Why numbers matter - MEK Rally


Why numbers matter - MEK Rally
by CIM

The MEK provided the estimate of the size of the crowd and that figure was reproduced as fact on the front page of Iranian.com.  See photo.   

As quoted from our original blog, Prong "(1)" may be the answer.    

 "(1) If you have a source for the 100,000 size of the crowd claimed, you print it.  It will not change that the figure is still false; at best it just shows that make-believe is presented as reality without editorial scrutiny."   

Remember to look at a photo of a community of a 100,000 to get a feel for what a population that size looks like, and compare that to the size of the crowd you see above in the photograph of the rally.

The sources for the "100,000" number are the group itself, with one exception (AL ARABIYA), which does not state how it arrived at the 100,000 attendee figure (similar to the way Iranian.com has published that figure).  The other media sources (AP & Sacramento Bee) make clear that the group itself claimed there were 100,000.   Hopefully, you see the difference between journalistic standards.  Two newspapers went out of their way to say, 'These are not our numbers ... the MEK claimed 100,000.'  Only AL ARABIYA and Iranian.com did not do this.   


  • "The National Council of Resistance of Iran — which organized Saturday’s event at a convention center in the northern suburb of Villepinte — estimated the turnout at nearly 100,000 people." (Associated Press.)
  • "SOURCE Organizing Committee for Convention for Democracy in Iran [100,000]."  (Sacramento Bee.)
  • AL ARABIYA  -  like Iranian.com - does not state how it arrived at the 100,000 figure.  





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One ought to ask....

by Bavafa on

He pays for these "100,000" peopel, not to mention the disgraced Rudy Giuiani fat fee.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Anonymous Observer

I think I'll move to Australia

by Anonymous Observer on

It looks as if it has a great welfare system, where one can sit on his rear end all day and set up websites, write blogs, research legal stuff, photoshop endlessly, use narcotics, pretend to be an organization, declare oneself a prophet, etc.--AND collect welfare to live on..and here we are in the U.S. "working" for a living. What a bunch of saps we are.

Now Wahid "ILoveIran"--I'm sorry, "CIM"-joon, how come, out of thousands of journalistics sites on the internet, "CIM," a reputable (chuckle) "independent media" thingy, is only focused on two sites, Iranian.com, and Iranianfacebook.com.  And how come "CIM" is so concerned about Iran and MEK?  I thought you were just a media watchdog "organization?"  :-))


You sound extremely confused, angry and worried.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Angry and worried you should be!

And "numbers" do not  matter in this case. Islamic regime and their Moftkhor west residing supporters dislike MKO, not because of MKO's dictatorial, cultish ideology. Not because of the behaviour of rajavi, but because the direct ideological  threat MKO  poses to the Velayate Faghih regime, from their shared ideological perspective. At times of great social upheavals that our beloved country is surely heading towards, what matters most is not the "numbers", but the ideoplogical appeal to the masses, of hardcore well disciplined political groupings hell bent on gaining power at any cost. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Let's be clearer

by CIM on

1.  MEK//www.stopfundamentalism.com/

2.  MEK//www.occdi.org/   "Organizing Committee for Convention for Democracy in Iran"

3.  MEK//www.ncr-iran.org/en/  "The National Council of Resistance of Iran"

4.  Iranian.com republishes the figures provided by the MEK as fact without noting where that information was derived from.  The 100,000 attendee figure is false and inflated membership numbers are often used as a recruiting tool by groups seeking to make their movements appear more popular than they are.  


Let's be clear about this,,,

by acopier101 on

The Sacramento Bee gives its source as, "Organizing Committee for Convention for Democracy in Iran".

The Associated Press gives its source as, "The National Council of Resistance of Iran".

Nima Sharif, reporting for "Stop Fundamentalism in Iran", appears to be his own source for the number of the people at the gathering.

Al Arabiya Paris does not mention its source for the number of the people at the gathering.

Iranian.com re-publishes (posts content generated by others) what is reported by, "Stop Fundamentalism in Iran", without having its own independent source for the number of the people at the gathering.