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by anglophile on

Thought you might like to know about his attempts to reach a deal with the British to replace Reza Shah, his love of money (embezzlement) his love of women and his courting the fascist powers.

Darius Kadivar

ghalam-doon cause toujours mon ami ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks but no thanks


I'd rather leave the last word to her ...




PS:But since you are asking ... What I'd do as Minister of Information ?


Correct Your Republics Wrong doings  ...


Removing kings from history |


Gaffaw ...LOL ... Hoh Hoh ... LOL ...Gaffaw


"la monarchie c'est ferme ta gueule et la démocratie c'est cause toujours" - Pierre Desproges   


Shab Khosh !  




by ghalam-doon on

I let you utter the last words since your kind (now that you wish to categorize people) just try to belittle the opponent. I have more respect for "amirparviz" and his romanticism as you call it.

Another victory? LOL!

au revoir mon ami!

I wonder what really would happen if in fact there is a change of government in Iran and you become the minister of information. What will you do to "us"? Scary thoughts. But most likely you and I will not see that day and the akhound will be in power for another 50 years.

Darius Kadivar

ghalam-doon on the contrary as for the method of thinking ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I was extremely honored to meet her Majesty upon her own request (not mine ) to meet me since she had read my writings and kind tributes to her work in the field of the arts but also for my obituaries honoring her daughter Princess Leila.


Contrary to many I did not jump on the bandwagon of "Pahlavism" as so many have since their own dissapointment with the outcome of the elections in your Republic and the crackdown which followed in 2009.


I'm a Monarchist Not a Pahlavist. 

And one who considers the Pahlavi Dynasty as legitimate based on arguments I have presented thouroughly in my writings ( not as Amirparviz presents it here) and which I don't see the point of repeating again. Given that you are not interested in a debate.


As for "Pahlavism" that is a word you Jomhurykhah folks have invented ... Personally I don't know what it means ... 


But my dear fellow we do share something in common : a Mutual disliking for eachother's method of thinking ...






PS: Oh and do Please send my condolences to your Teymour Tash Avatar ( or is it the young Mossadegh governor of Fars ?)  as that other likemind of yours on IC : 
amirkabear4u ...

How Very convenient of you jomhurykhah folks to hide behind the argument of "martyrdom" whenever you want to play the "victims" just to dismiss debates and come across smelling like an innocent rose. From that point of view you beat Amirparviz's romantic views. I am sure the person on your Avatar knew the risks when he took the job after betraying his own Qajar King to serve the New Pahlavi Dynasty. So don't expect me to Apologize for a fellow neither you or me knew in person. At least I have met the person I admire and admired prior to meeting her and whose grace and wit confirmed the positive impression I had of her in the first place. Wish I could say the same about you and your likeminds ...




ghalam-doon humorous ghalam-doon you are

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

On: Reza Khan did a coup and came to power.  You think that because this nonsense is the official recital of event by the UK media and their historians that intelligent Iranians take it seriously????  I seriously hope for your sake ghalam-doon that such words "coup" become your own personal source of painful regret, that is if infact you an Iranian and unaware of the harm done by being misled regarding the reality of Iranian History.  Was it not the Parliament of Iran, that agreed to Reza Khan giving up the prime ministership and becoming the Shah of Iran?  Who could or would casually misrepresent history and why?  At ths point i don't really care about you respecting me, I know that this is a natural product of you becoming knowledgeable as opposed to ignorant.  Those who can not think scientifically, independently or factually easily become victims of the misinformation we receive 3rd and 4th hand from the tv. You remind me of a victim who's mind has been programmed from sources of a disingenuous nature with respect to Iranian History and Freedom. Upon discovering reality you were to choose not to express painful regret for the deadly deceits you have swallowed and unleash on iranians, then it is your own personal loss in terms of your character.

