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Aryans of 3,000 BC and earlier believed in the constant struggle between Good and Bad. The ultimate help from man in this equation was to cherrish all in nature in order for Good to succeed to move forward- re-birth... Therefore, humans could assist Mithra within their own communities on Earth!

The Aryans also believed that Family (Janaatha) was central nucleous of their world as Sun is for the universe. And, the center of each family was its parents (Petherae and Methrae - Father and Mother - Pedar and Madaar). The word "Arya" meant "Noble". And indeed they were, considering the limited number of civilizations before them all engulfed in idol worshipping and human sacrifices in parts of China and Mesopothamia. Aryan boost in civilization came later, but their worldviews were superb. Thus the dualistic approach of Zoroasther, the Aryan Prophet, towards the universe found its roots in same Mithraism.

Later on, Persians came to believe that Heaven must be under the feet of Mothers ( the center of the family). Insinuating the idea that they could not reach salvation and the prize of heaven, unless their parents were content with them. This grand approach to the role of women among Aryans reached over to all directions, and into the Arab lands and even entered their holly book. Their Prophet rose to battle this horrific tradition of genocide of new-born girls among Arab tribes...

Familiar notion of Mother's unconditional love towards her children is portrayed in the symbolic love of Mithra for mankind.

In the memoriam of all Mothers and Fathers lost... 



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Great blog. Great subject

by Aryana-Vaeja on

My only problem with it is calling Zoroastrianism dualist. It is not. Ahuramazda is omnipotent and the forces of the druj (chaos), which includes ahriman and the deevs, are never Its equal or that of the Bounteous Immortals, the Amesha Spenta. The domain of the battle between good and evil occurs in the phenomenal world and especially amongst humans. There is never any assumption in the Gathas or anywhere else in the Avesta that Ahuramazda is somehow incapable of overcoming the ahriman and the druj. In fact whether primitive or the late Zarathushtrian theology of the Bundahishn is quite subtle and sophisticated on this point. Dualism proper is a strictly Manichean thing.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Zoroastrian prayer