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About 30 years ago Iranians craved for the new. They got the new, but it was not what they actually needed!History only repeats itself where people fail to remember the tribulation they suffered for specific misconducts or miscalculations during an important era.Some Iranians still believe by removal of the current regime in Iran the social order will return and economic welfare will eventually improve! Well, this was the original misconception about three decades ago! Also, that is how Iranians thought when The Safavid Dynasty was succeeded by The Ghajar. But the social improvements did not happen. And again, when The Pahlavi toppled The Ghajar, the so-called reformist government continued its indolence. And to prove it again, when the revolution brought The Islamic Republic unto power the hell got loose!

Impetuous politicians should learn not to portend prosperity just because they seek change. The social reforms need to be based on solid grounds of scrupulous actions by the people. Only ethical people may create and control ethical governments.  


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Lets not look for the...

by Ok Got the Point (not verified) on

Political change, but rather the Social one!!!



by Eradatmand on

I studied some of your blogs....... I like the way you feel for our dear Iran.

Maryam Hojjat

Well Said!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for your article.  Indeed very true.

Payandeh IRAN