Biggest hope into biggest disappointment

by Faramarz_Fateh

Last month the New England Patriots were looking forward to a perfect season and their 4th Super Bowl win on February 3rd. This was the team's biggest hope in their history. You know what happened. They lost to the Giants.

Many say the game was fixed but nevertheless, their hope and the hope of their fans turned into major disappointment.

Another example of hope turining into disappointment would be when the first born son of a Jewish Iranian family quits medical school during the 2nd year and goes on the road to become a stand up comedian.

In late 1979 early 1980, Iran and Iranian's biggest hope for a leader and a political system which would take care of the people and its nation turned into the disappointment you and I witness now.

Lately, I keep wondering what the heck happened. There is no question a couple of million Iranians love the Islamic regime. They are making more money than they know what to do with. No matter how of of it they export to Dubai, they still have too much left over to keep in an Iranian bank.

However, its no secret the overwhelming majority of Iranians inside Iran don't like, support, and pehaps hate the Islamic regime. But how, in 20th century, did an uneducated inexperience man became the leader of a nation like the Iran of 1980?

What is our biggest hope now? Are we doing anything about it? How can we prevent this biggest hope not turn into another big disappointment?



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It's clear to me that the

by Kamangir on

It's clear to me that the IRI had several missions to accomplish in Iran the most important of which is the arabization of Iran. The IRI is composed of the very worst of the worse in Iran, the arabo-muslim descendants of the Arabs who colonized Iran. Those who brought them to power have killed several birds with one stone. Destroying Iran economy, stealing Iran's resources, causing massive exodus of the brightest young people in Iran, consecuently settleing in Western nations and the very likely and possible future desintegration of Iran. Only 'one' group could have caused so much cultural damage to Iran and that is the group that got to power (not by coincidence) this non-Iranian group of people living in Iran have a very deep affinity with their ancestral land (Arab lands)

Most Iranians still cannot distinguish between riots/strikes and a real revolution. We keep wondering why 'our' revolution went so wrong, coming up with the most bizarre answers. The only valid answer is that no revolution took place but an involution designed by the West, relying on the worst sectors of the iranian population.

When a country is so confused on the most basic identity issues (arabized Iran versus Persian iran) the result cannot be otherwise.

This has been exploited to its end by the hidden powers of the west ruling the mullahs. 




by Anonymous_Flowers (not verified) on

iranians are never satisfied. they never even know what they want. we are too passionate, too loving, too hopeful it has bitten us quite hard really.


our greatest enemy is...

by jamshid on

... "lies". We are a nation submerged and lost in lies.


Hopeless Iranian

by farokh2000 on

Congratulations to you "Hopeless Iranian". You sound like the "uneducated, "opinionated' one you refer to but please don't stereotype most Iranians as you see yourself. That would be ignorant and stupid.

Most Iranians are NOT like you.


Gooz be Shaghigheh va Shaghigheh be Gooz

by The Real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

How many different stories are you trying to tell here? What have New England Patriots, a jewish standup comedian, and Iran have to do with each other? What is your point? Did you copy and paste from different essays and said besmellah and put this nonesense together?


what happened?

by . (not verified) on

Dear Framarz
What happened really started in 1953. Iran was rapred by the savage CIA (an agency of US Government) that brought their own stooge, the shah. He killed all those people who were leaders and could help our nation just becasue they were against the shah and US domination and were for Iran's independence (all ordered by CIA, an agency of US Government!) . Then revolution happened, we were desparate to get rid of the shah and we did. But who was around to take leadership? Very few. Many of those few were also assasinated by teh CIA agents in Iran in the heat of revolution, and the rest is HISTORY.


very good question

by Abarmard on

Dear Faramarz, I think you are asking the right questions. We need to realize what happened and why it happened. In may past articles I have tried to touch on your questions.
The revolution has happened and we have suffered. For us not to fall into another trap, we need to learn the details of the revolution and the Iranian society. I don't claim to have the answers but since I have touched upon this topic, if you have time take a look at my points and let me know what you think.


Hope with out education

by Hopeless Iranian (not verified) on

Hope without education, hard work and sacrifice is an empty word.

Most Iranians are uneducated opinionated and lazy.

Ain't nobody doing nothin for Eyeran now.