destruction and a huge chaos that would not be repaired in our lifetime or even for generations to come...

All I am saying is that if the Human Rights violations of IRI are not used as an excuse, there will be other excuses for the ones who want to attack our motherland.

I just don't see myself keeping quiet about their criminal acts, because I don't think there will be any positive outcome from such neglect. We should be alarmed by IRI's actions and also speak up against a military attack of Iran.




Anonymus2, wow, Canada and

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Anonymus2, wow, Canada and Argentina too, ha? Nice ! You know what Anonymus2, based on what did you come up with this table? Please give us your logic. You guys have far exceeded illogical argument, its comical at this point! The more and more people realize how ridiculous your arguments sound, the more and more illogical you guys become !


My friend, Mujahedeen are

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

My friend, Mujahedeen are one of the most insignificant movements in the Iranian opposition. They are probably as unpopular among Iranians inside Iran as the fascist regime itself. So why did emphasis all the time on Mujahedeen? First of all Mujahedeen are not getting support by the U.S using some “conspiracy plot”. Don’t you know they have been designed by the U.S and Europe as a terrorist organization? Secondly, they are trying to say that U.S supports the most hated among us and therefore trash the U.S (Sometimes they try to make their argument look unbiased by claiming the IRI regime is in power because of a U.S conspiracy also!) Finally, I’ve been convinced that the ones who emphasis on the MEK are attempting to show the IRI regime as victims, rather than aggressors, among Iranians. They are attempting to insert this idea that the alternative for the regime in Tehran is ONLY the MEK. They are painting all opposition as MEK so they can demean them. Nice try, but the brainwashing days are far over my friends. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!


Nonsense comments

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Can any of you geniuses tell me how the MEK "massively" helped Khomeini come to power when SAVAK had destroyed most of their organization in '76 and the so-called Marxists inside the MEK had hijacked the rest and the majority of their future leaders were in jail until just before the fall of Shah, including Rajavi? It's become fashionable to bad mouth the MEK especially by the Johnny-come-lately patriots sitting on their lily white asses outside of Iran. Yes, the strategic decisions made by the MEK in the mid-80’s were tragically wrong and as a result they have veered off increasingly towards lunatic policies but I’m not sure that those choices weren’t greatly imposed upon them by Khomeini’s absolute dictatorship which made any kind of opposition in Iran impossible. For the MEK the choice was between overthrow of the regime or disbandment and they chose the former. As a result they found themselves forced out of Europe and hence real politick took over and they made their gamble with Sadam.


He was brilliant

by Alborzi (not verified) on

When Khomeini came to power, it was with significant help of MEK. They had agents all over the country and well organized. His dismissing them was a brilliant and courageous move. They terrorized Iran and killed many people but it was truly a brilliant move, I can't say that there is any group (ok maybe Lord's Liberation Army in Liberia is worst, the guys who amputated the limbs), but they are scums.


Thank you. Mujahedin-e-Khalq are pure and unadulterated SCUM!!!

by sadegh on

The MEK is a terrorist cult of fanatical lunatics, who claim to be democrats and moderates when the 'future' leader of Iran, god forbid, Maryam Rajavi has been already decided irrespective and independently of the will of the Iranian people. They destroy families, compel their members to divorce their spouses, and set themselves on fire if their cult-like 'quasi-divine' leader is detained. They are a band of traitors who fought against OUR soldiers (close relatives of mine and yours I'm sure) with NO ties to the regime and who heroically shed their blood and gave their lives to vanquish the Saddamist forces from Iranian territory. They fought alongside and allied themselves with that stupid, ignorant and racist thug Saddam Hussein and you can see Massoud Rajavi shaking hands with and embracing that despicable tyrant, who in the depths of his soul detested and loathed all Iranians – take a look at his propaganda – he supported and publicized a pamphlet which argued that the deity erred when he created Persians, along with Jews and flies. To reiterate: the MEK killed and murdered Iranian soldiers and embraced a man who was a racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-Persian piece of garbage. The history of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq is one of treachery, deceit, unfreedom and unreason. And furthermore they’re absolutely despised within Iran; only a lunatic fringe of hardcore supporters still has faith in these scum. To compare them to CASMII or Trita Parsi’s organization is a disgraceful and libelous statement. Have CASMII committed any of the above acts against the Iranian people? Of course not and no amount of argument can prove otherwise. If anything all they are attempting to do is minimize the suffering the Iranian people have already suffered under the reign of moronic tyrannically and sexually perverted dogs like Mesbah Yazdi.

