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بمناسبت ٢۵ نوامبر روز جهانى رفع خشونت عليه زنان


بی شرمی

هفته نامه حزب موتلفه اسلامی
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خدایگان علی آقا رهبر؛ تبریک

کمپین بین المللی حقوق بشر ایران
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40,000 +



مگر "حضرت آیت الله" چه بدی در حق ما کرده!؟

این یکی "ستار" نیز مانند آن یکی، ستاره شد و به کهکشان پیوست

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هنوزم بخوبی به یاد میاورم که در دادگاه دوم، حجت الاسلام عبداللهی حاکم شرع دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی، وقتی نگاهش به اعلامیه دست نویس تبلیغی روی پرونده ام افتاد که در پائین آن با حروف درشت شعار «مرگ بر خمینی» با دست خط من نقش بسته بود، با چشمانی دریده و قیافه ایی کاملآ حق بجانب و با لحن زنگ داری که بوی خون میداد رو به من کرد>>>
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What follows is a modern secular persian wedding vows written by the Persian scholar Dr. Mahyar Khalili>>>


Part 3: Why I think Reza Shah was an idiot

An open letter to all my monarchist FRIENDS

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I may not agree with the Pahlavi or the Khomeini supporters and from your reactions it is obvious that you would never tolerate my criticism of your system when your group was in power (and you haven’t changed), however, I would still fight for your right to express yourselves and participate politically in Iran, not in exile. You and I and all Iranian citizens have the inalienable right to express our views freely without fear of intimidation>>>


Light from the Middle East

Exhibit at Victoria and Albert Museum

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There has been so much interesting work being made across the region, especially in the past 15 years or so, and although the V&A’s collection of photographs (which spans the history of photography, from 1839 to the present, and includes over 500,000 photographs) included 19th Century photographs of the Middle East, it contains very little up-to-date work relating to the region. It seemed like the right time to collect, and now, exhibit, this recent work>>>


The bird of paradise

I remember the bride, a girl even prettier than me, if you can imagine that

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Aisha lay in bed looking up at the crack in the plaster. The explosion had woken her up, silly of her to try to turn on the light, there had been no electricity for a week. Without light time flowed like honey. “I'm scared.” Mar was standing in the hall, not coming in after she got mad at him for rummaging through her things. “Ts, ts, come under.” He ran to her mattress on the floor and wriggled under the heavy duvet>>>
by Charles Aznavour and Herbert Kretzmer >>>
Darius Kadivar
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First Episode of the Popular Sitcome of the 1960's "I Dream of Jeannie" Starring Larry Hagman>>>
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We want Parazit back! >>>


ستّـار، ستّـار
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بگذار تا بنشینم و تنها بگریم
بر کوه و دشت و جنگل و صحرا بگریم

بگذار تا رعدی شوم در کوهساران
یا همچو ابری تیره بر دنیا بگریم >>>
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It gave them eveything they wanted >>>