US Congressman Supports Independence for Iranian Azarbaijan

Dana Rohrabacher interviewed

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher representing California’s Orange County has introduced a resolution at the US Congress stating that "the Azeri people, currently divided between Azerbaijan and Iran, have the right to self-determination and to their own sovereign country if they so choose." In his exclusive interview with the Voice of America/Azerbaijani Service, Rep. Rohrabacher elaborates on his views about the plight of ethnic Azeris in Iran.


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by aziz on

It is amazing how so many individuals in the 21th century are still agitated about people deire for their basic rights, especially that of others! Any group of people sharing common interests should determine their own destiny. the parallel universe we live in Iran, in one hand we use every opportunity to insult and degrade our Azarbaijani Turk countrymen to animal kingdom, yet we use every mean not to let them even think to leave our side or sight!! May be we just love some neighborly dominance in this world of becoming so "flat".


Problem in Iran and middle east

by choghok on

is that everone think rights is for themselves and not for them to give to others. Savalan and others like him put the blame on "the others" and who is this others? Khamenei and many other mafiosos in power in Iran are Azaris, many like Larijanis are Iraqis and arabs actually, some like Ahmadinejad and Asgaroladis come from Jewish background.

So again who of these guys are suppressing your rights? And while you complain about your rights, do you even for one second think about right of others? For example women in Iran Azarbaijan? Should they also have their own country since they are not allowed out like they would want to, most radical and extremists are actually Azaris in Iran, so the plight of chador is actually all Azari thing then according to your logic.

Also since there are many Kurds living in Mahabad and Urmia, then they should have their own country, and also Talesh is not a state language and not taught in public schools in Azarbaijan so they should also split from you. 


Savalan Qu?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Savalan, the right to mother-tongue education already exists in Iranian Azerbaijan, its under the age old policy of the right to a common tongue, farsi and people can learn anything they wish after hours with home schooling. 

It is based on a policy that works for all countries of this day and age with diverse populations.  Including Russia/China/USA/UK/india too, the welsh and scots learn and speak their language at home in the uk, wth english taught publically first,  the south & central americans learn spanish at home in the USA also, again with english taught in public education first, The Chinese can learn any of the dozens of languages but are required to learn the common tongue of mandarin in public schools first, India's common language taught in public schools is Ordo first, yet at home people can learn gujerati or any of dozens of languages.  You are not saying that the human right of having a common language for a country is less important than the right to learn your mother tongue are you?

Please clarify this lingustic human right you mention, so we can learn more about it.  Is the rest of the world wrong to focus on the human right to a common tongue per country?  Does a policy of being first taught a common lanuage, not your mother tongue, undermine the self determination of any peoples in the world?

What should be taught first in your opinion in azarbaijan, common tongue or mother tongue?  If your view is different for Azerbaijan than it is for the rest of the world, can you also please clarify for a khorasani like me why Azarbaijan should be any different to khorasan or any other people of any country in the world. 



The weak links will be exploited

by simitenbiri on

We have blamed foreign powers for
fanatic and backward revolution, theocracy, lengthy wars and now we see them responsible for treating Iran like Iraq handled
during last decade. We get frustrated when watching this congressman
“defends” the human rights of Azerbaijani people in Iran, but he
is doing what he has to, according to his governments interest. What
do we do in defence, we just keep playing the same blame game !

The ethnic make up of a large country
like Iran can be exploited as a weak link, if large goups of people
are lacking their basic rights. This is the case in Iran, so it would
be exploited.

The traditional defence against these
threats has been limited to simple denial of any difference in ethnic
make up. This denial policy is the line that Iranian governments of
many shapes and forms has taken, however the new political realities
in the world demands real action.

The evidence of grass root
nationalistic movements within Azerbaijani and and Kurdish
community is the political reality of the Iran and if it is ignored
it would be either exploited or it would politically explosive for
the future of the Iran as a united country.

not we welcome the differences and strengthen our unity by guarantee
of equal rights of all citizens, be it Arab, Baluch, Kurd or Turk.

I believe federal system of government
can help to defuse this tension and change the weak link to an strong
point. Let's discuss alternatives ….


