Enjoy and Celebrate Life

by Ahura

What a shame to see that Iranians are being brainwashed into a cult of depressed dead worshipers and flagellating masochists instead of healthy people enjoying and celebrating life. May be Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in his coming visit to Iran can show Ahmadinezhad that Carnivals are more fun that Mourning Processions. No chance that the mullah fanatic rulers could fathom the psychological issues involved here, but the Iranian youths will soon overthrow this theocracy and restore life and sanity to Iran.


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Not a role model

by Cost-of-Progress on

but since our culture is older than Brazil and most other nations, it is sad to see institutionalized morde parasti and arab parasti and being kaaseye daagh tar az ash.

Ture that partying does not repair social ailements, but what we have now, the 2nd ghadesiyeh, is worse than anything imaginable in the  Free world.

Besides, who said that religion can legislate morality?

Ahura, I'm with you bro'.





Vocabulary 101, thanks. I had to look it up.

by comrade on

I didn't know I was digressing, until you -my learned friend- asked me to juxtapose social issues, as if there is no overlapping. 

The happy dancer in your video, my friend, can be the sister, or the mother of the young whore in mine.

Don't try to make them a role model for us, Just because their President is talking to A.N. these days. My friend.


Comrade, Don’t Digress

by Ahura on

What I posted is to contrast the mullah’s culture of death and mourning in Iran with the joy of celebrating life in Brazil. There is no explicit or implied discussion of utopia and denial of poverty and social ills that you seem to have understood from it. The favelas of Brazil are well known, and so are the human trade and drug trafficking in the world. Please post a blog on those issues for discussion by interested people.


A wet blanket

by comrade on

I don't want to be a party pooper, but I have to remind you that by replacing the Friday's prayer sermons with the dance festivals, problems won't evaporate, like a magic.

The reality is far graver than our digital fantasy.