Tehran Has No More Pomegranates (2007)

by Ahura

Tehran Has No More Pomegranates (2007)
Director: Massoud Bakhshi
Language: Persian [English Subtitle]

تهران انار ندارد - مسعود بخشی from Sin on Vimeo.


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Mr. Benross

by Ahura on

Thank you very much for the link. I did not know about the review.  

On a different note sorry for not responding to your only question from many remarks you had made on my posted comments about different issues. No disrespect was intended. I thought the response was an obvious "No", but the statement "Iranians are ...." was a general one and did not mean all Iranians. Specially in the context of the first paragraph which was used as Iranians under IRI regime excluding the expatriates.

Of course, no one can speak for the people but themselves and any reference to Iranians is only valid in a general statistical context. In my experience the majority of Iranians are more or less believers in Islam who live and die following the teachings of mullahs. The statistics that Dr. Masoud Kazemzadeh has published is from the university students and Tehran residents, not the general public, but indicates where the society is aspiring to go.



An excellent review of the

by benross on

An excellent review of the film was already posted here in IC last year, by Ahmad Sadri.