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Photo essay: New Year at San Francisco City Hall

by Sid Sarshar
The San Francisco City Hall Norooz event last Friday, attended by Mayor Gavin Newsom, was well put together. Standing room only with music, dance, and several speeches celebrating Norooz and Iranian-American contributions in the area. Afterward everyone gathered at the Haft-Seen room for refreshments and more dance. The setting at the city hall added glamour to this event. Supervisor Russ Mirkarimi said this is the first city hall Norooz celebration for a major city in the U.S.

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by yolanda on

Hi! Sid Sarshar

Thank you for sharing. I live in a small town, there was no Persian New Year celebration....I am glad that there was one in San Francisco. My favorite is the Haft Seen table display...



Dear DK and Souri

by Sid Sarshar on

I see lot’s of passion and no malice.  Now that we are all friends, let’s move forward united.


PS. Sorry to take long to get back to you, it took me a couple of days to read all of your notes :-)


Merci, DK

by Rea on

Instructive as always.

Darius Kadivar

Dear Rea Of course he did

by Darius Kadivar on

It's nothing new.

In the same way that he arrogantly asks for retribution of Iran for casualties it had during WWII. A Conflict that cost virtually 200 lives amongst the Iranian Military as opposed to 70 Million deaths Worldwide ...

This regime thrives ONLY of it's Hatred for the West it accuses of neo colonialism so as to appeal to the Third World or what the IRI perceives as the Third World but which has moved while Iran is still stuck in it's ideological contradictions.

Death Calls have been the rherotic of the Islamic Republic from it's very inception.

The explicit use of the slogans "Death to Israel", "Death to America" "Death to the Shah", "Death to Infidels" are amongst the slogans heard over the years on Every single Occasion by the leaders of the Islamic Republic.

The Only person who did not indulge in such provocative slogans in his public speaches was the former PResident Khatami who initiated some civility in his public stances in an attempt to induce a certain level of tolerence towards  the US while at best ignoring Israel.

Other than him All former Presidents or Prime Ministers including Moussavi ( Who was PRime Minister during one of the most troublesome eras of assassination of political opponents, essentially left wing and MKO ) used such rhetoric in the past but since his return to the Political scene during the last elections he along with most reformists have tried not to indulge in such aggressive political rhetoric.

Whether they actually believe that or are mad enough to carry out such threats is another debate ...

If One can indeed legitimately criticize the Israelians of taking any opportunity to pose as victims in any conflict that opposes them to it's declared enemies.

But in this particular case it was Iran who gave the Israelians that golden opportunity to corner them on grounds of genocidal intentions by organizing such a controversial conference knowing how this was a sensitive subject particularly amongst Europeans.

Otherwise why did Iran with absolutely no frontier with Israel and which was trying to develop friendly relations with Western European countries under the previous administration of Khatami in an attempt to gain their trust in it's nuclear program ( which started under the Shah's regime) but also encourage the return of the Iranians in the Diaspora back to their home country ( See exchange between Khatami and Farhang Mher a prominent Zoroastrian and Former Minister of Education under Pahlavi Regime) have to jeapordize all it's networking and mutual trust with Non American and Non Israeli Allies ?

At the time even Khatami did not react nor criticize vehemently to Ahmadinejad organizing the conference ( probably by fear of some form of retaliation ). As for Moussavi and the Green Candidates brought about their criticisms in this regard only at the time of the elections that is virtually 3 YEARS LATER After the Conference was held !

Now some reformists ( many of who chose self exile since) seem to regret it deeply including President Khatami for not having been vocal in his critics of that conference.

The Holocaust Conference like Anything Ahmadinejad does is mostly based on sheer ignorance or at best on Long Term strategic interests which it Wrongly thinks can reinforce his country's prestige particularly in the Arab and Muslim world where it can export it's ideology or seek support. 

Given that he is essentially very uncultured person and does not understand the mechanisms of political discourse nor political culture in the West and Europe he thinks that by demanding accountabilty from Europe on the question of Israel's creation, he can find support for Iran's nuclear program but also legitimize it in the eyes of not only his people but the World.

But his mindset is the product of a regime that has put superstition and dogma at the center of it's foreign policy.

