Marriage and Younger Generation

by Eradatmand

The last decades' increase in rate of divorce is unsettling, but if you search fot the reasons, you may find that our youngsters have all the right to feel indubious bout it!

Marriage has always been the sweetest , most difficult tasks that any two human beings agree to tackle together!; especially during such difficult times.

One major rule, though, still persistantly proves dominant in any marriage. "The golden rule" demands that we stay on the path of fair attitudes and true willingness to resolve any problem with the least pain possible. This simple rule plus the fact that our children have been spoiled by us into believing that they actually are the center of the universe ( in addition to being the center of our lives), has resulted in a false sense of security that they may find by not getting involved with what may make them to change their easy way of life! Marriage is an institution that must be built brick by brick. It is not easy, but when done correctly, it will safeguard you and your family wioth love.

Besides, marriage has always been a terrific experience for those who see it that way. Those who don't should stay out of it... There is no rush or no obligation. It is something that is not for all of us.  So we should say to these younger people that life has no manual, and we should play it the best way we can. Marriage is a prize that couples make for themselves, it is not a fortune to go chasing for ... Live and let live. 


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