Baba sad rahmat be Shah!


by Faramarz_Fateh

My younger brother just returned from Iran.  He took a 2.5 week trip there with his new girl friend.  This was his first and only trip since he left Iran at age 7.

His new girl friend's dad is the largest distributor of pharmacutical precursors in Iran so you can imagine he is not hurting for money.  My little bro had taken close to 300 photos from a party he attended in a house (well more lilke a mansion) in N. Tehran. First of all, the list of cars in the huge drive way of this house was astonishing.  Bentley Continental, Benz S65 AMG, BMW M6 convertible, BMW X5, Lexus GX470 and bunch of less expensive BMWs and Benzes.  No Peykans or Daewoos in sight.

Then there were pictures of the insides of the house, the furniture and 60" LCD TVs in practically every freaking room.  Men wearing watches costing tens of thousands of dollars and women wearing diamonds the size of hazelnuts.  The bling factor was higher than a rapper's convention in Los Angeles.

The most amazing thing about this party howeverwas not the toys men drove or the jewels the women sported.  It was the fact that half these people owned 10, 15 or 25 story highrises lock stock and barrel.  That is right; one guy owning 60 or more condos in one building.

How is this possible?  Its apparently simple.  Corruption and bribery the level and extent of which makes the thievery in Shah era look like childs play.  One of the guests who needed "permits" to build a  couple borjes near or on the way to darband and one in Karaj had reportedly done the following for the bastards in charge:

1) Bougth them homes in Tehran  2)  Bougth condos for their children in London as well as Kuala Lumpur and Montreal 3) Obtained "paziresh" from  universities in Canada and the U.K. for their children and finally deposited 100,000+ in Dollars and Euros in foreigh bank accounts under the name of their children. In one case,  300000 Canadian dollars in Royal Bank of Canada in Vancouver; for a 20 year old girl.

The basic rule of thumb for bribes according to my brother's soon to be father-in-law is 15-30%.  So, if you are to profit $1000,000 from a project, figure on pre spending $150,000-300,000 on bribes before your project starts.  The better your connection to the IRI elements, the closer you are to 15%.  But no less.  This is why there is so much inflation in Iran.  The 5% or so super rich are spending so much money on everything that store owners price things for them.  Not the general public.  Thats why now, raw materials for a party for 25 people is going to cost you 100-150000 tomans.  Keep in mind a government worker in an office makes 500000 tomans per month.

I was barely a teenager when I left Iran so I can't claim I know how much bribe was paid to grease the wheels during the time of the Shah.  But I am pretty sure it was less than 15 or 30%.

Am I wrong?


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Baba sad rahmat be Shah!

by Luciferous (not verified) on

not only sas but even sad**sad Rahmats will not help him. As many of Commentators know his majestyy the last was korrupt. That could have been excusable. But his unnegligible shortcomming was: HE WAS A SERVANT of STRANGERS, of AJNABYs, he was Shahinshah against Iranians and lakai of those dirty creatures who had helped him on throne to arrange the possibility for themselves to make Iran to a self-service shop. somehow like buy today pay never a real take away shop. The Mullahs in contrary - they counted 1978/79 only 30 millions today they count 7ty millions - serve and help only themselves. His majesty the last had to give billions of dollars away in order to be able to take one tuman himself. the mullahs give not even one PAPASSY to any strangers. These will be the decration for the reason: Why.....
A hope the reality and logical explanation was helpfull.


the other lovers of IRI on this site........

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

......can not be found. They have no connection to this site. The true lovers of Allah, Islam and of the Islamic Republic of Iran live in that country 0r are dead on age or on mertyrdom. Those who live there are enjoying their achievements on behalf of their Islamic revolution 1978/79, 30 years ago. Theie achievements is growing avalanche-like and it seems it can not be stopped, by no means and no matter which kind of satanic plans will be treid to stop the progresstions of that Nation. the true lovers live there.
By the way: Mr. Abarmard you were the only one who sent congratulations on Iranian Nation on occasion of Bushehr powerstation. at least your message is the only one which i could read in "IRANIAN". 36% of the works are done by Iranians and in the test-phase the station will be run only by Iranians. Truly a real Success. Click on Jame Jam. Not allwaqys but allways more often.Greeting


To MiNeum71

by Amazed (not verified) on

You know perfectly well that the status quo in the IRI cannot be maintained forever with such overwhelmingly young and pretty much educated population who've more or less got Internet, Satellite TV, etc. at their disposal and are somewhat aware of what is going on in the free world in spite of the government's strict censorhip. So Change, and I believe drastic change will be inevitable whether mullahs like it or not and regardless of Hizbullahis' or Shahis' views.