The IRI regime tried to come to terms with Real Politiks during the Reformist Years and try and give the regime some kind of respectibility in certain academic and diplomatic circles in a bid to create some kind of Islamic Democracy in the lines of what some in the West call Christian democrats.

Khatami on democracy and Islam:


The idea was new contrasted with the Harsh years of Islamic Fundementalism that seemed to characterize the regime when Khomeiny was still alive. So the Reform movement was something that seemed seductive to people's ears including the Diaspora who fell for it immediately. I don't blame the Diaspora necessarily given that there seemed to be no real alternative to regime change and that after an 8 year War, people were tired and all they wished was peace and a political environment that could encourage peaceful change from within the system. But they were naive. We were probably All naive or blindly too optimistic for that matter.

Because in it's Very Heart this regime has survived on conflict be it inner or by creating one with foreign enemies of it's choice.

Ahmadinejad belongs to this pseudo Intellectual and Political Elite whose entire mindset is shaped by a dogmatic insular approach to world politics:

DOCUMENTARY: Training of the Future IRI Political Elite ( ARTE TV)

The Reformists were simply a pawn in the hands of the hardliners and the last June Protests finally proved if needed the widening gap between this corrupt leadership, it's political elite and the people at large.

So yes Ahmadinejad believes in EVERYTHING he Says !

But Ahmadinejad is NOT Iran No more than his Master Khamenei !

That is why the People of Iran, including the Green Movement SELECTED leaders should be supported but the latters need to be more transparent in voicing the genuine concerns of the large majority of Iranians who do not demand merely a re election or Reform anymore but Regime Change towards a Secular System of government.

As Much as Iranians seem to call for this Regime change ( needless to say without military intervention of Israelians or America) the current Leaders of the green movement are more ambiguous at the risk of disillusioning it's supporters and seeing this movement strangled in it's womb.

This is Why the Diaspora CAN and SHOULD Play a more active role in a unified effort.

I am confident it will. But The sooner to better ... cause Iranians back Home Do Not have OUR Luxury !

Otherwise we are merely losing useless energy by squandering our efforts in opposite directions instead of towards a common goal: Regime Change towards a Free and Democratic Iran.

It is from this perspective that I understand The Crown Prince's Efforts and political implication today aimed at Saving Iran and not merely an attempt to restore the Monarchy ( which is my preference but may not be that of the people ultimately) :

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

And to which more and more people at Least In Europe seem to be responding too from a wide variety of political groups :

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making DK

REZA'S CALL: Crown Prince Reza at Bonn Conference and Democratic Think-Tanks (March 27th, 2010 ) by DK

as well as more and more people from within the own ranks of the regime:

IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC: Defecting Revolutionary Guard's confession and support to Reza Pahlavi by DK

So Unless we Get Our Acts Together all these efforts will be vain with the risks of NEVER Seeing Iran Anything Even Close to Free and even less Democratic.

At least NOT In OUR LIFETIME ...

Got to cut it short here cause I have otherthings to do. Maybe I will get back to this thread or follow other people's eventual feedbacks.

take care and thank you for your interest,



Darius Kadivar

Sid Jaan See What I mean ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Include a Third Party in a Billateral conversation of no relevance to them and this is what you get :




Personal vendetta is cheap, too bad

by Rea on

Dommage !


Here, I post it for the second time!

by Souri on

The integral content of my email to Darius Kadivar. (Last time, Darius has stated that I had insulted him in my email!!, I had to post it in that other blog to prove that was a lie!!! It is a pity that we are driven to act like a child, just because of the action of some Kindegarten's children!!) Bonjour‏ From:

Souri **** (
Sent: January 16, 2009 7:17:58 PM To:
.ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana;}

Bonjour cher Dariush


You know that I have an utmost respect for you, regardless of our differences in views and opinions.
I wanted to talk to you in private, instead of coming on that blog of
News Goffer to expose my idea in public, no need to do that.
Still, I wanted to let you know my personal opinion about what NG has said, if you don't mind. Hope you will forgive me. I don't think you should not
express your opinion in regard to the people's reaction (or
over-reaction) to the Gaza's actual drama. The only thing is, I believe
you are doing just too much.
I mean, in every blog and almost after every post claiming Gaza's, you come right after with too many clips.
It seems like, either

1) you are not sure that people have got your point
, or
2) you just want to do the "propaganda" for distracting people's attention with movies and nostalgia.

