A KING’s SALARY: Spain’s Royal Family Publish Salaries For The First Time


A KING’s SALARY: Spain’s Royal Family Publish Salaries For The First Time
by Darius Kadivar

The Spanish Royal Family has been hit in recentweeks by a fraud scandal allegedly involving the king’s son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, married to Infanta Cristina. For that reason and for the first time since 1979 King Juan Carlos has decided to publish how it spends the public money that it receives every year. Figures were published on theroyals' website.

The transparency exercise of the Royal Family comes as the husband of Infanta Cristina is under investigation for fraud. Spain is being hit by a deep economic crisis and the government has urged its citizens to accept hard austerity measures. King Juan Carlos is paid 292,752 euros ($382,600) annually by the state, the royal accounts reveal. The king pays 40% tax on his income. He gets 140,519 euros as salary and the rest is for expenses. (More Here)

Spanish royals reveal their salaries:

Spain's royal family have published their finances for the first time. (bbc)

King Juan Carlos is paid 292,752 euros (£243,560) annually by the state, the royal accounts reveal. The king pays 40% tax on his income. He gets 140,519 euros as salary and the rest is for expenses. Crown Prince Felipe gets 146,376 euros. Queen Sofia and the three princesses get 375,000 euros between them. The total budget for the royal family was 8.4m euros in 2011. The Spanish royal house hold has a staff of about 500, and just over 4m euros out of the 8.4m total was spent on them. The Spanish news website ABC said the family did not disclose how much was spent on clothes, hair styling or other personal items. The release of royal budget figures on Wednesday was in the spirit of transparency and modern times, the palace said.






Spain's King Juan Carlos suspends son-in-law from official events:

Madrid, 13 Dec (EFE).- The son-in-law of Spain's King Juan Carlos, Iñaki Urdangarin, has been relieved of taking part inthe royal family's official duties, according to the Zarazuela Palace chief of staff, Rafael Spottorno, because of an open investigation into the Duke of Palma's businesses and an alleged case of misuse of public funds.

Duke summoned to testify in Spain corruption case (Euronews):

Iñaki Urdangarin, son-in-law to the King of Spain, has been summoned to appear before a court on the Spanish island of Majorca in a corruption case.

Spanish duke Inaki Urdangarin to appear before judge (bbc)

The son-in-law of Spain's King Juan Carlos has been summoned to appear before a judge over allegations of corruption. A court in Palma, Majorca, has summoned the Duke of Palma, Inaki Urdangarin, to appear on 6 February.
The duke, married to Princess Cristina, is being investigated over claims he misused public funds given to a foundation he ran. The former Olympic handball player has denied any wrong doing. In the wake of the accusations, the Spanish royal family on Wednesday made its accounts publicly available.


Exact details ofthe accusations against the duke have not been made public. However, Spanish media have said he is accused of misdirecting part of some 6m euros (£5m: $8m) sent to his not-for-profit Noos Institute by regional governments to organise sporting events. It is alleged that some of the money ended up in companies that he ran. The events in question happened in 2004 to 2006 and the duke stepped down as head of the institute in 2006.

While denying any wrongdoing, the 43-year-old duke has said he regrets the "damage" caused. Earlier this month, a spokesman for the duke said he had agreed with the palace not to take part in official duties while investigations continued.

The Spanish royal family responded to the allegations against the duke by announcing it would make available a full breakdown of its annual budget. The palace said that the release of royal budget figures on Wednesday was in the spirit of transparency and modern times.

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Faramarz Jan How about a Jordanian accent ?

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Time to Outsource Royal Family!

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Dk Jaan,

If the wage cut didn't fix the problem, they should look into outsourcing the Royal Family to Bangalore, India!

I am sure that it will be cheaper and as effective, if we could only figure out the accent!



Darius Kadivar

Spain royal family follows public sector wage cut

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Spain royal family takes wage cut (bbc)



Spain's King Juan Carlos and his family announce that they are trimming their own salaries, following a recent bitterly contested cut to public sector wages.


The king will lose 20,900 euros (£16,400; $25,660) from his salary of just over 292,000 euros for the year - a cut of 7.1%.

