Assault on pashm!!

by Faramarz_Fateh

Saturday night my wife, kids and I went to a typical dinner party at a friends home in Orange County. A bunch of middle aged couples, their kids and teenagers. In our midst were also 5 college aged girls and 3 guys in their 20s.

I think because all these younger people were going to Vegas next week, they had decided to hang around with their old parents because of the holidays.

Anyhow, after dinner, within 10 minutes, all guys went to the living room as the poor women started clearing things from the table and prepare tea and dessert.

The young 20 somethings huddled in the dining room and started talking. Since the discussion of the men was about politics and I am just about sick of all kind of politics these days, I started listening to the young people's conversation. The topic, I found out soon, was hair! Pashmo pileh in Farsi.

I was shocked to find out all these young girls had done major laser hair removal. From upper lip hair to arms, legs and everywhere in between.

One girl had spent $3,000 and claimed she needed to do 6 more follow up sessions and $400 ea. Wow!

Another girl recommended a Korean Doctor who apparently did the laser hair removal work and charged insurance companies for other reasons; in her case, she was getting "treatment" for lower back therapy or something like that. Then one of the guys told her that doing such a thing will come back to haunt her because her insurance/health records will reflect a big chronic back problem.

The other shocking thing was that 2 of the guys had done their backs, shoulders and arms. WHAT ?!!!

When and why are we Iranians so obssessed with pash?!! I can understand if a woman wants to permanenly remove hair on her lips. But guys?!!

Back hair? Why? Why is it that hair on the head is so desireous and hair everywhere else so disgusting?




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What about the male counterpart?

by Curious (not verified) on

I think it's funny that so many of the threads revolve around k*ss talk!!! What about the male counterpart?? :)



by Gholam Ali (not verified) on

Faramarz, tell them to use "Vajebeen". It is much "Cheaper". Perhaps, Not As "Permanent :)


is that ur wife's pashmak

by mexican (not verified) on

is that ur wife's pashmak y r talkin'about?
we are not interested.



by Anonymous123 (not verified) on



R U a Pervert?

by No eavesdropping! (not verified) on

I see why politics don't interest you ;)

just listening...


bah bah che poostti

by bah bah che poostti (not verified) on

bah bah che poostti. no pashm o moo anymore. if we can why not! :)


A song/rhyme

by Siamack on

Aragh-e Aloo: yek k-ss-e bee moo

Araagh-e Limoo: k-ss-e pashmaaloo

Siamack Salari



by kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

I am glad they are removing all the pash o pele! I mean do you really want to share your razors with your GF so she can remove her sebel or damkhat - I don't think so!! Shave away!


a favor

by Anonymous22222 (not verified) on

would you please find out the name and number of that doctor and post it too?



They are bored

by Bored (not verified) on

What else should they do? They have money (from parents or whatever), not enough problems (like they do in Iran and other third world countries) and they get bored. So they work on their hair and body. It's just painful boredome, I think.


This topic is more

by Anonymous343434444 (not verified) on

This topic is more interesting than you think. If you compare pornography from the 70s with today, you will see a very big difference in the subject you are blogging about. These days, corporations have found new and better ways of advertising and getting more and more younger consumers. So our children are growing up rapidly and are sexualized earlier than before. As a result, prepubescent body, without hair dominates pronography. And that has worked it's was to popular culture and crossed over the what women and some men do to their bodies.



by Ashraf Kosoo Pahlavi (not verified) on

I was hoping somewhere you will talk about a "koss" without pashm and compare with one with it. I guess I was wrong. May be that will be your next article contribution to Iranian.Com.