Of course, this is the global perception of the people about what you have been doing for the last days.
For my part, I don't believe in the second case (although one can easily be mislead) but mostly I believe it is the first case, and again this is
not good for someone of your "calibre"
Why? because you are a very
respectful and articulated person. You know already, if someone did not
get your point after 1, 2 and third try, they won't get it anymore, so
they are opinionated and stick to their own values without wanting to
change or to lent you an ear. Then it is useless, to insist and
somehow, it is a self destruction of your image and your respect.
jan, please take my humble opinion very friendly here. I am not giving
you advices, I am just sharing my personal feeling with you in private.
Please feel free to reply, I'll be more than glad to read your answer.




Dear Sid Sarshar

by Souri on

Thanks for your wise observation. Very nice of you.

I'm very grateful. Happy New Year!



by Souri on

Reading your comment about myself I see that you are (again) in total confusion regarding our interaction.

I had always lots of respect for you and have showed this to you by
sending you emails to show my appreciation. As Mr/Ms Sarshar said, you
were contributing to this site intellect, in a very positive and
interesting way.

Then came the Gaza subject, in which I had no or
little contribution, but only read the comments. People were objecting
to you, but instead of tackling the main issue, you were responding by
posting 2 to 5 videos which was becoming a complete non sense.

Then News-Goffer posted a blog about you. People came there and criticized you. There were lots of irritating comments against you which (at that time) I thought you didn't deserve.

I had also sent an email to News-Goffer(copy to JJ), saying that I didn't appreciate to see a blog which was all about spotting and accusing one member of the site. This was looking like a court, rather than a simple forum for exchanging ideas.

In that blog, you stayed completely silent and just answered by posting
belittling and irriting videos to ridicule the people who were against

As I had lots of respect for you, I sent you an email
(which I still have the copy and will post it here for the second time
to refresh your memory). In that email I told you that I respect you
and didn't want you give a false image of yourself by posting too many
nonsense videos, instead of responding courageously to the accusations.

You didn't answer, which was okay for me. I didn't take it as in insult or
whatever you think. I was not really expecting a reply from you, rather
I was expecting a change of attitude in that blog. But you had
continued your own way, which was frustrating, I admit.

Then I just posted a comment (don't remember the content) but I think it was saying that I was agree that your behavior did not sound logical to me but had also added that this was not your USUAL behavior...something
like that.

Then right after this comment, you, who were staying
silent for a long part of the discussion, came and post a reply to
someone and said: the stupid people who say .......referring to what I
had just said in my comment.

I then got very much surprised by your reaction, given the fact that I had already sent you an email to
tell you how much I was respectful to you!

Then latrer on, I replied to Rosie, saying that I was not regretting your departure from the site, as you had insulted many people there, including myself whom
you knew well that i was friendly toward you.

When you came
back to the site after a few days of silence, I came to your blog and
welcome you. You even replied to my welcoming post.

After that day, you have became very insulting to the people.

I remember even a few times, I came to your defense against the people
who were attacking you and accusing you to be a war-monger. I said that I knew you were a freedom lover and a humanist......

Then little by little I discovered another face of you, which to my surprise, showed a very dark image of yourself.

Thereafter, you always tried to insult me (and I believe it started after a blog where I was defetivley  against the Pahlavi Monarch and showd my disgust for the

Anyway, things being how they are now, I strongly avoid
you in most of the debate, because of your bad mouthing and vulgar
behavior. You even aligned yourself with a few IRI appologist, the most
anti-shah in the site, just for insulting me and ridiculing me and
posting some horrible (very rud and vulgar) video in response to my

So, now I don't have the same esteem and regard that I previously had for you, and you are the only responsible for that.

As for your other accusations about me being this and that, I just say: NO Comment!  People are intelligent enough for making their own judgment.

I will again post here, the  email of January 16, 2009 that I had sent to you. I hope I will find it soon.




by Rea on

Have taken time to read your links (mind you, have read them before in various threads). Now, without getting into details of how and why, a question from a non-Farsi speaker.

