Darius Kadivar
29-Nov-2012 (one comment)
Let is not be mistaken Assad must be toppled, Yet however legitimate and inevitable the struggle against the clearly illegitimate Ba'athist regime, I'm afraid nevertheless that a Post Assad Syria will still look very ugly ... >>>
تحلیل بر انقلاب ایران >>>
A very informative documentary >>>
29-Nov-2012 (19 comments)

I have always taught my kids to use critical thinking. A skill that is a cultural deficiency, unfortunately. After retreating to occasional reading only of this site, I stumbled on recent series of articles on Reza Shah. That got me to actually comment after a long time because I smelled a big ugly smelly rat. Those of you who are familiar with my work know I'm not a monarchist. However, I take seriously the mass campaign of systematic destruction of Iran that started in full force in 1973 with rise of political Islam the roots of which goes back to North Africa and early 60's but that is for serious history buffs. That 'great deception' culminated in 'asfal ol safelin' (their own terminology) taking Iran over through Shariati et al and then with khomeini whom I'm sure is rotting in his own proverbial hell as we speak. Shah mis-steps sure helped but to turn that into Sheikh and Shah is yet another part of a one of largest deceptions in history. But that deception is in full force now on all fronts from now demised NIAC and Dabashi and Mohajerani, Ganji and Mousavi, to their foreign born counterparts and mercenaries all over U.S. and Europe. The F$#@ing Chinese are the vultures feeding on the stench as they take turns with the Ruskies...

What you see below in Persian came to me today by email. He is one of the best known names in the opposition and one of the most honorable people I know; who generally has not been a fan of Pahlavi's in the past but unlike the demagogues, he is learning and adjusting. 

When you hear people denigrating Pahlavi's, think twice and practice critical thinking; ask yourself: why is this constant attack on Pahlavi's while the clear and present danger for 33 years has been the rapist republic.

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 ایرادهای بنی اسرائیلی >>>
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The Dutch do it best>>>
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A blow that would weaken Damascus >>>
Anahita is a key figure in Middle Eastern mythology, the goddess of purity, sovereignty and water>>>
Darius Kadivar
The remains of King Ahmet Zog, Albania's former Self-Made Muslim monarch, arrived in Albania >>>
28-Nov-2012 (one comment)
I noticed nobody talks about it - especially our hamvatans who support Obama!! >>>
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Support those who are after obliteration of Israel >>>
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ابعادی ناهنجار و نامتعارف از زندگی روشنفکر ایرانی >>>
Ernst Schroeder
27-Nov-2012 (one comment)
Argo is yet another Hollywood-cum-Washington attempt at dictating selective history>>>
Most Iranian children abroad are from mixed parents or if their families have moved, will have Khordad or Gemini somewhere prominent on their Horoscope. >>>
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Amazing things can happen in the cyberspace! >>>