Ann Curry of NBC, a mockery of journalism


afshin jam
by afshin jam

Bravo NBC. Bravo Ann Curry.
You got your ratings.

recent NBC/ Ann Curry’s interview here: //

As a reporter,
Ann Curry of NBC did
what she was told to do either
by Ahmadinejad’s press secretary and or by
NBC. The interview was a travesty. It was a repeat of frequently asked
questions with the same demagogic answers by Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad did his usual
trickery to fool audiences, degrading all human rights activists and
organizations fighting for decades for freedom and democracy. It was a
propaganda fanfare for the promotion of this master demagogue. Bravo to NBC
and Ann Curry for rendering such priceless service for the regime of the Islamic
Republic of Iran.

anyone stopped to think about the oppressed citizens of this ancient land called
Iran? Millions of them are wishing you could have asked why thousand of writers
and intellectuals, members of the clergy, students including the ex-prime
minster, Mr. Mousavi, the ex speaker of parliament, Mr. Karroubi, and other
respected officials are incarcerated without trial? Millions wished you would
have asked about medieval stoning and executions that take place every day,
about the level of poverty and unemployment in such an oil rich country or about
the social value of women. What about addressing the billions of petro dollars
that are funneled to terrorist organizations around the

Giving President Ahmadinejad a
platform is akin to the indirect endorsement of terrorism at the cost of
millions of obliterated lives, not that anyone seems to care.

Mr. a.afshin

Iranian Canadian


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