Did AN speak about wiping off the map a zionist regime, or did he speak of wiping Israel in it's entirety off the map ?

2 of my countrymen participated in the notoriuos Tehran Holocaust Conference, one of the 2 being an Iranian Embassy employee.  The same one repeating all over the place that Iran is a democratic country because everybody over 15 is allowed to vote (sic!). Well, the Embassy pays well.

My home country, given it's past, is particularly touchy about the issue. 

So, what is the correct translation ?

Darius Kadivar

Dearest Sid Why are you bringing Suri.into the Picture ?

by Darius Kadivar on

I am not responsible for her change of behavior. She is a Gossip mouthed individual who seeks attention and I am not the only person who has been exposed to her dual personality. Posing as a victim has become her only argument to justify her own personal susceptibility often triggered by a total misunderstanding of the debates or intellectual discourses taking place on a given subject.

I can even give you the exact reason and moment from which her change of attitude towards me started.

It was during the Gaza Crisis when my views diametrically opposed the majority of views expressed on this website.

All the ANONYMOUS Pro IRI commentators Relished at the opportunity to hit back at me and I responded with the same determination and creatively to demolish their views in an uneven fight. Me who writes with my full Identity and therefore accountability and all those with ANONYMOUS pseudos and Multiple ID's hiding behind their convenient comfort and making the most outrageous comments

In self defense I responded at worst creatively ;0) :


That seemed to have concerned or irritated Suri with whom I had never dialogued outside a public forum and who privately emailed me to ask me not to write so often on the subject. I merely did not respond to her email and she took that as a personal insult.

So the next thing she did was interfere in any conflict that opposed me to another of these ANONYMOUS attackers by taking sides and accusing me of having Insulted HER ( which I never had) !

Having seen though her dishonest and hypocritical behavior and pure Gossip Ridden personality I have since simply reminded her to mind her business.

I do not write to be popular but because I believe in what I write and in order to remain coherent with my own convictions. That can surprise people including those who may share some of my views or like me as a person or simply enjoy my contributions.

To those who wish to judge me on one or two comments or simply do not share my point of view which in itself is respectable, I will simply tell them:

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover !

If I start writing to please others merely to remain popular with total disregard for what I believe in then what would that say about myself ? Worse about my contributions or beliefs ?

It is true that there was a turning point in the way some percieved me after the Gaza Crisis. But I would write EXACTLY the same things if I was to do so again, because I believe in what I write. I don't always claim to be correct but I do not write gratuitously. At least I try not to do so without thinking about the reasons or it's consenquences. In the end it's about RESPONSABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY, and many ANONYMOUS Contributors like Suri Or MARGE Fail on BOTH Accounts.

So I won't allow ANONYMOUS Contributors or Commentators to Lecture Me on those grounds under their BOLD STANCE of ANONYMOUS Replies or Comments.

Many at the time abruptly judged me for my questioning Iran's involvement in the Gaza Crisis and in manipulating popular and my harsh criticisms of the likes of Iranian Scholar Hamid Dabashi or his Likemind George Galloway. That was judged as an indifference to human sufferings particularly of the Palestinian people. My views were closer to those of Fred at the time on this question and that resulted to even having a Hypocrite IRI Apologist like Q to blog on me to which I responded back vehemently in order to defend my honor. The Result was being banned for two weeks while Q's CYBER EGO was Flattered making him think that he enjoys some kind of credibility or popularity.

Well I won't change a comma as to what I think simply to please their likes ...

I may oppose someone's opinion but will be ready to stand and defend him if he is unjustly attacked. For instance I have opposed Iran's Blogfather Hossein Derakhshesh who was also a former contributor here. I disagreed on EVERYTHING he said and If we were to debate on the same issues I would write EXACTLY what I wrote a the time because my criticisms are not aimed at a person but his or her ideas. The Young man who was defending the IRI so wholeheartingly is paying for his freedom of speach in a prison cell in IRan because he visited Israel but who on cares ?

When there are Concerts organized by when have former contributors who are no more with us been paid a tribute ?


Who remembers the beautiful Shahla Sammi ( also a monarchist) who died from cancer in 2006 never lived to see even the Green Protests which would have certainly made her proud and hopeful for a future democratic Iran.