The fact that the Mujahedin-e-Khalq welcome a US invasion or military strike against Iran is of course not surprising and yet one more example of their treachery against the Iranian people. They simply couldn't give a damn about anyone or anything as long as at the end of it all they achieve their desire of turning an already lamentable and abhorrent regime into an Iranian version of North Korea. You only have to look at who is supporting the MEK to catch a whiff of what I mean. Daniel Pipes, the McCarthyite neocon right-wing extremist who posted on the web via his heinous organization Campus Watch, dossiers on academics with a critical stance toward Israel or US policy in the Mid East, as well as the extreme right as represented by the New York Sun, the American Enterprise Institute, and wait for it, the spawn of Satan himself Dick Cheney, all desire to bring the MEK into the loop. They care nothing of Iran, all they care about is eliminating one more obstacle to American empire and Israeli regional hegemony. Anyone who can possibly say that individuals such as these could care less about the Iranian people is surely delirious and needs to be committed to a mental asylum sooner rather than later. They couldn't care less about how many Iranians, Iraqis or Palestinians must die for their ambitions of power to be realized. Casualties of 'black, red, brown and yellow' men, women and children mean nothing to them. They don't even give a damn about their own soldiers dying in Iraq, as is clear from Cheney's own comments. Upon being asked about US casualties in Iraq all he could care to muster was 'So!' If they don’t even flinch regarding the death of their own soldiers then what the hell are they going to care about a bunch of Iranians on the other side of the globe. These people only aim to destroy Iran so that they can subjugate it to their imperial whim indefinitely. The MEK are the hand-maidens of death and destruction and everything these fascist bastards touch turns to 'shit'. PS thanks for writing the essay – we need to fully expose and denounce the MEK for what they are.



IRANdokht, when I look at

by Mehdi on

IRANdokht, when I look at the comments here, and notice a number of our hot "revolutionary" people missing in action on this thread, it tells me what I need to know. If the MEK and our "activists" and "revolutionaries" and "intellectuals" succeed and Iran is finally bombed, I hope you and I can convince ourselves that the 10-15 people that we saved from human right abuses or execution were worth the hundreds of thousands that got killed as well as millions who had to flee their homes (you remember Iraq, don't you?). I hope we can stand on the ruins and be proud that we preserved human rights at any cost - that it was worth it!


Re: IRI and IRGC are global

by Mehdi on

Isn't it interesting that one group on the terror list gets sanctioned and threats while the other gets the red carpet treatment right into the capitol! Go figure! Perhaps terrorism is not always bad? Where do the MEK get all this support from? How can they afford their super expensive operations all this time, since it is quite clear that Iranians are not supporting them. We know Saddam used to finance them earlier but where is the river of dollar coming from now? Do you know how much it costs to lobby so heavily in capitol hill? Do you know how many people you have to bribe to get there? Do you know how many contacts you need to get there? Think about it.


Re: Perhaps, the MEK have changed

by Mehdi on

I am sorry, I missed something? How have they changed? They are lobbying for bombing of Iran. You call that a change? What has changed?


To: Anonymoush - if this is your definition of terrorism then

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

we have a long list of State Terrorism:

Here is a ranking:

1. USA
2. Israel
3. Great Britain
4. Germany
5. Russia
6. China
7. Italy
8. France
9. Japan
10. Pakistan
11. Iraq
12. Saudi Arabia
13. Canada
14. Australia
15. Serbia
16. Spain
17. Argantina
(including a whole host of Latin American and European countries).

all former colonialist countries - all fall into this category!

And all the oher members and supporters of the "Coalition of the Killing".

The West and the State of Israel have been more violant than the Muslim World; and don't get me started as I will go down history, past and present with details. Or if you prefer, I will provide you with another site where I posted the details; your choice!

You seem to be the reader of U.S. propaganda news and watch CNN too much!

K Nassery

Perhaps, the MEK have changed their stripes.

by K Nassery on

Perhaps, they are trying to change things politically rather than use violence. 

 Iran is exporting terror so I wouldn't know how to make a choice between two groups of Iranians who have both used terror in the past. 

 I actually think the monarchists have an opinion and they have a right to believe that a shah would be better than the current Iranian goverment.  They are Iranians too.

 Why would the US or the West side in favor of Iran on any issue at this time?  The leaders of Iran are calling for Kaliphates and the destruction of the West.  It just doesn't make sense to be pro Iranian on issues when you observe the behavior of the Iranian leaders.


IRI and IRGC are global

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

IRI and IRGC are global terrorist entities...Those who support these terrorists are also terrorist sympathizers.



Funny? No It is not Funny - but pretty sad and shameful!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

If you love them so much, why aren't you at Camp Ashraf? What are you doing sitting here and calling the rest lazy bums!

I would rather be a lazy bum anyday than have my hands dirtied with the blood of Iranians or any other human being for that matter. There is no such thing as a "good terrorist" or a "bad terrorist", and the MEK is a Terrorist Organization. If you don't know anything about them, I suggest you start reading up. If you are a supporter, then stay tuned for more of the same!!!

This group and its supporters are detested by Iranians of all color!!


Another poor article...

by irannostalgia.com on

Your articles are well written but unfortunatelly it looks like you lack any perspective of the real world and reality. Like that article you wrote criticizing iranian US based sattelite TVs expecting from them a type of programming similar to big US Tv Channels, when the iranian channels only have a tiny advertisement market to support them. Subject matters need to be evaluated in perspective.









It is funny!!!

by Anonymous10 (not verified) on

It is funny that not only the IRI mullas attacking MEK, it is the no good lazy so called oposition who are attacking MEK. When MEK was fighting and giving blood, and organizing against IRI mullas what were you lazy people were doing. Sitting on the side line and calling them "terrorist"!! Shame on you!!!!


It is MEK that is being used by AIPAC and Israel!

by gol-dust on

Let's not fool ourselves, MEK cannot meet california senators who are AIPAC members unless AIPAC wants to use them! MEK is only a front for AIPAC when it comes to crimes against Iran! If you don't know that by now, then read "Target Iran" by scott ritter!