Dear, it is not a question of dictatorship, or the corruption that comes with tyranny as regards the ancien regime or the current establishment, we all know that the ancien regime was an autocratic dictatorship, that there was wide spread corruption and nepitism back then although in all fairness not to the extent that it exists today but nevertheless it did exist.

What is baffling here is the extent of corruption and bribery that exists under an establishment whose leaders, officials and flagbearers constantly claim to be God's sole representatives on Earth, an inspiration to all muslisms of the world, the true symbols of piety and virtue of Islam.



by MiNeum71 on

1 ) I would be very carefull with comparisons. We are talking about two different systems in different decades having something very special in common: being dictatorships. And corruption is a basic programm of a dictatorship.

2) Congratulations to "Abarmard", I also see Iranians as their own worst enemies: The Islamists torturing the inhabitants in Iran, the Monarchists longing for the continuation of the past brutal dictatorship, parts of the diaspora living in their own dream worlds and giving half-witted adivises to people trying to get rid of a hell. You should never forget: Akhoondha are Iranians, Pasdaran are Iranians, Basijis are Iranians, ...

3) Not few Iranians are uneducated ("Bee Savad"), stubborn ("Lajh´baz"), weak in the knees ("Ghar Karde") uncivilized ("Vah´shee"), nasty pieces of work ("Chap"), wallowing in self-pity ("Elahee Bemeeram"). Iranians consider themselves as victims, and thinking that they deserve compassion makes them to easy victims again.

So Change? How?


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The X5 can indeed be purchased in Europe and taken into Iran privately. However the Lexus GX is available in the U.S. and Canada only. It's not even maketed in Europe. It would have to be shipped from here.

Of course I know it can be done, as I've shipped U.S. spec cars to South America, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East. There's always a way. The point is, in order to get these two particular models, a lot of people would potentially be involved in making it happen.


To Alborzi

by Amazed (not verified) on

Somebody said "Shah" and you got excited again.

He's talking about the extent of the bribery and corruption in Islamic Iran, the supposed Mecca of the Islamic world according to Seyyid Ali Geda.


Dear "Kaveh Nouraee",

by MiNeum71 on

You can buy both cars in Europe and drive them by yourself to Iran (well, no one with so much money would do that by himself) :)))




by Urgent (not verified) on

Where are all those run-away islamists who believed the islamic devolution of 1979 was the best thing that happened to islam (not iran, that they really never gave a damn about but only as a cover for their islamic agenda) since the invasion of iran by Omar the Greatest the Kindest murderer.

Come on islamists, scream that the shah was corrupt to the bone and the revolution was legitimate and the earth is flat, despite the empirical evidence to the contrary that made even you guys run-away.

Where are you professor? I only see one minor islamist or two around here. That is not proper for you to abandon your cult, lest iranians see the real face of islam.

Kaveh Nouraee

I'm not hiding

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Amazed and 111:

Excellent observations.

I'm more than happy to take on any of these "cyber basiji" losers.

If they think they'll ever shut me up, they'll only be kidding themselves.


There are two things to be said

by Alborzi (not verified) on

1- Iranian revolution was a classic case OF one group of bourgeois being thrown out. It was made possible by Shah being an idiot and coward. He had abandoned his duty in the past and the CIA brought him back. The idiot left his loyal supporters to be executed, like that meant he would become Shah again.

2- He has been dead for many years, move on, long live the king.


To anonymous111

by Amazed (not verified) on

They are also very curious to identify the posters and commentators who disagree with their beloved establishment to maybe track down and punish them later.



by MRX1 on

all this in islamic paradise? dar hookoomat nabe mohahamadi. how can thi be? guess this is what khomeini meant when he said " ma barayeh shoma manaviat miavarim"

As much as I hate communism, it will sure be nice to see these aghazadehs in work camp!


Amazed - On the "Israeli agent issue"

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

You're right on the money with your observation. It is not an accident that a certain roaming band of characters on this site regularly labels everyone who disagrees with IRI's policy and the status quo as "Zionists", "Israeli agents" or Israelis. This is the official IRI policy. They do it inside Iran as well. Mohsen Sazegara mentions it in this article:


It is a very effective way of silencing the opposition. It's kind of like George Bush calling everyone who disagreed with him a terrorist sympathizer. Here's how it works: the IRI and Israel are at a war of words over IRI's support of Hezbollah and Hamas and Israel's threat to attack Iran's nuclear sites. Taking advantage of this situation, the IRI has succeeded, through its well funded and well organized propaganda machine, of convincing Iranians inside and outside of Iran that Israel is their mortal enemy. IRI's agents and supporters, in turn, roam the internet and Iranian sites and look for differing points of views and for those who disagree with IRI's official line and the status quo. They then immediately label those who disagree as "Zionists" and "Israeli agents". This will then portray everyone who disagrees with the status quo as an "enemy agent" and therefore makes their arguments "foreign", dangerous and irrelevant. It's quite simple actually. All it takes though is for an objective individual to take a step back and see the nature of these accusations and one can easily see that there's a pretty consistent rhythm to them. After all, they all get their talking points from the same source!!!!