Where is South Az[a]rbaijan?

by MaryamJoon on

There is Azarbaijan province in Iran which has existed for thousands of years.  We never called it "South Az[a]rbaijan."  

When did the Republic of Azerbaijan get its name?  And why did you use a Persian word [Azarbaijan is a Persian word]? 


Self determination right for South Azerbaijan

by Savalan on

The most central of linguistic human rights is the right to mother-tongue education in schools.  All schools in Iran , however, use only Persian.  There is no Turkish public education at all.  Many Turkish children arrive on their first day of elementary and do not know any Persian. It is south Azerbaijanis rights to self-determination. By virtue of that right they must freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development and Iranian central goverment must respect to this rights.


Sister Basiji

by Sasan.Khoramdin on

Got you! Your true identity has been revealed. Go cash your Islamist Rapist Rejime paycheck, and shut up about Bahaies!


See this video Immortal Guard

by MaryamJoon on

Immortal Guard

If it was up to the Zionists they would dismember Iran!

by Immortal Guard on

If it was up to the Zionists they would dismember Iran by advocating independence for Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Baluchistan. They would even support the MEK to raid Iran.

Dudes like this US congressman have to earn their hamburger somehow!


Don't put words in my mouth ...

by MaryamJoon on


1. Traitors that say nothing about threats like MEK, Israeli sponsored separatists, Haifan-Bahais, Saudis, Al-Qaeda, and the rest of them.

2.  Now show me where your Internet Prince has said anything about these things.  (His Grandfather Reza Khan certainly spoke out about the dangers of the Bahais).  


SisterBasiji, The reason you have disgraced Yourself is

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

that you are pretending that the worse thing for iran are the Bahaii's, due to their foreign leadership and foreign influence and character flaws that are somehow worse than other Iranians.  You are similar to Akhoond supporters, using Bahaii's as a scapegoat. 

This was the dream of the late shah, that akhoonds and their supporters could reveal through their words and actions their degenerate and corrupt ways, which is not just treasonous to iran but also to muslims they mislead.  Akhoonds actions of torturing and killing innocent iranians to hold on to power while lying about the shahs regime on the same subject, says everything there is to say about Akhoonds and why the people of Iran within Iran do not want them.  Thanks to the late shahs actions, the wisdom of iranians within Iran has been awakened and the criminals who make Iranians lives difficult and have millions of people out of work will have to answer to the people after they are put out of business.  The time may be coming sooner than you think.

You may not be aware, but assuming the worst things about bahaii's are all completely true, they are not worse than the filthy islamic regime, surely????  Who are recognized as the Worse traitors to Iran, foreign funded, alien and corrupt islamic authorities.  No one has commited crimes on iranians like the IRI.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

couples of corrections

 -Iran is not 80 mill.

 -BAKU was part of Iran till the golestan treaty

 - Americans can work to give us (Iranian) the Azarbayjan,Turkmanistan,Tajikestan And all other lost territory based on that EXPIRED contract (100 years)Golestan& turkaman chai

which by the way was signed during horny ghajars amid chai,ghelyan and some gholoms.




Sister Basiji

by Sasan.Khoramdin on

You and your kind are not Iranian, you are Arab lover, who have been against Iran, and Iranian way of life for over 13 centuries. On the oher hand Iranian Bahaies are pure Iranian, and stand for progress for Iran, although they never participate in politics, they do participate in all other acpect of progress in Iran for Iran, not for palestine, or Hezbollah in Lebenan. So don't you and your paying masters consider yourself Iranian, cause you are NOT.

Maryam Hojjat

I agree with choghok

by Maryam Hojjat on

You hit the nail on head. He is traitor & thief & dishonest with himeself & his compatriotes. Shame on him.


Bahais focus on so-called "Attacks Against Bahais" ... not Iran

by MaryamJoon on

That's 1 of the problems. 

The other problem is that one of the groups attacking Iranians is the Haifan Bahai Organization. 

"Bahai" does not mean "Iranian" ... Iranian means Iranian. Bahaism is an ideology with 90% of its members who are not Iranian, who have never set foot in Iran, nor have any roots there apart from the ideology they claim came from Iran. Don't expect 80 million Iranians to subscribe to those views. 

