22 Days to 22 Bahman. What will you do?

by Faramarz_Fateh

Thats right! About 3 weeks left.  What are you going to do?  Have you given this much thought?  Have you discussed this critical juncture in Iran's future with anyone?  Will you sit at home and just watch TV, listen to radio and read on the internet or will YOU actually do something that will make a change?

This is a once in a life time opportunity.  Don't let it go to waste. 


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mannya I wonder

by masoudA on

if you know how much your attitude $ucks.   I wonder if your sarcasm along with your dry humor is the result of feeling defeated and hopeless.   With or without you, Iran shall win this - while the question remains: What can you do? What will you do? 

PS - there are many outside Iranb who are doing far far more than you can ever imagine........ let's just leave it at that. 


What Will You Do

by mannya2001 on

Don't worry, they will do exactly like what you plan to do.  Watch Utube clips, post comments on ic, talk about the millions that were in the street, then go to bed.

next day, they will comment on the atrocities committed and they will start a count down to Nouroz and promise that IRI will fall and so on...the story will continue...time will pass...then they will go and re-sign their lease on their cars and houses for another 5 years...until maybe something happens then


Thanx FF

by masoudA on

that is what I hear too - but guys please stay tuned stay tuned.  

The date is 21 Bahman - but as FF said right now it is 4-6 Westwood.   I wish we could do something far beyond the regular Federal Building thing.   We need to get the 20-40 crowd join in and make a great statement.   By great statement I do not mean quantity (number of people) I mean quality - something that the media would jump on.   I am sure both Kiosk and Abjeez would be dlighted to join.    But we need a major Green statement - any ideas?


MM :-)

by Mehrban on

I hear you!  It is my understanding that Koroosh Zaim is a member of the National Front in Iran.  I believe he has a version of the secular constitution, I have been looking for it on the web.  I am hoping that Mr. Kazemzadeh (his first name escapes me) sees this and maybe post it here.   


Thanks Mehrban - where is Koorosh's version?

by MM on

I would not mind seeing an effort to compare, merge and critique all versions of constitutions for a secular Iranian government that are out there. 

One theme that is important right now is to bring everyone under one large tent as opposition to this Un-Islamic government.  As such, I would not even mind seeing a version / a vision from RP on paper to compare with. 


Only permit issued so far is for the Fed Building in Westwood

by Faramarz_Fateh on



How about translating this and sending to Iran

by Mehrban on

Great idea the way MM suggests.  I believe there are other attempts at the secular constitution for example by Koorosh Zaim (?) who I believe is in jail in Iran at the present.  It may be worth while to look at his version as well.  I have been trying to find it on line but no success.  


Faramarz - possession of full document is death sentence

by MM on


The possession of the full version of a document like this would be a death sentence to anyone caught with it in Iran right now.  That is why we need to introduce the Preamble (summary) to the activists in Iran as soon as we can.  Once they see the summary, and/or some demonstrators carry it on placards (especially the Farsi version), I am hoping that their hearts will open to hear the rest and they will know that it came from concerned Iranians, and not cooked up by another foreign body.  We are working on translations right now.  The preamble and the full document will be available for review in English and in Farsi on-line (at several sites) so that no one will be caught with it.


Dear David ET

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Let me tell you that I would be one of the first people to pledge allegiance to such a constitution. The time and effort you have placed in producing such a thorough document is valiant, commendable and thank worthy.

Knowing the psyche of us Iranians, I am afraid that Iranians inside Iran would not look too kindly at a document prepared by someone outside Iran.

I could be dead wrong.  But in my humble opinion, maybe the presentation of these ideas could be in another form other than an already made constitution.


David ET

How about translating this and sending to Iran

by David ET on


Masoud/Faramarz - please publicize any 22nd Bahman demos

by MM on

if you know of any demonstrations that are planned for 22nd of Bahman (permits issued) outside of Iran, please publicize them (place/time) here or at IIC.  Thanks.


masoudA/Faramarz - carry posters for democratic Iran too

by MM on

While on your demonstrations, carry placards/posters illustrating the foundation for a democratic Iran as well. e.g., see below:


4th DRAFT of the

The Constitution of Secular Republic of Iran


We the people of Iran believe in the following principals:


Territorial Integrity

We are one nation comprised of different regions, religions, cultures and languages. We proudly believe in and defend the territorial integrity of our ancient country Iran. Our government of the people shall not compromise the territorial integrity of our country.


We determine our own destiny independently. Our country shall remain independent of any foreign forces. Our government of the people shall maintain our independence free of any foreign influences and controls. We the people of Iran and our government shall respect the independence and integrity of other countries and shall not engage in internal affairs of other nations. Our government shall promote peace with all nations and countries of the world.

Separation of Religion and State

We the people of Iran mutually respect our different religions and personal beliefs. Our government of the people will remain separate from any religious institutions and influences and shall not promote or oppose any specific religions or personal beliefs.

Freedom of Expression and Information

We the people of Iran have the right to openly express our views and opinions. Our government of the people shall be transparent and provide all safety and securities for open and free exchange of views, opinions and it may not violate the rights to freedom of expression and information under any pretext or circumstances.

Gender Equality

We the people of Iran, male and female are equal and have equal rights. Our government of the people shall provide all safety and securities to assure that gender equality is fully exercised and implemented.

Human Rights

We the people of Iran respect human rights and our government of the people shall assure that the human rights of all Iranians are respected and defended and it shall not violate our human rights under any pretext. Our government of the people shall comply with the basic principals of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


 We the people of Iran and our government of the people, respect earth, air, water and our natural resources. We will not engage in those activities hazardous to our environment and our future generations and shall enforce policies to create a healthy environment presently and for years to come.  




by masoudA on

Do not forget - Green is using the concept of IR's 22 Celebrations to stage masses together.   It is being called 22 Bahman Party in Iran.   I was not hinting to actually have a party - but come to think of it - why not celebrate the Green movement.   We can also have a bonfire using AN and Khamenei photos. 


Dear Mahmoudg

by Faramarz_Fateh on

The more people join some sort of a protest the better.  That is exactly what I envision.

But perhaps a more appropriate and effective gesture from Iranians outside Iran is to do something symbolic; I am a bit on the reactionary side of things so I could only come up with burning of posters of Khamenei, Ahmadinejad.  Initially I was thinking about burning of the IRI flag as well, but since it has the 3 colors of Iran's real flag and the symbol of IRI is "Allah", its not a good idea and may (probably will) give the wrong impression.

I have been after getting a permit for the last few days.  Because there are many groups after the same permits for the same day, the LA authorities in charge of issuing permits are not cooperating.

Whatever group goes out to protest, I will join them.  But perhaps besides burning posters maybe others can come up with a better idea.




by Morveln on

Yes while they die in Iran - we can have a party in Santa Monica! Good idea!

Look at the vid in the subject and then reconsider your party ideas.



The best Post ever

by masoudA on

THanx FF

let's plan something big in America the night before 22 Bahman in Iran.    I am thinking 10-20,000 on Santa Monica Beach - a Party to celebrate the new revolution.  We can organize it from right here. The first thing we need is someone in LA Area to get the permit. I am sure members here will more than cover any expenses.