You're not one of what? Why

by sddf (not verified) on

You're not one of what? Why do you have to lump everyone who disagrees with your views with the idiotic opposition in LA?? I'm not from LA and haven't watched Persian TV in over 20 years.

So, stop being hysterical and don't label people you don't know.

If you're frustated because you have to face the truth about yourself, then that's understable. I expected your violent resistance to retrospection, so I'm not bothered by your tone.



by Abarmard on

So you call this criticism?

You don't seem to want to read and learn another point of view, as you are heated with argumentative, or should I say dictating tone. Once you are ready for a debate, then we'll talk. For the time being to make you happy, you are right and I have no answers. I live inside Iran and am receiving a huge amount of cash to come to this site and speak with bright individuals such as yourselves so we can have the Islamic Republic of Iran supported. Thank you for your support. Or shuold I debate like this: marg bar mollahaaye mozdur o zoor goo. Iraniyan parsi nezhaad raa az dast e een eslaam rahaa konid. bezan, seda kon blah blah blah. Then I am one of you and OK. OK, hopefully I'll get there some day. Let's move on...


Abarmard: If not supporting

by sddf (not verified) on

Abarmard: If not supporting IRI makes me ignorant then color me ignoramous.

You're paralyzed and can't think morally because of the perceived Fear of Unknown.

Silencing criticism of the IRI is not only servile but it would not generate any National debate, which is the first pre-requisite to come to a some sort of collective agreement as to what kind of nation we should be and what we should aspire for our future generation? NIAC's vision for Iran is not inclusive and that's why it will never materialize.

According to you by overlooking and minimizing the corruption of a fascist regime, all doors will open up to liberty and democracy. Is that your solution?

Can you imagine if the democratic left did not criticize the neocons and the Bush Inc.? There would be no Obama and the "bomb...bomb...bomb" McCain would be the President and perhaps Iran would have been bombed in a few months.

Silence to tyranny is worse than being an accomplice. Your aversion to criticizing the IRI is mind boggling and it reminds me of those evanglical Christians who called everyone a traitor if you didn't support Bush.

Please provide proof that if you cocperate and don't criticize the entrenched fascim within all the organs of the regime and the subsequent atrocities and corruption, we will eventually see a free Iran in the next 30 years.

Please provide proof that given time, a brutally fascist oligarchy can be reformd?

Doesn't IRI bare any responsibility? After all, a legitimate government first responsiblity is to serve its citizens? Isn't it?


to Abarmard

by Don't worry (not verified) on

"What worries me is not the collapse of the regime but "how" to collapse a regime with minds as such."

The minds which will eventually collapse the system are not definitely the ones on this website. They are mostly the average people (and not the privileged ones monitoring the site from inside Iran)in Iran with no access to this site. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about them.

Kaveh Nouraee

Additional FYI

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Faramarz.....A couple of the cars you mentioned found in the driveway, the Lexus GX470, is a vehicle that is marketed for the North American market only. It is not part of the Lexus lineup in European or Japanese markets.

And the BMW X5 is manufactured in only one South Carolina.

With two cars in a Tehran built for North America, and the other built IN North America, it makes you wonder on how many levels does this corruption exist.



by Abarmard on

Thanks for the advise. I will work on it.

On the other side of the note, what's puzzling is that the same group of people who "claim" to be against this system, continuously loop around the same rock and end up in the same spot. What worries me is not the collapse of the regime but "how" to collapse a regime with minds as such. I have the time, data and history to prove my claim, could you say the same for yourself?

Perhaps instead of blaming the world on a system and make them the God that are untouchable, we need to realistically see what parts of the problems are us, the people, what parts are the government and so on. Then we will have a line to follow and can create a sets of objectives. But of course we could be lazy and blame everything on one big monster, as we did during the Shah, and loop. Your choice is clear and the answers are our history and following 40th-50th and so on of the Islamic Republic or alike. I don't play that game with you, like it or not. You may enjoy your blame game and follow the routine of the past.

Your dumb and outdated claim of being a part of the salary of the IR is a joke and you should either be ashamed to argue as such or as I normally do, I shall stop responding to idiotic individuals who are stuck in a one dimensional mind set. How can you be pro democracy, you that can't even defend your own ideology before wanting me out of your way? Sounds to me like you are following the similar regimes of the "Iran Past". I do not.



