Weak Reasoning!

by Eradatmand

It has always been like this! Generalizing a specific incident is not the correct way to analyze social and moral issues. If one apple is bad, the whole barrel may not be bad. Although the barrel is in danger of going bad if a quick response or action does not happen fast enough!

Mr. Hassan Abbassi blames the whole US and its citizens because a few of its so called soldiers misused their power in Iraq. For his information, rape and murder is not found only in US. Everywhere you look you may see atrocities committed by those who preach absurdities to public.

Mr. Abbassi must find another way to approach this issue, especially talking on behalf of the members of the Islamic parlaiment-the bloodiest criminals in the history of Iran. No other foreign power has killed so many innocent Iranian citizens than its very own Islamic Republic of Iran! We are definitely wrong to call all Iranians criminals, because we have come to see a handful of them within Iranian government and its police.

It is easy to become emotionally judgmental. The correct way to analyze things is to stay objective and true.


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Maryam Hojjat

Excellent Point

by Maryam Hojjat on

Abasi is an idiot thug of  IRI/IRR. No person with a sound mind must   listen to him or any other akhoond thug.