'BOOBOOLI, BOOBOOLI': Bahram Moshiri Mocks & insults Shah’s Executed Generals


'BOOBOOLI, BOOBOOLI': Bahram Moshiri Mocks & insults Shah’s Executed Generals
by Darius Kadivar

Khosro Fravahar a Constitutionalist activist from Austria responds to Bahram Moshiri’s slanderous and disrespectful remarks on the Military Top Brass of the Shah’s Army executed upon the Revolution’s Victory.


Bahram Moshiri’s ‘Boobooli Boobooli’:










Shah of Iran’s senior Officers executed:

Farrokhzad: Hamrazmanam:




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Recommended Book:

Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

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Manufactured video!

by Arj on

It's obvious that Moshiri's words are superimposed on these footages in order to throw mud at him. How pathetic! It's reminiscent of the IRITV and its lies, trickeries and manipulations in the fane attemp to sabotage its opposition.

This goes to show that monarchists are not only desperate to seek attention and sympathy from the unsuspecting public, but that there are no lows they wouldn't sink to in order to shut up their opposition. Their only difference with IRI is that they don't have the secret police (VEVAK/SAVAK) to follow up the operation smear campaign and arrest moshiri for "eghteshash-e azhan-e omumi!" At least not yet!



by Shemirani on


Sensitive or not chanting on someone's grave (after33 years) is wrong ! J.E eliminated everyone (royalist at first,second  leftist and marxist,then his own people,  activists aboard like Farokhzad or Bakhtiar), chain murder of Foorooharha,next generation in june2009...) without any distinction !!!!!!

 mocking victimes is politically immature silly and absurd and humanly disgusting !

now you can argue about details of program and we can desagree on lots of point of view as well !

 I can tell you this i already heard K.Fravahar remembering 1360's execution (without moking them) with respect , its not because you didn't heard it in the sample that you can jump on conclusion saying he is having a double standard ! ( i tryed to find you a link to prove you i don't lie but i couldn't cause too many programs to watch to find the sentence but i do remember i already heard him you can believe me or not )

about tudey 's case, Fravahar just gave two books(memoirs) from former tudeyi ....i don't see distortion, of course we know that both side are having their point of view! and personaly i can't say if they were true resisitants ( like Moshiri is saying) or threator to nation ( like Fravahar is saying) This is a historical debate;  nothing to do with maskhare kardan  dead people !

 i also desagree with your comparation with saddam,with all the default pahlavi regime had it was far from what saddam did to his people ! i desagree with uncorrect comparation, giving an aggrandissement of very bad things that really happenned ! this is also being dishonest by exagerating  but i understood what you meant : people like moshiri aren't seeing any difference !

lets agree to desagree :)

Moshiri not my cup of tea anymore but it was nice to " talk" to you !!!






It's a matter of honesty and fairness in reporting

by maghshoosh on

Shemirani @ 3:28am,

Individual sensibilities about how one should refer to the dead vary.  E.g., should we not refer to Saddam as criminal b/c he was executed by his enemies?  Besides, Moshiri's comments were about the behavior of the Shah's generals, whether or not they were later executed.  My point had to do with honesty in critiquing your adversary, and not fabricating material to manipulate the audience.  People who engage in such practices lose credibility.  Otherwise, it is fair to criticize Moshiri or anyone else if they offend your sensibilities or you detect unfairness in their judgements.

Moreover, Fravahar does not practice what he preaches.  Right after criticizing Moshiri for mocking the generals and not taking into account their later victimization by the IRI, which seems to also be your point, he starts justifying execution of military officers by the Shah right after the 1953 (28 Mordad) coup.  The only images of executed military personnel that Moshiri shows in his program are those of the '53 ones accused of Tudeh Party sympathies.  (This is between minute 17 to min. 20, as well as the last 3 minutes of Moshiri's video.)  Fravahar speaks approvingly of their executions, which took place in the absence of fair trials and without clear evidence of espionage activities. 