When the Gaza conflic happened I was perfectly aware of the ideological and philisophical implications in this unfortunate military operation spearheaded by a paranoiac Israelian State.

What an ideal gift to the IRI whose president had already held a conference two years earlier to evaluate the reality of the Holocaust .

HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV

At the time I actually highlighted fellow Iranians ( many prominent writers, artists and public faces in the Diaspora) who were courageous against all odds to stand up against this manipulation and which I was one of the rare people to highlight this in the Iranian Diaspora Press ( be it on the or elsewhere) to general indifference:

Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism By DK

Banalization of history By DK

An outrageous conference which left pseudo scholars like Hamid Dabashi ( Columbia Scholar and his own wife Golbarg Bashi a former regular contributor to this website ) who under the cloak of academic respectability ( very much as the Leverettes whom Dabashi has also befriended see Here)  has written some of the worst diatribes against the Pahlavis as responsible for not only the Jewish Holocaust but has also been accusing fellow scholars who see the Pahlavis in a more positive light for instance the likes of Abbas Milani or Azar Nafisi of being neo con warmongering Iranian intellectuals simply because the Dabashis are themselves jealous and less talented.

A conference which many on this website welcomed on grounds of "intellectual discourse" at a time when many including some of the Iranian American organizations presented as "grass root" refused to publically speak against and who willingly drew ridiculous parrallels between Ahmadinejad's Nuclear Stance and Mossadegh's Oil Nationalization overlooking all the human rights violations commited by the IRI which precisely the Bad Bad exiled Opposition were to Only one's to denounce. Many only recently converted to denouncing the IRI's Human Rights Record or like Dabashi became the self proclaimed spokesperson's of the Green Movement in the Diaspora.

Well the slogans in the aftermath election protests in Iran as well as the Justifications by George Galloway on IRI's Press TV of the repression of Iranian protestors Clearly proved my point right. 

17 Sept 2009 - Tehran. No to Gaza No to Lebanon, I die for Iran :


George Galloway on PRess TV talk show speaking about the Iran elections and justifying Ahmadinejad's elections:


more here:


Now the likes of Dabashi have become the self proclaimed MORAL Interpretors of the Green Movement:


Ross Mirkarimi has been amongst those who over the years has sponsored debates or conferences with Trita Parsi (NIAC) whom he befriends ( which is his perfect right) or Stephan Kinzer ( Author of All the Shah's Men) on Iran's future:


Apart from being an Iranian American in his own right, and certainly doing great things for our community let's Not forget that Ross Mirkarimi is also a Politician. So I feel that Reminding him that the Iranian Diaspora is also diverse in terms of political affiliation or opinions in how to deal with Iran may not be a bad but necessary reminder either ...  

Not in an attempt to convert him to my views. I am Not a particular enthusiast of the Democrat Party because of our experience with Jimmy Carter Yet not only I Never Voted Republican ( Therefore Never for George Bush) but the Only time I ever voted in an American Election was during last year's Presidential Elections and my Vote went for Obama without the slightest hesitation.

I don't want to drift away into another long debate but All this to say that I just don't like Hypocrisy and don't like to be lectured by ANONYMOUS bloggers like Suri or Marge who try and take advantage of their freedom of speach to bash the hard work of many other contributors like me who over the years have tried to alert, educate ( without aiming at any form of moral authority or superiority) on a variety of subjects ranging from films to Art, or history in order to highlight our Diaspora Identity and bridge our culture and make it appealing to not only ourselves but non Iranians.

Some like This Fellow the Phantom of the Opera ( former Faghan) take every opportunity to take cheap shots at my contributions (even to the extent of wishing for my Death publically without the slightest moderation from the website moderators, suri Khanoum Included ) which explains why I post back a Response Creatively as here:


Whenever I cannot do otherwise. Another fellow Hajmanitor even emailed me personally making threats and calling me names and I don't even have his real identity. He even divulged private info in public which I had never shared with anyone. I have even received phone calls over the years by IRI apologists who have found my private phone or even of those of family members in an attempt to intimidate me.

But on the otherhand I have received Hundreds of heartwarming emails over the years from Iranians both inside and outside encouraging me to continue in this effort of informing them be it here or on other websites which they can read particularly those readers from IRan when they are not flitered or blocked in their access.

