Why the media should boycott Ahmadi Nejad on his next trip to NY


afshin jam
by afshin jam

Why the media should boycott Ahmadinejad on his next trip to NY

Attempts by those who are trying to get NY’s hoteliers to once again reject Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his delegation’s stay on his upcoming trip to the UN’s General Assembly in September 2011 should be lauded. However, since previous attempts have not always been successful, other methods should be considered to make the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran know he is not welcome.

Ahmadinejad should get a taste of his own medicine by being denied what he has denied his own citizens: freedom of speech. He has proven time and time again, without shame, to blatantly lie in interviews conducted during his UN visits.

A demagogue and well-known “master of deception”, he skillfully dodges answers to questions by simply reverting the questions back to the interviewer. In the last few years we have seen him manipulate experienced senior news anchors including Larry King and Charlie Rose. The Western media has not taken advantage of exposing his despicable lies and the terrors committed under his regime. Why give him the spot light and demoralize millions of freedom loving Iranians who dream of having a democratic Iran? The best and most effective method to dishonor him is for the media to boycott him.

If the media is unwilling to boycott him, at the very least they should have Iranian experts at hand to intelligently debate him and expose his mendacity.

A message to the international community: Please help in whatever way possible to convince your local media to boycott Ahmadinejad during his visit to the United Nations. By humiliating Ahmadinejad we will not only be sending a message that he is a persona non grata but we will be showcasing our support and solidarity with the vast majority of Iranian people, giving them hope and the encouragement to continue their peaceful struggle for change and quest for freedom and democracy.

Mr. A. Afshin Jam

Iranian-Canadian activist

Vancouver, Canada


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Bring him on ! Hang the IRI's foul Human rights around his neck

by bushtheliberator on

Give Mr. A even more publicity than he asks for ! And, while they may not be YOUR pals, you should also bring a mob of turbans, and white beards to question the Theo-Thugs claim to be " Islamic"

 "all publicity is( NOT) good publicity" if its the IRI's human rights .