American Hero of Iran!

by Eradatmand

He sacrificed his life in Tabriz in 1908 during the Mashruteh Revolution. Howard Baskerville was a young English Language instructor and a missionary member. A young American citizen who had chosen to come to Iran after his graduation from theolgian institutes in the U.S.

When asked about the reason he had chosen to fight the Royalists alongside the people of Tabriz, he said that there were no difference between him and other Tabrizi fellows except the place of birth which would be of no importance anyway.

Hundred years ago he stood for freedom of speach and freedom to chose his own government. At the age of 24 his brave heart was torn by a bullet from the Shah's soldiers. His tomb , still in Tabriz, is visited by many everyday.


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Still Fooled By "isms"!

by Eradatmand on

An acquaintance of mine,very emotional about the political subject being discussed, turned to me and asked bluntly if I were an advocate of Democratic-Republicans or Theocratic-Republic inside Iran. I stayed calm and focused on my words: "I do not waste my time looking for or fighting for any "isms" or names that many find useful. Thru history, I have learned that what defines a government is its action not its name". It is time we all refrain from trusting the labels; instead we should try to scrutinize the contents.