It's not noble to allow anyone die, with out having learned how to be their own hero and to have really lived.  To be an iranian is to be Noble and wish it for others.  Noble has to do with the genuine pursuit of Ideals like Love, Honor, Truth, Democracy.  Iranians with the IRI are going in the wrong direction, but this is intended and thanks to the west with the help of anti-monarchists.  It is my wish iranians turn to the path of the creators of their own national culture, the thousands of renound authors, poets and philosophers Iranians have over the last millenia given humanity.  Calliing my views Rosey or Romantic is not a dismissal by DK (while I don't agree with it, and gave my reasons, I am told I am an optimist).  It is DK sharing how he relates to the optimism in my views.  A mature and descriptive way of discussing my optimism I mean.  Calling Reza Shah's ascent to the throne by parliament a coup, is ignorant, and stupid thoughts like this are what need to be discussed openly among iranians.


Hirre there is what the media reported in the 70's

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and there is what is said by those who worked with the late shah day in and day out from a few year to for over a decade.  He didn't just autocratically take decisions, at least not if you speak with those who worked with him, many of whom are now passed away but thankfully discuss this in their own memoirs.  Perhaps becoming aware that the Shah was a Democrat is one of the most personally shocking realitys I ever discovered about Irans modern history.  The Discovery started for me at a dinner I had in Boston with a prominent iranian and his name was Farhang Mehr, the President of the University of Tehran, it caused me to ask others and then the truth became as obvious as the light of day hirre, not Rosey Romanticism.  I did not say the system in Iran was democratic or that the Shah inherited a democratic Society.  The Shah was a Democrat is what I said, this is different and there is ample evidence to support this assertion from interviewing both foreign european journalists from the 70's or Irans civilian management (that is all departments with the exception of military).  Of course that he was slandered in the past and today as a Dictator is a bothering fact that Intelligent Iranians choose to Ignore Hirre, not that they find it acceptable or that they agree with it.  You Do get the difference.  Irans governments actions served the good of the majority above the interests of the few.  The Government also adjusted its position to show it respected views of all sides not just the majority.  How far will the Machiavellian West get on this deadly deceit and for how long?



by ghalam-doon on

With all due respect, I'm really not interested in your method of thinking so I do not follow your writings. But it was interesting that you have dismissed "amirparviz" as someone who has a "romantic or rosy picture of the past." Still, you have many postings here about Shahbanu etc. and how privileged you felt as someone who met these people! Isn't that by itself some sort of delusional romanticism that one thinks these people are some how better than us and because Reza Khan did a coup and came to power, we should blindly accept Reza II as the legitimate heir to the throne?

I'm glad that you have good online friends who you respect and would never put them down by name calling as you dismissed me as "lefties." People who you feel are your equals intellectually. Let "us lefties" live and die in our ignorance.

All the best!


Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

I have had enough experience debating with people of your and my generation to know where you come from in the ideological spectrum of Iranian politics. 

I don't need to know you personally ... all I have to do is read your view point and reactions to many events over the years added to the people you endorse on a given subject ( which is your right) to have a clear idea of where you stand. 

It's a respectable one in it's own right.


But don't try to run away from your own intellectual accountability merely because you are running out of arguments. That's way too easy !  

So don't give me that argument.

I also know where Amirparviz or Alimostofie ( the Astronomer) stands in this avenue ... 

Both share a romantic a rosey vision of the past which I don't have. I am much closer to someone like anglophile probably the only person on this website I feel at least intellectually connected to. And that in itself is a record after more than 12 years of activism.

I also have a great friendship and respect for Ari Siletz and many other contributors on IC who hardly share my opinion because I consider that they often have valid arguments and criticisms I can relate to and even have empathy ( as opposed to sympathy) for what they stand for. I would be the first to defend them If I felt they were unjustly treated or bullied around merely because they have a different opinion.


But that's because folks like Anglophile or Siletz or Mehrban or even Fred don't shy away from a debate. One may not agree with them fine but at least They go to the bottom of what they are arguing about and that makes debating with such people at least rich.


That's where folks like you and hirre or Massoud Kazemzadeh fail the test in my book at least.


Again my differences with you is nothing personal but rather with what you say or stand for ideologically !


I don't think my differences with you would change for that matter if you told me you are a Right Wing or a Red Neck or loved Caviar for Breakfast in stead of Eggs and Bacon !


I don't drink Wine and I don't like Béarnaise on my Tournedos Steak but feel free to boil me down to a corrupt French Aristocrat if you wish ...


Count the Money vs. Count du Monét


I'd actually take that for a compliment









by ghalam-doon on

Thanks for cut and pasting that long lecture. You really TOLD "us."

