Happy New Year Fesgheli

Little girl's delightful dance

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Murderers come out and perform bolbol zabooni

Angered by Khatami's demands,the Prosecutor reacts

Shifteh Ansari

Iran 'will try opposition leaders'

Al Jazeera English
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بهائیت: ازدواج با خواهر حلال، ازدواج موقت حرام!
Darius Kadivar
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Wishing All Iranian Dot Comers and IC Staff (JJ, Foaad, and Co) a Very Happy New Year 2011. May the coming year bring each and everyone of you good health, personal and professional success>>>
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هرگز شب سال نو ... >>>


Cut the Nonsense

Ending subsidies and the Iranian opposition

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Rationalizing Iran’s economy, reducing its avenues of waste and cutting down its budget deficit is not good news to the U.S. State Department, western mass media and anti-Iran groups comprised of old monarchists and also to the self-styled “left”, and liberal groups. To them, the worse the socio-economic condition of Iran and its people, the better for the realization of their hopes for “regime change”. Therefore, they consider each and every step of economic reform as an opportunity to incite the people and use them as a vehicle to come to power>>>
New Year's Resolution : "Just Be" ! :-)) >>>


Israel is a Trip (2)

Not there yet

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Just a few days away from boarding an El AL 777 to Tel Aviv, I got an email saying that our government-sponsored friendship trip has been delayed because Israel's foreign ministry is in the middle of a salary dispute. Foreign service diplomats miffed over being paid much less than Mossad, IDF and other government agencies are showing up at work in jeans, sneakers, and T-shirts that say on them , "I'm a poor diplomat." The first thing I thought of was whether those shirts come in extra large because Manouchehr Mottaki could really use one>>>


رقص ممنوعه

یادمان نرود که تا همین ۵۰ سال پیش هم نواختن تمبک برابر بود با خاری و ذلّت

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متاسفانه فرهنگ ستیزی، زن ستیزی، رقص ستیزی و موسیقی‌ ستیزی آخوندها از بدو ورود اسلام به ایران و القاب، برچسب و انگ واژهٔ‌های مستهجنی همچون مطرب، خالتور، بندتمبونی، روحوضی که هر کدام در حقیقت در طول دوره ایی از تاریخ مان بر سر زبون‌ها افتاده است و اطلاق آنان به نوازندگان و هنرمندانی که در حقیقت می‌باید قشر تحت حمایت جامعه باشند نتیجهٔ ۱۴۰۰ سال جهل مرکبی است که واقعا در میان جوامع بشری دیده نشده است>>>
Happy New Year Everyone >>>
You know me I am always on lookout for Iran’s First, here is one >>>

Why Iran must go nuclear

'Israel planned to nuke Arabs in 1980'

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Laughter has to be the best medicine

I try hard to laugh, but...

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On a rainy day in Southern California, you can’t help but think sad thoughts. And if it just happens that a good friend has recently passed away, those thoughts may be even sadder. However, it is precisely on such days when you need your laughter the most. I’m trying to remember funny incidents, but all can thin k of are stories that have to do with “death.” >>>


The Creek

"I think it will help me figure out how to be their father in America"

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They walked to the creek and on the way Hassan thought that his children looked like they'd forgotten all about the attendants though he knew of course that they hadn't. He had thought his children would hear the stories and see only the princes and princesses but they had seen the attendants. The thing he wondered if his heart could match was the way they talked to each other as if it was obvious. They talked like they had already been seeing them before they heard the story>>>