An Unscientific Poll From Iranian IC Readers

by Ahura

1. Do we, Iranians, have a right to know the wealth of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his immediate family members when they left Iran in 1979?

2. Why Mr. Reza Pahlavi and Mrs. Farah Diba Pahlavi do not make their inheritance and wealth, as of 1979, a public record, or if they have done so, where can one find those documents?

Please view these questions not as a divisive ploy to distract us from our urgent effort of replacing the IRI terrorist regime with a secular democracy in Iran. Furthermore, there is no offense intended to Iranians of any political affiliations, although I plead guilty to using very descriptive but provocative adjectives of shahollahis and hezbollahis in my writings. That is the extent of my uncivil language.


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Hamsade main source of Shah's wealth is in "Trust"

by Anonymouse on

While nothing is certain and no one knows nothing about anything or any wealth :-) if you have some patience and time you may want to follow these clips and the comments and more links in it and in one part the guy says in his interview that the main source of Shah's wealth is in a Trust which he (as a thief) and Prince Chubby (as an incompetent spoiled brat) could not steal or flush down the toilet.

It's not just the thief cousin guy, Farah herself in response to the question in one of those clips when asked about how did you survive said well ala-hazrat left us some means.  That "means" is more likely the Trust fund.  So IRS should know the Trust fund and its amount.

The rest of the wealth hidden elsewhere doesn't sound like much.  Prince Chubby probably just squandered it here and there.

Everything is sacred

hamsade ghadimi

as a resident monarchist said: "[dictators] are not accountable"

by hamsade ghadimi on

1. no.  unless there is a written law somewhere that gives iranians the "right" to know this information (e.g. right to know law, freedom of information act).  do i want to know?  heck yea.  also, if the monarchists question the wealth that's being siphoned off by the mullahs, then they should also exercise that curiosity toward the monarch family.

2. they're behaving like most people.  they do not currently hold a public office; therefore, they need not publicly disclose their holdings.  i think there are various ways to hide your wealth and we cannot readily find out the true worth of monarch family from irs.  however, if rp is jockying to officially get a monarch title, then he should be transparent about himself including financial holdings.

i'm more interested in the monarch family taking responsibility for their misdeeds that led iran to the mess that it is rather than the disclosure of their wealth.  if they do the former, the latter nooshe jaaneshaan.  that would be worth their attempt to reconcile with the iranian people.


1. Yes. 2. Because they don't have to. IRS should know it.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred



by Agha_Irani on

The Islamist presidential so called election is a mockery of democracy and fairness.  Why would anyone in their right mind waste their time on an event where the result is decided by a handful of illiterate mullahs?


everybody here

by onlyinamrica on

If you had their opportunities and positions, you would do the same.

Iranians are thieves by nature. 


He lost most of it

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

whatever they, the pahlavi family, took with themselves out of Iran has been lost due to incompetence. Check the Fobbe magazine list of the wealthiest pepole published every year, is Redza pahlavi on it?

ram jams


I vote "Yes" to the question!

by P_J on

Although, I think their chances of doing anything is zero to none!   Iran and Iranians are far more sophisticated than we think, and have moved on...these people are Immaterial   

He should join the Qajar crown prince(s) in waiting!   They have been waiting in Switzerland for 85+ years!


Thanks for your responses

by Ahura on

No one can deny the plundering of Iranian wealth by the IRI mullahs who are enemies of Iran and Iranian pre-Islamic culture. There is no intention to juxtapose Pahlavi regime and IRI regime and compare and contrast their performances. IRI by far wins the medal for cruelty, crime, theft, autocracy, brainwashing the vulnerable youths, expanding superstition and prejudice, institutionalizing savagery (basigi & IRGC), and violations of human rights. If you prefer to deal with those issues fine, one can get a consensus on that too, but please try to respond to the questions.

Again the aim is not to divide us in establishing a unified opposition group and facilitating the overthrow of IRI by Iranians back home. Thanks for all your comments.


"khalifa Khamenei's 18.5 billions in gold and banknotes!"

by fooladi on

Was a small change as far as khalifa is concerned. I guess it was there to finance the hiding places he and his associates need in canada, US and western Europe after their regime is overthrown.

I also hear that lebanese fat boy mullah massrullah of hizbullah, have quite an appetite for swiss food served in lake side villas on lake lugano :) 

Anonymous Observer

Tell you what

by Anonymous Observer on

I think that they should disclose the wealth when the IRI manages to get the $880.00 million that it paid to Russia for S-300's that will never be delivered, AND when the IRI discloses how much it has paid Hamas and Hezbollah out of Iranian people's money for the past 31 years.  Deal?  

mola in boshkeh

Ahura, whenever your pals (Mullahs & Sons) came out of Boshkeh &

by mola in boshkeh on

dropped their ABAAs, AmMaMehs, and TumbAns, and voluntarily submit to bodily cavity check then we may consider others to reveal their financial data. Get your priority straight!  


The answer to your question is YES

by MM on

The answer to your question is YES.  The Shah himself introduced the law; "as koja avarehie" to combat the corruption in Iranian sectors. 

According to the articles below and the law-suits brought by IRI in early 80’s, much of Shah’s wealth was in bonyad-e Pahlavi which was confiscated to become bonyad-e mostazefan (AROUND THE WORLD; Iran Moves to Sell Wealth of the Shah (AP, Published: March 11, 1982)). 

However, Shah’s foreign wealth is only estimated by a law suit in 82 to be in billions because of shortcomings in oil revenues quoted in the budget (Nation: Nobody Influences Me!), but much of the billions may also have been plundered by folks around him, and not necessarily the Shah (no one knows???).


Sargord P. wants to move on because he knows that IRI has even plundered much more than anything that the Shah could have, e.g., there was a truck confiscated in Turkey with 18.5 billion dollars worth of gold/banknotes that was being smuggled out of Iran (Turkey confiscated 18.5 Billion Dollars in gold & banknotes!).  They caught this truck, but how many more trucks did make it out to banks in Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Europe and Malasia? Here are the references for the IRI-head plunderers:

Iran Proud report: // and ireport in CNN: //

Ali P.

Here my answers to your questions:

by Ali P. on

1. I am curious about everyone's wealth, as I am sure everyone is curious about mine (or lack thereof). But, no, I don't feel I am entitled to know their wealth (though I am dying to know).


2. I don't know, and, I don't know.



One man's opinion.

Glad to have helped :-)


Ali P.



Sargord Pirouz

Move on, Ahura. Iran, the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Move on, Ahura.

Iran, the country, has. So should you.

The Pahlavis? Sure, they made off with a big hunk of the country's treasury. But they will never see the Meehan again. Big price to pay, just ask Farah Diba.

The Pahlavis have about the same relevance inside contemporary Iran as the Qajars. No one pays them any heed, many have not even heard of them beyond what they've been told in school- and it's all negative. Deservedly so.

My advice to Iranian exiles is to participate in Iran's presidential elections, and prioritize your political efforts toward your adopted country. Antiwar voices advocating rapprochement with Iran are needed.