As I said I have no quarrel with you and respect you as someone who really puts his time and efforts in what he preaches. I also have no quarrel with your version of monarchy. But calling us "lefties?" isn't THAT name calling and dismissing our argument?

Now I hope you would enlighten our friend "amirparviz" too, as much as you enlightened me. Or you're just after ignorant followers?


Darius Kadivar

ghalam doon Maybe you should more often ...

by Darius Kadivar on

For I couldn't have been more clear.

You may not value writings or the act of writing in general, well I do. I recall how prior to the Arab Spring you were claiming online activism was of no importance anyhow since no one will read them in Iran. Maybe so ...


But Then you came back saying look you "Arab Haters" look how the Arab Facebook warriors are leading the way ...


Well Maybe indeed cowardly folks like me are wasting our time. But I don't care what you or others may think ...

If I can convince One person out there then I am happy. If I don't like the French say "Tant pis" ...


But when I see that a fellow Iranian.comer like Hossein Derakhshan is imprisoned for precisely that. I value the fact that I can write and express myself knowingly that it is a Luxury. 


At least the writing stays and then one gets an unexpected email from one fellow in another corner of the world who is thankful that I enlighted him or her on something they did not know or thought they did. In the same way I sometimes contact people whose words may have made me think or revise my own judgment on a given subject.

That's why I write. You think it's Futile ? Maybe ... But not as much as sitting idle and endorsing biased comments and perpetuating lies which are then read by millions of people worldwide and taken at face value. 

I don't claim what I write or have written all these years are literary masterpieces. When did you ever see me blog on myself ? Or praise myself other than at best comically or with Irony.


I merely claim I write because I believe it is important to let the young and future generations know our part of the story than rely on clichés. We all write for one reason or another. I am sure even you do. I respect that. 

But One can also write with Blood in one's ink !

I even find that is OK if you can come up with arguments justifying that.

Words can Equally Hurt as Bullits you know ... 

Because ultimately when you endorse such Lazy clichés you perpetuate a lie and as Geobells rightly observed when you repeat a lie a 1000 times and it turns into a Truth !

You folks demand moral and intellectual accountability from your highhorse but refuse the same for yourselves ?

It's all fine to criticize the Shah, even make fun of him I have no problem or taboo when it comes to history.

The Shah is Dead ...

The monarchy on the otherhand ... which you folks are dismissing in the name of your interpretation of history is where my Battle with you folks start.

For that is precisely what is separating us ideologically. It has nothing to do with your persona's or individual experiences. 

You insist on Facts but when it comes to justifying your interpretation of those facts based on otherthings than slogans you chicken out ?  

Unlike your likeminds I never attacked you for who you are or what you do in life.


What do I care ?


I combat your ideological and political standpoint. 


That's called discourse. 


But unlike you I have learned at least one thing and that is that Nothing in this Crazy world is Black or White. 

Not even Bachar Assad's and his wife:


A GODFATHER’s WIFE: Does the Syrian autocrat’s wife have to stand by her man?



The world and individuals are far more complex that we often wish it to be. 

Does that excuse them for their errors and eventual crimes ? Certainly not but if anything it proves that even "normal" and "educated" people can go astray because human nature is far from perfect.

Each time a revolution takes place you folks keep blaming the leaders and presenting the so called "masses" you claim to speak for like an entity with Saintly Virtues.

How was that the case in 1979 ?

pictory:(FOR REFERENDUM BASHERS) Women Punched in Face by Revolutionaries


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Man Chased by Anti Shah Protestors During Shah's US Visit (1977)


If you want to hold the Shah accountable for crimes committed under his rule then you have to hold yourselves also accountable for the crimes commited by the Republic of the 'Masses' you very educated people put in place only to be disappointed by what you supported initially instead of clapping hands for their offsprings on the Daily Show:


CLUELESS JON STEWART: "Ebrahim Yazdi Such a Lovely Man"


And then you call yourselves Fair and Balanced ? ...


Some nerve ! 


To want to boil down human complexity to a series of clichés because we are too lazy to look beyond and need to rely on "experts" to shape our opinion is what drives me mad with you and your likeminds.



