VOA OFOGH: Abbas Milani on Ali Shariati’s Intellectual Legacy


VOA OFOGH: Abbas Milani on Ali Shariati’s Intellectual Legacy
by Darius Kadivar

Abbas Milani say’s that Ali Shariati was a mediocre thinker who nevertheless played a major role in the advent of the Islamic Revolution.

Siamak Dehganpour Hosts VOA talk show OFOGH with Abbas Milani, Hassan Youssefi Eshfekary and Soroush Daba

Abbas Milani on Ali Shariati’s Intellectual Legacy:



Full Program:


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by Khasteh on

Decaying in freedom...agha lengesh kon.


A proper, immanent critique of our "Religious Mode of Thinking"

by Zendanian on

is not futile at all but a historical task and necessity.

Unfortunately very few criticisms of Shariety or any other religious "thinker" have been proper, or immanent.

Shariaty was confused, eclectic, and uninformed, yet some three decades after his death he remains a "popular" writer and his books are still reprinted in thousands.

What does this indicate about our national culture at large, and our collective intelectual 'sensibilities' and 'progress.'

We remain a religious nation, through and through. And it's not only the 'usual' suspects that one might imagine. Consider this: 

We call our Kings "the shadow of God,"  Zel'Ollah.

Khomini's first name was "Spirit of God," Roh'Ollah.

Our so-called Secular "thinkers" turn their 'secular' this-worldly intellectual mentors from Marx to Weber, to... into indisputable "Gods of Intellect."

We need a thorough house cleaning as far as our national religious mode of thinking is concerned.

As DM would say, "We're still at the bend of one alley!"




Futility to spend time on ISLAM & ISLAMISTS after 33 years of

by Azarbanoo on

experiencing this Garbage.

Arash Kamangir

Ali shariati was no more than a traitor

by Arash Kamangir on

ali shariati went in history of Iran as a traitor who sold his country to a cult called shia which only believes in spilling blood of other thinkg volks. People of Iran think of him only of a shia fanatic. 


he died 35 years ago

by Khasteh on

and your behind is still burning.....


Mediocre? Mr. Milani, you must be JOKING?

by Zorumbaa on

“Abbas Milani say’s that Ali Shariati was a mediocre thinker who nevertheless played a major role in the advent of the Islamic Revolution.”This coming from Abass Milani and his Stanford “ Think” tank is bit strange, I do however agree with the statement BUT I think MEDIOCRE  is too kind and gentle attribute to the first class charlatan who caused so much damage to the psyche of the generation of Iranians, particularly young.