What is Folklore?

by Eradatmand

FOLKLORE is the traditional art, literature, knowledge, and practice that is disseminated largely through oral communication and behavioral example.

Though FOLKLORE connects people to their past, it is a central part of life in the present, and is at the heart of all cultures–including our own–throughout the world. Therefore every tribal, community or advanced metropolitan gatherings of people can and do have a FOLKLORE of their own original world-view that can emerge in its art as well as its social civil life-style.
FOLKLORE has been affecting Arts and Traditions all over the world. The question is : can FOLKLORE affect scientific explorations? The answer is yes. Because FOLKLORES are by -products of our world-views that can in turn shape our life-styles. Airplanes are an extension of the myth of flying carpet of the middle-eastern folk stories. Discovery of Alcohol by Muhammad Al-Raazi, the 10th century Persian chemist, is another example. It happened during his research in order to turn any metal to gold, on the basis of folkloric tales in his period . The cell phone and Internet are by products of such necessities in our time as to stay in touch of latest news, and information. The latter was an absolutely needed gadget recognized by the western folks of the 21st century. Of course it was the same FOLKLORE in earlier times that found it imperative to use fast-riding messengers between citadels during the first Persian Empire of Achamendis period (about 500BC). And before then, FOLKLORE brilliantly demanded pigeons to convey such important news between tribes!
FOLKLORES are here, everywhere, interwoven with our daily lives, either we believe it's magical power or not.

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