If you folks are entitled to your opinions then so are we !


Don't expect that you folks can come and criticize us or our constituency only to get away with it without expecting us to respond back !

I don't claim to have convinced you or others ...


I merely claim that is what I believe in !





PS: You are not forced to answer ... I believe I made my point. Up to you or others to judge for themselves who has the most valid argument and who is fair. I don't have the intellectual arrogance to claim I am right but I don't like to be lectured by people who don't go to the end of their own arguments and dismiss you only because they think they know what we stand for.  



by ghalam-doon on

If you have something to say, just say it. Do you think we "lefties" have time to actually read all the links that you put in your posts? We lefties still need to make a living in your glorious capitalist states.

Believe it or not, I have respect for you as someone who really believes in what he preaches, not like that other guy here who just wrote some drivel about our glorious past under Khodaygan Shahanshah Aryamehr!!

LOL! etc.


Hirre...I agree with you!

by ghalam-doon on

We can say the same thing about Mubarak, Assad and all other dictators, past and present, in the region. Sure, they are for modernity, just look at Mr. Assad's wife: she is a symbol for modernity!

But see what's happening to them.

It was very interesting that you mentioned the rulers of Arab Emirates in your definition for modernity. Of course we are all aware of the state of affairs in those emirates and we know how they keep their populations mesmerized by basically bribing them. Just look at the status of women in these so-called modern states. You get a clearer picture of what is really going on.

Darius Kadivar

As for being treated like ... er ... What did you say ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

How could he have implemented autocracy if it was there ?

by Darius Kadivar on


Don't Fake Facts.

by hirre on

Wow, amir, just wow... The shah was NOT a democrat, as was evident by historical facts. Please do not fake history as the IR is doing... You are mixing democracy with modernism. The shah was for MODERNISM, not for democracy, they are two seperate issues. Even if the shah was for democracy in theory, in practice he implemented autocracy and should therefore be judged by that... Btw, other rulers that are for modernism are e.g. the king of Jordan, ruler of the Arab Emirates and so on, but they are NOT democracts. Period. Even if the shah said or dreamt that Iran could become a democracy in the future does NOT make him a democracy. One important part of democracy is to learn to respect other people's issues, even if they are shit. The only way radical people are reformed is if they are included in a system where people can see what they are in reality, when they have a percentage of the votes.



by Latina on

Such a beautiful woman. Such a tragic love story.


And why not?

by ghalam-doon on

Akhounds are rewriting the history after only a few years. Why not the Shahis? Lets say he was a democrat, a lover of freedom and human rights, a lover of arts and beauty etc. etc.

The reality is quite different. He silenced EVERY opposing voice in the country. Remember him saying "anyone who doesn't like it, his passport is ready and he can go anywhere he likes" or was it just a bad dream?

The reality is if the Shahanshah had provided the people with some opportunity to voice their opinion without ending up in the SAVAK's dungeons, the same people would not put their trust in charlatan Khomeini.

harche mi-keshim as oon "khoda-biaamorz" mi-keshim.




Tender and Charming Memories of not to so long ago

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Amazing to think that his Majesty and his Team would in the years after this video, by sincerely pursuing the democratic ideal help Iranians so much.  Both In Practice & Reality, the shah was a democrat as was evident in his actions and his results, he accomplished as good if not a better job, than we experience living in the USA, the UK & France for the Iranian People despite Iran having been part of the 3rd world.  And for the Human Race and people outside Iran he was immeasurably better than the USA, UK, France. An immense loss as we now know. His True Record will inspire Iranians for generations as much as the Slander used against him will disgust democrats, Khoda Biamorz.

Thanks Farideh, He did well for Iranians for as long as we allowed him to.



by ghalam-doon on

So cute!

I think I've been to the same resort/hotel (of course in my dreams).

Farokhzaad's singing made this B.S. tolerable!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ویدئو مربوط به سالهای متفاوت است،آن تعطیلات در آلپ سوئیس مربوط به زمستان ۱۹۵۷ میلادی است،آخرین سفر محمد رضا و بانو ثریا .بعد از این طلاق گرفتند ،ثریا به اروپا بازگشت و هیچگاه به ایران نرفت.

یادِ بانو ثریا گرامی‌ باد.