Women on the Frontline

A documentary by Hossein Fazeli

Women on the Frontline
by Sheema Kalbasi

WomenOnTheFrontlinefilm.com: Mehrangiz Kar, Noam Chomsky, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and many other prominent figures participate in this essential documentary and express their views on the situation of women in Iran. The film is in the process of being made. Produced by Reel Content Productions and directed by multi-award winning filmmaker, Hossein Fazeli, Women on the Frontline examines the largest nonviolent, civil rights, movement, in the world; the Iranian women’s movement. In the clip below you can watch some excerpts of the film. >>> womenonthefrontlinefilm.com


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ahosseini & islam اهوسینی و اسلام


دوست عزیز   ahosseini  در تائید حرفهای شما باید بگویم   شما از اسلامی  صحبت مکنید که در طول ۳۲  سال

جوانان ما را به قتل رساند.  ایران زیبای ما را به نابودی کشاند . دختران باکره ما رامانند ترانه موسوی شب قبل از اعدام مورد تجاوز جنسی  قرار داد    پشنهاد من این  است که جیره  خوران اسلامی باید یک سری به گورستان بهشت زهرا بزنند و به گریه مادران که عزیزان خود را از دست داده اند گوش کنند . این بشرف های اسلامی حتی به خانواده های این عزیزان اجازه نداد که سنگ قبر برای فرزندانشان بگذارند . این ها حیوانا تی هستند که 


 عرب های سوسمار خور را به ایرانیان تحمل کرده اند . خانم بلر از این ها خبر ندارد . در اهتزاز باد پرچم ۳ رنگ شیروخورشید ما . پاینده باد سرزمین آریائی ما ایران .


Shima jan

by ahosseini on

من فکر می‌کنم داره به اسلام عزیز بی‌ حرمتی میشه.شما باید از لورن بوث، خواهر زن تونی) بلرنخست وزیر سابق انگلیس(   یاد بگیرید که از این دست آورد الهی دفاع بکنید.  من که به سهم خود از او قدر دانی کردم و با گفتن یک شعر طولانی مقدم ایشان را به اسلام عزیز خوش آمد گفتم.

این شما و این شعر من در خوش آمد گوئی به ایشان


Congrats sheema and Hossein.

by vildemose on

Congrats sheema and Hossein. It look like a phenomenol documentary. I can't wait to see the rest.


I salute you all

by Cost-of-Progress on

Persever and you shall enjoy the fruits of freedom and equality. Some day hopefully, every single Iranian will recongnize Islam for what it is - Islam, not just the Islamic regime,






Wherever you are my sisters, more power to you

by Rea on

Glad this is done in English, so I can pass it on.


شعر ایران زنان


تقدیم به تمام زنهای دلیر ایرانی



adverse effect

by ComraidsConcubine on

when a documentary starts to edit footage, too heavily synchronized with cheap, sensationalist background music, it has an adverse effect on me. Pity.

Mash Ghasem

The revolt against IR has always been led by Iranian Women

by Mash Ghasem on

The very first public demonstarion against IR was by women protesting being fired from their jobs and against mandatory hejab; recall March 8th 1979: some women at that protest were attacked by acid thrown on their faces,...

As far as  this vanguard position is concerned,- at least for this humble observor and I don't think I'm the only one-,  since 1979 women's leadership position has gained only more legitimacy and urgency.

Then again if we look back at history, at every stage of the last century Iranain women have either led or were an integral part of the movement;

- in constitutional revolution when women called their men bi'ghairat for giving into foreigners' tobacco tax, thus initiating men's revolt.

- In the 50's in the movement for nationalization of Iranian oil industry, the history of   women's support and particiaption has been documented.

- 1977-1979 revolution was one of the greatest chapters in women's mass particiaption in every single aspect of the revolt against shah and the final insurrection on  22 Bahman.

- Past two years speaks for itself; and ( despite all my reservations for this couple) Musavi should consider himself very fortunate to be married to Rah'Navard: and he probably does.

Despite all this our male-dominated , patriarchal, religious culture has a very hard time accepting or even acknowledging such a Feminine narrative; perhaps Iranian women were born in the wrong country!


best of luck!

by peace45 on

Can't wait until I see the finish product - great job.

Indeed the next revoultion in Iran will be Led by courages women of Iran. 


very nice

by pas-e-pardeh on

If the regime changes, the credit goes to Iranian women. And, I ranian women should have a prominent place in our future society.

Look forward to more interviews.  I would like to hear Shirin Ebadi.  


Jahanshah Javid

Very well done

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very good production and intelligent interviews.

The Islamic Republic has a problem on its hands :)


My salute to all women, specially Iranian women

by Bavafa on

Who have stood strongly and often times more steadfastly against a brutal regime that is extra prejudice when it comes to women and their concern.

You are my heroes.


Mash Ghasem

به هم دلی و خواهری, جهان شاد و بهتری

Mash Ghasem

به مناسبت 8 مارچ روز جهاني زن، 
جوانه می زنم
به روی زخم بر تنم
فقط به حکم بودنم
که من زنم، زنم، زنم
چو هم صدا شویم و
پا به پای هم رویم
و دست به دست هم دهیم
و از ستم رها شویم
جهان دیگری
بسازیم از برابری
به هم دلی و خواهری
جهان شاد و بهتری
نه سنگ و سارها
نه پای چوب دارها
نه گریه های بارها
نه ننگ و عارها
جهان دیگری بسازیم از برابری
به هم دلی و خواهری جهان شاد و بهتری