I am a product of an Iranian father and French mother. I was born in the US and was in a Community School in Shiraz with equally American. English, French and Iranian teachers. Maybe that gives my contributions a certain cosmopolitan flavor that equally seduces or irritates, intimidates or attracts readers. Dunno ? ...

But I am proud of my Persian, French and American heritage.

I even helped back in 2006 as Head of PR and Press this organization in Budapest hungary promoting the Persian Diaspora Artists and culture as well as media  for which I gathered to following endorsments from Prominent Community Members WORLDWIDE :


During which, PersianMirror editors were Awarded for their work along with many other people in various fields of the Arts and literature ranging from Bruce Bahmani for the Rostam Comics, Musical groups/singers like Monika Jalili and Noorsaaz Band to Azar Nafisi for Her book Reading Lolita In Tehran, to Omid Djalili for his career in the movies and on stage, The Sufi Dancer Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam  or Shohreh Aghdashloo for her life time achievement in a career on screen. Or Reza Badyi for his entire TV career I even managed to get media competitors like VOA Persian, Radio Farda and the BBC to accept to participate and be awarded.

See list of other Awardees:


And their speaches :

// Academy&nav2=Members

I helped this project to take off against ALL ODDS and this amidst the Tehran Holocaust Conference which was shedding such a negative light on All things Iranian worldwide and particularly in Europe directly concerned by this question.

I Did all this without expecting any compensation in return or personal gain but because I felt it was important for the Diaspora community to do something worthwhile and show the world that we are very different from our current leaders and their nihilistic ideologies.

This was not done without some personal financial sacrifice and even Time but I do not regret it.

The organization has since held other events to try and promote a cultural diplomacy and my help in highlighting their efforts was determinant.

Same thing in terms of my support for Human Rights, since I was the first to introduce Nazanin Afshin Jam' Struggle to the IRanian Diaspora Press and VOA Persian.

Now if after all this time and genuine and sincere efforts doing what many here like this Clounesque Marge, Q or Suri or the Phantom of the Opera or ANYOTHER ANONYMOUS Blogger/contributor prefer to overlook and interpret my efforts as aiming at undermining Iranian unity and a Call for War on my very own Country ...

Then indeed I am A die hard Neo Con WarMongerer Monarchist while the likes of Hamid Dabashi, NIAC's Trita Parsi, AIC's Houshang Amir Ahmadi who have only recently jumped on the Opposition Bandwagon and whom many of these ANONYMOUS Bloggers Commentators take the defense or support regularly.

I am No Green Supporter,since I refused to even vote in this mascarade of an election but respect the choice of those who did.

But I am a Green, Red, White and Shiro Khorsheed Supporter in these lines:


And Celebrating Nowrooz Today is not merely a celebration. It's an Act of Defiance in defending and honoring our collective identity threatened to extinction and as fellow compatriots back home are reminding us of regularly:

Nowrooz at Pasaragardae:


Therefore I feel that whether we want it or not celebrating Nowrooz has become a Political act in the face of an UN IRANIAN regime that humiliates EVERYTHING that our country has stood for more than 25 centuries.

We need to show the World that OUR GENERATION IS AWAKE :


The Polish Solidarnosc Movement was also built upon the same grounds of trying to regain their national identity denied to them for more than 70 years of communism. Christmas was no more just a celebration but an opportunity to show support for their nation's resistance.

Not surprising that despite Poland becoming a Republic, that their national Flag is nevertheless a Royal Flag that of the Eagle with the Crown on Top:


So why is it so difficult for us Iranians to come to terms with our National Heritage and past when the Polish (to which even the Current Green Movement wishes to compare itself too because of it's  Peaceful Non violent Struggle) on the otherhand have no slightest complex ?

I am confident that this is the direction we will all be taking in the months or years to come.

The sooner we realize it the better.

But I am not a politician or a leader but simply an Intellectual who won't not switch his convictions on grounds of popularity.

