About Lauren Booth's (Tony Blair's Sister-in-law) conversion to Islam


About Lauren Booth's (Tony Blair's Sister-in-law) conversion to Islam
by ahosseini

Lauren Both and Geore Galloway work for Press TV (Iranian English propeganda). None of them are in any way religeous/ I is evident that they abuse the religion for their personal gain. 

Please see her video before reading this poem

Salamo alikom sister, and most welcome madam Booth
The conversion to Islam, so far has been so smooth

The type that you have chosen, is a Taliban ummah
I hope I will see you soon, in chador or in borka

you work for PressTV, and your income is massive
Let's take it as your income, is not the main incentive

If that is not the reason, then there are things you must do
These are the hardliners' rules, that you can not argue

What happened to the chador, that sister put on your head
Your outfit and your scarf, are too colourful and red

Your hair is sticking out, that is forbidden sister
You must stick to the rules, from now and there after

Stick to codes of conduct, to the rules of Taliban
When you are in Palestine, in Iran or Lebanon

It is not acceptable,  your daughter is vulgar too
Shouting “Allaho Akbar” without chador, shame on you

From now on in your life, you can't-have hanky pankies
No exception for Brits,  European or Yankies

You must go up to the north, to visit Ashtiani
So you don't do silly things, nothing of the sort honey

And you must ask your daughter, to see Azar Bagheri
The teenager who got caught, betraying an elderly

Talk to ladies in Iran, about past three decades
Those who had their make up shaved, with very sharp razor blades

You may have to share your love, with three or more ladies
So you do your duties, in giving birth to babies

You need to learn how to share, and must speak to someone
To wives of Hammas leaders, and hardliners in Iran

Now that you are in Iran, must read Obeid Zakani
Who is such a good poet, exquisite and funny

Joining these lot is so hard and can be a big headache
When you join chop your willy when you leave will chop your neck

You are lucky in this way, the joining ceremony
Did not involve chopping bits, in that big matrimony

You must ask George Galloway, to join you in this mission
That will be interesting, an exiting admission

You can't ask Lindsey German, the “principled Marxist!”
To convert to your Islam and join a bunch of sexist

Though she has some dilemma with the war of the classes
She doesn't think this Islam is opium of masses

However, you can ask her,  to master the big event
To be there with comrade in that important moment

You can't ask her to convert, Lindsey is much too smart
Ask her to hold George's hands or hold the crucial part

Ask a union leader, someone she knows very well
To give him a big support so George does not shout and yell

Speaking of violence,  ask Mr RooholAmin
How kids were raped and tortured, In Kahrizak and Evin

You must certainly visit Neda and Taranh's mum
You can not be human if you don't see the album

The enquiry confirmed rape and killing practice
Ask if killers and rapists have been brought to justice

Find out about mass killings in prisons in the eighties
 And then tell us about peace, compassion and beauties

All those in power today were involved in all actions
Now they work with Ahmadi, have key state positions

Now that you have decided, and conversion is complete
Make sure you understand, there is no way to you retreat

Well sister have lots of fun, and enjoy your new life
Bring up kids for Mullahs, be an obedient wife

This is your type of ummah, of your version of Islam
Your kind and type of passion, ready to use a big bomb

A few words with Muslims, we are against the abuse
Against use of violence, and the religion misuse

Look at Martin Luther King, in many town and cities
Without any violence, brought racists to their knees

So did Gandi in his fight, and  he was totally right
Historical in his way, ended colonial might

And in the Islamic world, millions rally for the peace
In a non-violent way, seeking fairness and justice

And these two in Palestine are indeed hero of mine
They gave organs of their child to Israeli lifeline 

This is what I call passion, the ultimate compassion
Some fine Jews and Muslims, give respect in this fashion 

If your ideology, your thoughts and theology
Is to hurt and maim people, then you are very doggy

If you are for violence, and don’t wish everyone well
No matter what religion, you can indeed go to hell


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Excellent poem. Thank you.

by vildemose on

Excellent poem. Thank you.


Dear Darius

by ahosseini on

I don't know Dabbashi that well.

That is not an issue either.

I didn't have much time.

I couldn't make the connection.

Galloway works for Press TV. He supports the Iranian regime.

Dabbashi is part of Green

What is the connection?


Darius Kadivar

Two degrees of separation ...

by Darius Kadivar on