The 7th Imam and knee high boots!

by Faramarz_Fateh

Couple days ago as I was listening to the Iranian radio in LA, I heard that the government is planning to outlaw wearing of knee high or longer boots over pants; for women only ofcourse.

What the fuck is these people's problem?! Did Mousa Kazem (the 7th Imam) ban wearing of boots over pants? Who the hell came up with this idea?

Forget about the women of Iran. Why would the men allow this? Specially all the men below the age of 30 or 35.

Somehow I am starting to think there is no limit to what these filthy Islamist bastards can think of next. 29% unemployment and the government's worry is if a guy in the street is going to get a hard on looking at some girl's boots.

Despite all the oil, the entire GDP of ALL Islamic nations on planet earth is less than that of Russia, Japan or Germany. Somehow when we see a couple of nice looking buildings in Dubai we get impressed with the wealth of these econimically very insignificant nations in the middle east.

I think the non Islamic world needs to join together and boycott everything and anything Islamic. Once the money is gone and these filthy bastards don't have a reason to hang on to and stay in power, Iran can get rid of the shit and start rebuilding towards normal.




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It's Not About Boots, It's About None-Antarness

by ShamshirH (not verified) on

Yes, they ban the boots because they give girls a sexier, taller, curvier figure. They banned showing the hair because hair gives women beauty and femininity. They grew up seeing their own fat, wrinkled, hairy mother, aunt and grandmother holding their black chador with teeth while carrying the basket. They grew up seeing their sister as a child and then as a bride covered with the same chador. Now when they see a beautiful, thin girl with make-up in public they can not stand it, they stop her and remind her that her beautiful hair is showing and her heavenly body can be seen through 4 layers of tight clothes, they remind her that she's violating the rules of Islamic republic, the republic that was initially voted to power but later, stayed in power by the force of guns, they stop her because she reminds them of what they never had a chance to be, a None-Antar desirable girl.


To 24601

by dariushabadi on

If someone in the IRI says that about Israel, that "nothing israel does is legitimate because its existance is illegitement" you would fight it and say they are irrational.


Yet you say that about the IRI. At least the IRI was established on the referundum of the majority of the people (regardless of wither the people knew what they were voting for, the majority DID in fact legitimately vote for it). Israel however is a colonial state built on denying the majority a right in having a say in it.


Yet right is wrong, wrong is right, black is white, white is black. Deaf, dumb, blind.


Because it is known to be symbol of prostitution.

by 24601 on

Nothing that the IRI does is legitimate because their very existence is illegitimate.


Son Of a Bedoin?

by Anonymous0 (not verified) on

1- This name registration thing is overrated, for all I know you could be a darushabadi or another Son Of a Bedouin or for that matter bent of one.
2- Responding to a flawed argument is a flaw in itself. The claim that you keep mentioning an Israeli has formulated it does not change the nature of the flaw. Israel has its share of nutcases too.
3-The we in your “ we are talking solely..” includes you, yourself and your Islamist ego. Once you put forth false premise it is time to go for the jugular, the entire Islamism, and not just debunking yet another hogwash theory peddled by not accomplished demagogue like Khatami, but an Islamist sophomore.
5-If by a miracle you open your eyes and see the forest and not the lonely rotted out tree, then you will know the majesty of the creation and come up with a more suitable magnanimous creator.
6-Till then, be a good little Islamist and do one more set of mandatory callisthenic for the Semitic God to keep his wrath away from you till the next set. Your concocted creator is too pity and vengeful, you got to constantly err on the side of caution to escape his gory punishments


Do you know why they forbid long boots for female?

by Ghameh (not verified) on

Because it is known to be symbol of prostitution. Since these guys priorities are always related to stuff between the legs and anything below the tummy. How does this sound for a legitimate reasoning?



by dariushabadi on

hide behind your anonymous name, but let me ask you this:


You claim we mix apples and oranges, and make watermelons (which is a feat in of itself). But I gave you an argument. Instead of responding with a valid counter-argument, you accuse me of mixing apples and oranges.


I gave you an article written by an Israeli showing the economic situation in the Muslim world compared to the "Western/Christian" world. Now, what is your response to that article? Is it wrong? Do you have proof to the contrary? Do you have statistics and and historical research to prove otherwise? Or you just ramble with emotions and random made-up facts to prove your points?


We are talking solely about this articles argument that Muslim nations are behind, and it is because they are "Muslim" countries. The article proves that neither are Muslim countries behind, and they aren't even ruled by Islamic law, so it is secularism that failed them not Islamism. What is your answer to that?


non-existing issues

by Anonymous-she on

When a government lacks intellect and capability to resolve the main economical and political issues, one way to survive is to keep their people occupy with non-existing issues such as chador, knee high boot and so doubt, the  religion should always stay out of the governing a country - that includes Islam, Judaism or Christianity or whatever...