Yves Montand whom I admire and is a far greater mind and Talent than I would ever be in my lifetime Said it best in his songs and carreer denouncing totalitarism be them right wing like in Costa Gavras films like Z:


Or in Gavras' The Confession:


But Suri and her ANN TELECTUAL likeminds would be well advised to ponder on their own weak and opportunistic behaviors instead of lecturing me on Intellectual Responsability or on how I should think or respond to people with whom I disagree :


The least I can say in self defense is that I have Always been coherent with myself and my convictions as well as Fully accountable with a Full Identity as opposed to those who have been attacking me over the years which I distinguish from those with whom I could disagree cordially: for instance Abarmard who is at the opposite end at a 180 degrees from where I stand politically but with whom I have always been open to debate and on equal grounds and with civility.  


Solidarity is a Two Way Process. I believe I have done a Great deal as a monarchist in extending an Olive Branch to those with opposite views over the years.

I think it's high time those who take Cheap shots at the Monarchy Like Marge or this Bloke capt_ayhab, :


Looked in the Mirror !

Same Thing for Q, Shah Ghollam, Sargord or Mullah Nasseredin and all the other ANONYMOUS bloggers or commentators often writing with or under Multiple ID's.

There are Worst things than pseudo Foul words ( which I rarely used) Likes calling Q ... MON Q or IRI Apologists OLAGH or an ungreatful community NAMAK NASHNAS!

And that is to sell one's convictions by opportunism or Hypocritical Political Correctness !

Farrokhzad -Irany Boodan:


This is where I rest My Case. Sorry if I don't respond back after this long thread but I don't think I can be any more clear or transparent as to why I made my comment.

Happy Nowrooz to you and Your loved ones nevertheless and Thank you for your concern and kind comments.  


PS: But I will take note of your kind comments and wise suggestions in my future comments. But no one said writing and reading was easy. It is a daily struggle for everyone.  


Mr Kadivar

by Sid Sarshar on

A few thoughts:I think your expectations of seeing “shiro khorshid” flags at this event is unreasonable.  This was not a protest or a march.  The event was sponsored by SF city hall and there was no political gestures of any kind.  People just showed up, celebrated Norooz and went home.  Some people are just not political.After reading your response, it basically boils down to this: you cannot expect people to think like you.  By becoming frustrated you simply are discrediting yourself.  You have been most effective when you provide information and point of views in your comments.  You are well red and one of the best writers on this site, use your writing(your strenght) to convey your message.  Your anger is hurting your cause.  Channel your pasion.I read most of what you write on this site.  You are a strong proponent of Solidarity.  If you truly believe in this, I recommend you apologize to Suri.  Please walk the talk (for me).  I will post a one of a kind something on Farah Pahlavi for you.  It will make you feel good and I am sure you have not seen it.Thank you for your contributions, and for the next Iranian gathering in SF, You have an invitation to come and voice your opinion and share a bottle of some of the best pinot noir around.Happy Norooz,Sid.

Darius Kadivar

Dearest Sid

by Darius Kadivar on

Just wanted to say that I meant No offense to your Beautiful Photoessay nor the People present. If I hurt someone or you in particular I am sorry and still want to wish everyone a happy Nowrooz Season of Joy and Happiness.

It's just that I do not see why many Fellow Compatriots particularly in California seem to always be  apologestic in regard to their Royal Heritage. 

In the annual Nowrooz NY Parade everyone carries at least a Shiro Khorsheed Flag not for Political reasons but to at least pay tribute to their history but show that they have not forgotten where they came from nor the Era they grew up under.

I cannot help to see that We IRanians in the Diaspora keep living in Self Denial of who we are and where we come from despite the nice things we can indeed do to promote our culture and have it appreciated and understood in our Host Country.

That in our own Country a celebration like Chahar Shanbeh Souri is belittled by our Current ZAHAK King Khamenei who wishes to ban it is of no surprise :

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah Jumps Over BondFire (1976/77)

ROYALTY: Royal Family Gathering Around HaftSeen (1960's) 

ROYALTY: Crown Prince Reza and Family Jump over Bonfire (4 Shambeh Souri-2010)

Nor is it a surprise that All NAtional Symbols that could remind Iranians of their glorious past is mocked, distorted or ridiculed by the IRI as below :

Islamic Republic of Iran's TV Propaganda tries to rewrite history by claiming Iranian are Arabs, Arian is a myth created by Zionist:


But that After all these years we  in exile ( most of whom grew up and lived under the pahlavis for better or for worse) continue to behave lukewarmly towards lets say the Shiro Khorsheed Flag or continue to be apologetic towards belonging to a Land of Kings is something that baffles me.