Can someone explain to me

by question? (not verified) on

Can someone explain to me why the mullahs get such a preferential treatment but the Shah didn't, eventhough, the mullahs' corruption has surpassed the Shah's exponentially in every way?


Abarmard: I think you're a

by sddf (not verified) on

Abarmard: I think you're a victim of self-deception because you truly feel guilty and fear reprisal in case the regime collapsed. Face your fears and go throught them before they go through you. It's not too late. There is still time for redemption. At least be honest with yourself for once. That is the only way you will liberate yourself. Forget about fooling us because we are not fools and you're not only fooling yourself. You're the only one who is going to pay the consequences either in this world or when you meet your creator in hell or heaven.

Liberate yourself by examining your real motivations behind supporting an immoral regime like the IRI. Do it for yourself and not for anyone else. May you see the light.

That is the only thing that can explain your unbridled ignorance.

Two modes of self-deception (captured by David Hume & Upton Sinclair)

Two penetrating maxims about common mechanisms of psychological and ideological self-deception, one coming from David Hume and the other from Upton Sinclair.

"It is natural for men to persuade themselves that their interest coincides with their inclination.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."Upton Sinclair

There are 13 modes of deception according to Gerry Mackie:


Check it out and liberate yourself.


Nobody can hold a candle to Abarmard

by Self-righteous philosopher (not verified) on

And he does it with such sophistication, delicacy and finesse , but at the end of the day he is no different than all the other lovers of IRI on this site.


IranDokht Abarmard

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Irandokht, yes! This is the same brother.  He didn't make the women cry.  They cried on their own; that was the whole point of the story.  But, as for him falling in love with a persian women, you know what they say: "once you date persian, there is no other version".

As for you Mr. Abarmard, you are sooooo right.  The IRI is by far the greatest country on earth.  The freedom, lack of corruption, strong economy, absense of drugs within the community of the young and not even a hint of prostitution among young women are just a few hallmarks of this great government.

I am just wondering why you, being such an informed and intelligent individual, as well as an avid suppoter of the IRI are living outside the country you so love with the government you so cherish?

I tell you what.  Based on your implicit approval of the IRI my wife and I will go to Iran next week; I'll ask my wife to wear one of her Bahai t-shirts too.  I am sure she'll be greated with roses and noghlo nabat.  Maybe we can coordinate and go together.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Nice blog, but I'm afraid that it's lost on some people.

They fail to find anything wrong with the environment you described! Not one word of criticism.

There's just no end to it I suppose.



by Abarmard on

If you see poverty is because the regime F'ed up and if you see rich and wealthy is because the regime f'ed up.If you see people not drinking because the regime f'ed up and if you see people drunk is because the regime? yes f'ed up. If you see girls having fun in the parties is because the regime is f'ed up and if you see girls not having fun at all is because the regime f'ed up.

aaah, got it.


Dear Mr Fateh

by IRANdokht on

Is this the same little brother who kept dating Iranian girls in LA and bragging about how he made them cry? 

Just curious...




Not limited to the Mullahs

by farokh2000 on

Unfortunately, the issue of corruption and sleaze is not limited to the criminal Mullahs.

We can see it here and I am sure in other Countries as well. It is pretty sad that most Countries are turning into a 2 Class system, haves and have nots, with the top 5% controlling 90% of the wealth.

Of course in the case of the criminal Mullahs, they are building for their future outside of the Country, when they are all kicked out and their rubes and turbans burnt, hopefully soon. 


I've heard of Hizbollahi

by disgusting (not verified) on

I've heard of Hizbollahi parties complete with butlers serving non-alcholic drinks, casinos/gambling, inside their mansions in the secluded oasis in the middle of Teheran.

Hizballhis and IRGC women/wives wearing Chadors adorned with pearls, saffire, and diamonds. Maghnaeh made out of gold threads and so on.


To Quebeqi

by Trainer (not verified) on

Those rich bastards are being trained to take over the key government positions of tomorrow which are now occupied by their turbaned and Islamist daddies in Iran, in other words, they are the second generation of Islamic rulers of Iran being trained in Europe, America and Canada.


À Montréal?

by Quebeqi on

Those bastards live here? Among us? That explains why there's no way to let the story of the human rights abuses and corruption in Iran getting out in our media. If their kids ends up as professors in our universities, it is a sure thing that they will censure everything and consolidate of what I call the "Wall of Silence". But we quebeqi are not idiots, we will tear down this wall. It is just a question of time.

Those rich bastards who are looking down at us, they are so arrogant that even as they establish themselves in Montreal, they will find lame excuses not to learn French.