Soosan Khanoom

Amirparviz jan Iranian at Orange county R only

by Soosan Khanoom on

Good at putting money together just to get them into Disneyland year after year. They really enjoy the Allice in the wonderland. The best they can do is to put enough money together for the new year concerts at Los Vegas to see Andy and Ebi.  lol

Dont ever expect any political good from them .. And oh they are also very good at destroying one should anyone start any organization on their behalf ...

Hint  ' NIAC '.   



by Benyamin on



TO AmirParviz4MonarchyButNotIranianSecurity

by MaryamJoon on

A person who is exiled, jumps up and down for an Internet Prince who has never had governing or military leadership experience, can't return with a fraction of other exiles from Iran's 80 mil. population, and writes things like "regardless of whether the issues about Bahaiis are true you have disgraced yourself."  To use your own words, that's what is a disgrace: When people like yourself pretend to care about Iran but to not seriously evaluate its national security issues.  

MY views are there for 80 mil. Iranians to evaluate for themselves - Nobody elected you or your Internet Prince: 











Maryamjoon friendly advice for you

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You have truly disgraced yourself on IC regarding Bahaii's, regardless of whether the issues are true or fabricated they are rooted in hate for an iranian community, as if they are worse than others, so your views are most likely irrelevant in the minds of most.  Your credibility is now similar to the IRI's.


This Congressman is the crimnal that said of the MeK

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

"The MEK are Iranians who desire a secular, peaceful, and democratic government." Dana Rohrabacher.  Iranians in Orange county USA, there are many, need to unite & put money towards placing ads that expose Dana and even get lawyers to charge him. 

Far too much Iranian blood is now on Dana Rohrabachers hands, albeit he is serving bipartisan US policy for Iran, which is concealed from IC and the entire USA public, as Julian Assange Discovered about US democracy recently and which the Mass Media also covered up.


This is the Problem with VOA and Parazit, US & Israel

by MaryamJoon on

1.  The Congressman and VOA work for the same boss - The US government.

2.  Does he believe that people in California have a right to separate from the US or have a vote?

3.  The interview was scripted - When 5 softball questions are asked without follow-up it's called a speech - The interviewer is just decoration to allow the congressman give an uncritical speech, and make it look like an interview.

4.  Azarbaijan was a part of Iran for thousands of years - he suggests that colonial powers somehow made it a part of Iran only 200 years ago.  

5.  The reporter asks no questions about the mechanics of such a vote: Who would vote?  All of Iran?  Just the people in Tabriz?

6.  Boycott Israel; Boycott US products; Boycott VOA.  

7.  I hope Iran catches this congressman and puts him on trial, and don't be surprised about Iran's suspicions regarding VOA in the future, or any measures it takes regarding VOA.

8.  For years, VOA has been talking sweet to Iranians on the Persian channel and fueling separatism on its other language channels. 


Blatant interference!

by Benyamin on

Obviosly that guy is a true Azarbayjani!!! with a name like Asgar Asgar"ov"!!!!

I wonder which side has stayed true to its roots the Iranian side with lots of last name that ends with "lu" such as Ahmadlu, osanlu and so on.

The real Azarbayjan is and has always been part of Iran and the Fake one(for most part) what is callled "The Republic Azarbayjan" has never been under the holy name of "Azarbayjan". The Republic of Azarbayjan is nothing but a creation of Stalin`s imagination. The biggest part of the republic of Azarbayjan is called "Aran" and they are not ethinicly Azari nor they consider themselves one. I suggest the new name of the Republic of Azarbayjan to be called the Republic of Aran!!!



Orange County

by religionoutofgovernment on

He realizes that there is a sizable Iranian poplation in his district, hence his comment about their reaction. Besides his ignorance of the issue, he is following a foreign policty line of weakening all middle east powers by dividing them. He has made similar comments about Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

All Iranians residing in Orange County should become aware of this idiot and vote him out. He is purely dangerous. 


Plight? They rule the country

by choghok on

Khamenei and lots of other Azeris rule the country and he speaks of plight? Why doesn't he talk about Baluch and Kurds who actually are repressed? He is not interested in plight of people, more into getting the Israeli cash pouring into his pockets.