So, Faravahar employs both distortion and double standard in his arguments.

Nader Vanaki


by Nader Vanaki on


Nader Vanaki

maghshoosh: متشکرم

Nader Vanaki

از اینکه لینک را به اصل برنامه مشیری فرستادی و راهنمایی ات.  خودِ مشیری دانشکده افسری رفته و خیلی بعید بود که با نشان دادن عکس آن میهن پرستان و پاک مردان، اینطور توهین کنه.  راستش اوّل که دیدم خیلی غیر قابل باور بود.


All Pahlavi, all the time

by rationaliranian on

Way to keep the memory alive, creepy guy.  You do a better job than the Pahlavi family themselves.


Bahram Moshiri, a Breath of Fresh Air

by Ahura on

In the mist of confused babbles, falsifications, distortions, and profanities of Pahlavi supporters resident in Iranian.com, Mr. Bahram Moshiri’s talk is indeed a “Breath of Fresh Air.” Thank you “maghshoosh” for posting the program.



by Shemirani on

 Maghshoush,yes we know that the all topic of moshiri's program was about PRP... i even posted the full link few days ago  ....

you seems to be very pick and you are right to be precise but even if he didn't show the pictures while telling all this disgusting things is it tolerable ???

Mocking dead people is what we are supposed to do ?

 is it alright if i say all this young executed by islamic Republic in 1360 were "obash" "ghomar baz" alvat o drug users googooli googooli??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! well i think this mentality is not different from islamic rulers on power !!!!!! Its a SHAME

 you are picky yes but you don't see the main point or maybe it doesn't bother you much !






Good example of dishonest character assassination

by maghshoosh on

This blog and its main video are excellent examples of dishonest distortions of an adversary's comments in order to cynically manipulate the audience.  And by the responses posted below it seems to have had success in that regard.  I've only watched a few minutes of the 1st video posted above, which is that of Khosro Fravahar's program.  Fravahar superimposes a minute of Moshiri's mocking of the Shah's generals, for what he considers to be their professional failures, with various images of executed individuals by the IRI.  What the clip implies and what the commenters below have inferred is that Moshiri was mocking the generals on his program while showing grotesque and degrading images of their executions or executed bodies.

You can judge for yourself by referring to the actual Moshiri program from which Fravahar has produced his montage. The program was aired on 6/25/12 and is posted @

The particular one minute clip of it that Fravahar plays several times is between about minute 8 to minute 10.  Moshiri's main focus in that program was on Reza Pahlavi's recent German interview and Mohammad Amini's critique of it, which were featured at this site.  Even though he says at one point in the show that he will show some photos, Moshiri shows no images of any of the generals.  The death/execution images shown by Fravahar are entirely his own choice and evidently are deliberately supreimposed on Moshiri's statements to radically distort the context of his ridicule of the generals.  Nowhere in Moshiri's program is there any reference to, let alone any images of, the execution of the generals, which is irrelevant to the context of his comments.  In fact, the images that Fravahar superimposes are not even entirely of the generals.  E.g., around minute 1:30 of Fravahar's video an image of the executed Jewish industrialist Habibollah Elghanian is shown and around minute 3 of the same video you see the executed Mohammad Reza Amoli Tehrani, a former minister and leader of the Pan Iranist party, neither of whom were affiliated with the Shah's military or executed on that account.

The kind of superposition of death images and mockery that Fravahar concocts and implicitly attributes to Moshiri would indeed be patently sick.  But they seem out of character with the views Moshiri espouses on his program, and are indeed incompatible with the context from which they were excerpted.  This demonstrates what should be an elementary assumption in judging someone's views: Second-hand accounts people give of their adversaries are unreliable and often tarnished by deception.



by Shemirani on

What's wrong with this Fossil generation ?

Dead body don't have political colors and don't represent a system ! It's not because they were generals that you can allow yourself to talk like that ! so it's nothing to do with shahparasti !

