A Palestinian state?

by Fred

Tomorrow, West Bank’s Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is set to request a United Nations vote on recognition of Palestine as a “non-member state” of the United Nations.

The purpose of this short write-up is not to get into details of many stumbling blocks to realization of a peace agreement including issues like the demarcation of the current and future Palestinian state, the “right of return” and many, many other intractable issues.

The focus is also not on the utility of recognition of a Palestinian state -albeit at this stage as a “permanent observer” - all the while a faction of such “non-member” state, namely Hamas, has in its charter the destruction of a member state of the United Nations, meaning Israel.

In any event, UN’s recognition of Palestine as a “non-member state” is a step in the right direction.

The question is what the reaction of the nuke acquiring Messianic Islamist regime would be. The answer will have a direct impact not only on Palestinians, but more importantly, on Iran and iranians who are suffering from 34 years of tyranny. 

Would it continue to arm and financially support those who are after obliteration of Israel, or would it side with the Palestinian authority?


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Let's Get Real!

by Demo on

What matters right now the most is not whether Palestinian will have their own state or not but following the daily soap opera of 'Who killed Yasser Araft 8 years ago???:'


Such a state of 'mind!' 

Shame & nothing but shame when hundreds of Palestinians were killed just a week ago for nothing!