Islamist charlatanism

by Anonymous0 (not verified) on

The problem Islamist suffer from is an innate pathological need to mix apples with oranges and call it watermelon. Your pseudo history tou de force is good for Basiji boys who are enthralled by this sort of pedestrian demogaugery. You should take a refresher Abdol-Karim Soroush/Seyed Hossein Nasr course in Islamist charlatanism, till then be a legend in your own mind.


downfall of the west?

by dariushabadi on

I don't wish the downfall of any economy, western or eastern, islamic or non-islamic. Hatred is the way of the enemy. You hate Islam and anythign that rooted and branched from it, you are the one that wishes the downfall of "islamic economies" (to which you think a secular Iran would be prosperous, as if all other Muslim countries are run in non-secular style). Your argument has no bases, has no statistical backing and is ignorant and stems from hatred.


Each empire rises and falls, the people who are victims are always the citizens of those empires. Be it the Persian empires (who had caste systems similar to the hindus), the Greek empires (who were based on racism), British Empire (based on exploiting non-white peoples of the world) and now the American Empire (which has a $13 Trillion dollar GDP, yet has the most people in prison and is filled with slums and ghettos all within its own borders).

Iran is no different than America. The only difference is how rich its richest people are. The citizens are suffering in both countries from mismanagemetn and corruption. Corruption is the staple of man, not the staple of any group of people. 



Ask Santa

by Anonymous0 (not verified) on

Darushabadi my suggestion is when you hop on Santa’s lap at the mall ask for economic depression of the West along with the blossoming of Islamist economies, you never know Santa might grant it, till then dream on my gullible little Islamist, dream on.


Ignorant Gibberish

by dariushabadi on

The web site I showed you, was written by an Israeli. Since when has Israel created Islamist propoganda? When will you guys get your heads out of holes and realize the world around you is not FoxNews and White House Press Releases?


That web site had statistical proof, and full documentation that it is Christian nations that are economically suffering as a whole, not Islamic countries (even if you include US and Europe as Christian nations, even though they are secular to the dot).


Islamist gibberish

by Anonymous0 (not verified) on

Lets just hope this darushabadi is not teaching history or math to anyone except his Islamist brethren for they appreciate self-serving gibberish.


islamic countries

by dariushabadi on

Has Islam failed by Western standards?



And by the way Mr. Faramarz Fateh, if you actually sit down and calculate all the GDP of all Muslim countries (whose Muslim population is 80% or greater), you will find that it is much greater than Japan and Germany and 6 times that of Russia.


And this is a cut in history that you speak of. If you rewind just 100 years, it was Islamic countries that controlled the world, controlled the trade routes and therefore you could say that if you combined all Christian economies it wouldn't come even close to a single Muslim province.


It has nothing to do with religion or ideology, it has to do with power and who controls the world economy right now. Lebanon is in the hands of Christians and its economy is weak, just as is Israel's economy controlled by Jews. It's the fact that you are in a region filled with turmoil and the current rulesr of the world (US/Europe) are dictating the wave of economic control.


It was the image

by Alborzi (not verified) on

They realize its stupid, but they do it because who gets
hurt is not their people. The women who do it are liberal, educated and probably from wealthier families. That's not their constituency. Back when I was a student at Alborz, Mojtahdi (our principal) had a rule about beatle type of haircuts. One day he said well I know that they are not Alborzis.


reason for outlawing long boots for women

by Aghdas Beeshalwar (not verified) on

It was discovered that some women were hiding alcoholic beverages in their panties which were leacked into their boots. Therefore the long boots were outlawed to be able to figure out who is carrying the alcoholic beverages in their panties. Does that satisfy your urge Mr Fathi? Since this is a very difficult question, if you are not satisfied with the answer then go ask you wife. She may be able to help.



This nation must wake up and take control

by Wake Up (not verified) on

Iranians are still traumatized by brutality and savagery of Islamists in Iran.


All they think about . . .

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

The Western World is moving foward at a fast pace, while these idiots are finding ways to further control their people. I frankly believe they need to control more, because before it gets better it must get a lot, well you know!

But, isn't it good to know that if you end up fucking your aunt as a result of an earthquake you still got a ticket to heaven. Wow, vat a koonterree!


As dayee jon napeleon would say

by Daryush on

"Beghole napelon, tanha chizi keh hadee nadaareh khariyateh, khariyat"

به قول ناپلئون تنها چيزی كه حدی نداره خرييته خرييت


برای آنکه،

ایران قطبی (not verified)

برای آنکه، پوتین بلند مردان بیگناه را شهوتی میکند. وقتی هم شهوتی شدند، آنگاه مام میهن را نیز به سفارت انگلیس میفروشند.


This was funny

by Anonymouse11 (not verified) on

Duuuuude, this was funny