What he did it's like me sharing few pictures of dead bodies Mass executed in 1360 and starts to talk rubbish just because i dislike communism, ITS COMPLETELY INSANE !!!

when your cruelty have no limit, YOU ARE JUST A SADIST you should go and cure yourself !

 Iran is already having barbarians on power we don't need more sadist !


Bahram Moshiri clearly needs the therapy of pretend TV

by bahmani on

We should not blame Moshiri for his childish tantrums. Spoilt children often lash out at everyone and anyone when their favorite toys are taken away and their mommies can;t come and wipe their noses.

We should not blame Moshiri.

He is rightfully angry at having been unmounted at the peak and prime of his life. Clearly, in his now 33 year addled mind, as he plays back the warped cassette tape of his re-mixed memories, it is true. In his mind it is the fault of the generals who selfishly and cowardly allowed themselves to be first betrayed by their soldiers, and then allowed themselves to be caught, tried and executed without so much as a flexing muscle of resistance.

Because Moshiri, in his mind was there, and had he been a general, why things would have certainly been different by god. He would have shown them what Generalling was all about. No Boobooli for Moshiri, that's for damn sure.

Although he left Iran in 1970. That's why he knows so much. Imagine how messed up Moshiri would have been, if he had stayed through like some of us until summer of 1979.

Actually it's better this way, he would have probably joined the IRI. He seems to be very easily influenced by the inane.

There is a highly appropriate American term for Moshiri, DOUCHE.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/


Moshiri is insignificant

by anglophile on

He is not worth the attention he is given.


Shah parast ha

by jasonrobardas on

need to shut the f.... up!


shame moshiri!

by kooshanmad on

مشیری حقیر باید خجالت بکشد


The humiliation intended by Moshiri, is A CLEAR REMINDER of

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the criminal actions of the previous generation that sadly gave Iranians the results of 1979 with no remorse.  It says volumes about those the late Shah peacefully served and opposed him doesn't it?  And ideally shows the majority Of Iranians those who are the ones who's minds are sick and need help.  This DK is supposed to be Moshiri's attempt to cry for help, though it is an act of emotional violence on the living relatives of these gentlemen and a desire to humiliate those who served Irans previous government and survived the crimes unleashed on them.  This reminds me of how low those who betrayed the late Shah had to go in order to bring the mullahs to power.



One thing to consider

by CIM on

I don't know who the subject of the article is nor do I know its author, so what I am stating here is a general principle.  

Follow the money to determine the background facts animating news sources.  Contact the gentleman that is on the television show that is being discussed.  Ask him: "Where do you get resources from to host a television show?"   "Who prepares your talking points?"  "Where did you buy your studio equipment from?"  "Does someone pay you a salary ... who?"  "How long have you been on the air?"  "Who are your partners in this business?"  "Who approached you to start this business?"  "Who operates the camera and the audio equipment?"  "Who uploads your programs to the internet?"

Of course, if you have questions about TV / print media / or radio personalities and want us to ask them these questions.  Just provide us with their details and contact information.  After we ask questions, we also do follow-up investigations.    

Remember: accurate background information always sheds some light as to what media content is really about.  


I see no difference between Moshiri and a Hezbolahi !

by Shemirani on

وقتی میگه ژنرال‌ها عرق و قمار .........من را دقیقا یاد حزب‌اللهی ۱۳۵۷ می‌‌اندازه

What a dirty mind, after all this year in the free world and  a secular state, he didn't changed for an inch, same old  mentality of ghom !!! Foosil !

تا وقتی‌ مردم نا آگاه میشینند پای هم چین اراجفی و فکر میکنند پژوهش تاریخی‌ شنیدند همین اش و همین کاسه خواهد بود !

بنظر میاد پارس ت وی‌ با صدا سیما مسابقه گذشته کی‌ بیشتر جفنگ میگه !



من از فرزندان و نوها‌ئ این مردان ارتش ایران( به جای این دیوانه) پوزش میخواهم، ایشون سنّ دارد ولی‌ حرف دهنشو نمی‌فهمه