So Why Not at least try to Stop the Hypocrisy Amongst Ourselves ? ...

Persepolis was constructed precisely in order to honor all IRanians living in Unity and cultural diversity under the Persian Empire so that they could gather in one place during celebrations of Nowrooz and honor their King.

I don't understand why the Iranian Community in San Francisco seems to me as being less enthusiastic when it comes to acknowledging this fact that Nowrooz is deeply rooted to our Royal Heritage !

Jimmy Delshad doesn't seem to have the same reserves in honoring our Former Empress as the San Francsico Mayor or his Iranian Sidekick seems to have.

So My Blunt comment is nothing more than an ironic observation and nothing personal against the organizers nor Mr. Mirkarimi.

I would just love to see Iranians in California and particularly the Bay Area and San Francsico break the ice with their Royal Family.

It is Long Due ...

And Sorry again if my comments may have hurt your feelings but never take my comments too seriously.

Also I tend to have a sense of humor which the French call "Pince Sans Rire" aka "dry humor" which baffles those who get to know me the first time round. ;0) 

Have a Nice Sunday and thank you for your beautiful photos and interesting contributions as always.

Warm Regards,


PS: Recommended Reading :

BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )



Mr Kadivar

by Sid Sarshar on

Second video made me laugh, thanks.  I like your sharp sense of humor. Was this a response to my question below or just a misplaced comment?Sid. 


Darius Kadivar

Marge Say's That because She was banished Long ago ...;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

From My Son's Kingdom :

Marge (Queen Vashti) banned from Persian by Xerxes for Indecent Behavior in the Persian Court:


That explains her Recurrent Anti Monarchist views ...

So Never mind her IRANICAN Minsdet as opposed to an IRANIAN One ...

She doesn't Know her Limits as the Oversized Blue Condom on Her Head testifies



Farah Rusta

Mr Sarshar

by Farah Rusta on

" He started his speech by saying in his charismatic voice and appearance “I am an Iranian American”. "

I can't imagime why you should be so impressed by his statement. With such a surname couldn't be anything but!





by Sid Sarshar on

Got it,

Happy Norooz to you as well.



wonderful photos

by Fatollah on


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Don't worry Sid. I am a proud "Namak-Nashnas" (labelled by Darius) myself. Keep in mind, this is the same guy who calls Iranians OLAGH during Norooz. 

Beautiful photos and celebration. Thank you for sharing. 



by Sid Sarshar on

Please refrain from calling me names.  You don’t know the first thing about me.  You just put yourself in JeopardyJ



Dear Anahid,

by Sid Sarshar on

I agree.  I have never seen so many video cams and cameras in action at an event,  not to mention hired professional photographers.  I feel this year something is different.  Iranians are holding their chest up and are flaunting their heritage and customs.  Chatter around Norooz is everywhere.  I also see a difference in Americans perception of Iranians.  They seem more curious and kind.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Hi Sid

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You can only be proud of your heritage if you are proud of the Pahlavis. I hope that makes sense. If not, too bad. You are NAMAK NASHNAS!


Mr. Kadivar,

by Sid Sarshar on

Can you please elaborate on your comment on calling Supervisor Mirkarimi a “Namak Nashnas”?  Russ is very popular in the Iranian community and has embraced his Iranian heritage.  He started his speech by saying in his charismatic voice and appearance “I am an Iranian American”.  This was a very touching moment.  I think every child present at this gathering was influenced by this comment.

Regards, Sid.

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Sid for posting pictures of gathering in SF city Hall.

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Sid, thanks for your posting of pictures of Iranian-Americans'  celebration in San Francisco City Hall.  I have seen the videos of performances by Niosha Dance Academy dancers in this gathering and it was really fantastic. The energy in this celebration was great and it looked like participants were having a good time, all the while showing talents of Iranians in Diaspora. 

Darius Kadivar

Ross Mirkarimi's Annual NAMAK-NASHNAS Gathering I see ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on