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در خرمن منظومه شمسی

01-Jan-2012 (6 comments)
تا دل منظومه ما خون شود
سایه جنگ آید و افزون شود

کبکبه و دبدبه کائنات
واینهمه غوغا و خروش حیات
Ari Siletz
01-Jan-2012 (14 comments)
40,000 new laws will go into effect in 2012 across the United States. that's a lot of laws, yet one could imagine the staggering number of proposals that didn't make it to the lawbooks this year. Below are a few Iranian.com proposed rules that probably would't make it.


01-Jan-2012 (48 comments)
یکی از فرماندهان برجسته جبهه نیروهای مقاومت جهانی >>>