In total, the 8.3m euro royal budget will be cut by 100,000 euros in 2012.


Darius Kadivar

Spain reveals €100bn capital flight

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Spain reveals €100bn capital flight (cnn)


(Financial Times) -- Madrid was dealt a double blow on Thursday after it emerged that almost €100bn in capital had left the country in the first three months of the year and the head of the European Central Bank lambasted its handling of Bankia, the troubled Spanish lender.


  • Almost €100 billion in capital has left Spain in the first three months of the year
  • Data appears to corroborate earlier assessments investors are selling Spanish assets
  • The head of the ECB also lambasted Spain's handling of troubled lender Bankia


Darius Kadivar

Spaniards moving money out of Spain

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Spaniards moving money out of Spain (bbc, VIDEO)


European Central Bank president Mario Draghi says that eurozone leaders must decide what they want the bloc to look like in the future, because the current set-up is "unsustainable".

The warning came amid more anxiety about the state of Spain's economy, and as new data showed that Spaniards are sending money out of the country at the fastest rate since records began.

Europe Editor Gavin Hewitt reports from Madrid. 

Darius Kadivar

Spain bond yields jump above 6%, raising bailout fears

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Spain bond yields jump above 6% (bbc)


The implied cost of borrowing for Spain jumps above 6% ahead of two key auctions, raising again the prospect of a bailout.

Darius Kadivar

Euro leaders watch on as Madrid pushes through cuts

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A strike has been called in Spain on Thursday - the first since Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy came to power.

The unions are angry about reforms that will make it easier to hire and fire workers. Their banners will read "Unfair - say 'no' to the labour reform law".

The government says these reforms are key to making Spain more competitive and eventually bringing down the country's chronic unemployment.

The unions see it not just as a trial of strength but as a battle over the future of the welfare state.

Spain's struggles (bbc)



Darius Kadivar

General strike under way in Spain

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General strike under way in Spain (bbc)


A general strike is under way in Spain to protest against labour reforms which the government hopes will help cut unemployment.


Darius Kadivar

Spain's 'most indebted town' fight

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Spain's 'most indebted town' fight (bbc, VIDEO)


Peleas de Abajo, a town in the north-west of Spain with only 240 inhabitants, has accumulated a debt of 4.6 million euros (£3.8 million).

The sorry state of affairs made the place - which has a name that could be translated as Down Fighting - known as the most indebted town in Spain.

Eric Camara reports. 



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Lost Generation: Fears for the future in Spain

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Fears for the future in Spain (BBC, VIDEO)


With much of Europe racked by economic gloom, few countries are feeling the pain more than Spain which has the highest jobless rate in the EU, with almost one in four people out of work.

As part of the BBC's lost generation series Jose-Maria, a 23 year old student from Madrid shared his experiences and fears of a difficult future as Spain struggles with an unprecedented period of economic austerity. 

Darius Kadivar

Iran launches Spanish TV channel

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Iran launches Spanish TV channel (bbc)


The Iranian government launches a Spanish-language satellite TV channel, as it seeks warmer ties with Latin America.




by hirre on

It's about the right amount I would guess... Spain gets ~8 M€, Sweden about 12 M€. Usually half is spent on keeping the staff running and the castles/buildings etc operational. Except for this the money (people's tax money) given to the royalties are invested by themselves in stocks, companies etc, so their total fortune is a lot bigger...

The problem is that it seems more shocking in spain because of the economic crises there, which I could understand. It's hard to motivate any money to basically freeloaders when you have an unemployment rate of ~20%...

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

now picture IF

Asking in Iran the same Q?


BTW I've been working with this persian guy for almost 20 yrs and....

he never takes in ANY salary (CLAIMS)  BUT the house is over

 $ milion and the 3 mercedeces are always there and changed every other year !!


Red Wine


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واقعا کارِ جالبی‌ ایشان کرد،هیچ کس و هیچ گروهی از ایشان این دادخواهی را نکرد و شاه خوان کارلوس خودش این آمار را انتشار داد.تبریک به مردمِ اسپانیا.

ممنون داریوش جان.